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1830 U. S. CENSUS


 This Index is linked to images from the website of "Clark's Deep South Genealogy" -
Written on his website front page:  "Below are all of the images I have for the state of Alabama... These images were placed here with the permission of AllCensus and are on CD and available from them. .... Finally, if you would like to transcribe any of these, you are certainly welcome to......."

CORRECTIONS REQUESTED!!  As you can see when viewing the images, transcribing these are difficult and very much subject to errors. Please let me know of any corrections needed.  (Please note - I do want to preserve the original spelling if possible, but many of these I couldn't read the original spelling either - so request any help if I have made mistakes)

Transcribed by Veneta McKinney

Alotted to William B. Orewall

(LISTING HEAD OF HOUSEHOLDS ONLY - view images to see other household information) 

( ) shows alternative spelling or name possibilities

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John Self William Dunham John Burlison John Henry
William Self James Howell Alexander Humphries George Hubbert
Edward Ware John Dunham Daniel W. Traywick Elisha Lankford
James Dobbins Joseph Pepper George Humphries William Welch
John Cochran William W. Nelson David Moore Dennis Casey
Peter West John N. Wylie George Y. Huston Nathan McMann
William Hudson John Morrow Thomas Maddoks James Casey
James Turman Robert Nelson William McGonigill John Thompson
Jeremiah Ham Samuel Colvin Thaddius Walker William Berryhill
Absolam Green James Young William Mills William Berryhill Sr
David Caniday Hilkiah Burlison Moses Harris Moses Loyd
Samuel W. Meddows David Burlison Sr. Clemuel Webster James Metcalf Jr.
Hambleton Caniday Joshua Burlison James Webster William Metcalf
Robert O. Cochran James Burlisson Jonathan Yager James Metcalf Sr.
Robert Henigan Moses Moody Ambros Foster Lemuel Dotson
William V. Hughes David Palmer Elijah Lankford Oliver Woods
Robert Cochran Nathaniel Hopson Cornelius Baker Alexander D. White
Lewis Stovall Daniel Stanford William Stewart James B. Morton
Samuel Futwell William D. C. Jones Rheubin Stewart Andrew White
Jacob C. Taylor Joseph Burlison Ira Baker Elizabeth Burrow
Andrew Caniday William McGill William Rea (Reid) William Dotson
James Loden James Eliott Robert Hubbert Marthey White
Thomas Turner John Blaylock John Conley

Westley Dotson

John Ailar Elisha Crummings Samuel Blake Jonas McCung
William Caniday Joseph Humphries Matthew Lankford William Ham
John H. Rea Allen Humphries Patrick White Spinos Ham

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PAGE 164 PAGE 165 PAGE 166 PAGE 167
William Musgroves Thomas Davice Lemuel Franks Jr. James Reddus Jr.
John Stewart Isaac W. Preston

Thomas Gann

John Linsey
Nathan Thompson Laureylott Armstrong Joshua Gann William Stanford
Landers Wilkerson Stephen Vaughn Abraham Keykendall John Bennet
Hiram Robertson John East Jacob Keykendall Daniel Malloy
Tilden Musgroves Charez Duke John W. Gann James Garnet
Robert Moris Wilie Duke Hyram Fletcher James Evans
Joel Dyer John Sharp Thomas Beard John Rotan
Robert L. Rayburn Edward G. Sharp William Dennis Sollomon Jones
Robert B. Walker John L. Sharp John Gann Jabaz Fitzgerald
Thomas Webb William G. Childers James Franks Garret Fitzgerald
John Hopson George W. Patterson Pleasant Markham William Noland
William C Hopson Matthew Mcrile

Hyram Webb

Andrew Bigham
Joel P. Parrish Robert M. Ringo John Arnold William Ward
Phillip Flowers Jeremiah Franks Alford G. Lane James Whitesides
John Burlison Sr. Elisha Franks Nathaniel Miller Jesse Shankle
Joseph Burlison Jr. Aaron Woods Willis Cooper John Cook
William Hall Jesse Williams William Stanford Jr. Allen McDaniel
Warner Metcalf John Harris William Brown Sr. Nathaniel Vinston
John Balis Jacob Franks William Brown Jr. Absolom Hearfree
John Walker Smith Gann Robert Smith Nathan Hall
Thomas A Harris Uriah Gibbs George Stanford Sr. Richard Priddy
Thomas Harrice Clerisa Hudson Elijah Stanford John Terry
Joseph Holliway Robert Gann George Stanford Jr. William W. Drinkwater
Anthony Metcalf Lemuel Franks William Reddus Thomas Matthews
William Mills William Gann James Redduz Sr. Harrison Reagan

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Joseph Hubbert

Joseph Strawbridge Fila More William Smith
Nathaniel Guiton John Manasco Joel Hankins Robert Logan
Matthew Jordan Samuel Weaks Richard Hankins Hugh McCalib
Pearce Benson Joh Hollice William Burrow Lansford Rusel
John Brandon George W. Rayman Lewis Tarwater Joseph Gracy
Dennell H. Hollis Jeremiah Fawler Thomas Woods Alice Gracy
Daniel Holliday John Holiday John H. Hankins Thomas Hals
John Baly Hazel Suggs John Woods Samuel Hinery
Thomas W. McGaha Daniel Holiday Sr. John Arnold Robert Y. Auston
William Mitchel William Carter Edward Mason Thomas Lauderdale
John Bankhead Sanford Carter John Terry Frederick White
John Keykendall Jesse McWilliams Mary Sisemore Jesse Gregg
Akimias Reagan James More Daniel Sisemore George Tucker
Joseph Reagan Daniel Holiday Jr. John Craton Isaac Tucker
Robert Barton Thomas L. Johnson John Rayburn Allen Tucker
Jesse Bun George Bankhead John R. Molloy Lille Ricks
Jesse Raberry John Bankhead Samuel Dotson John Thompson
Mary Woods Rody Dulaney George Brown Samuel Vaughn
Joseph Manasee John Dulaney George Tucker Nancy McCollum
Charles Jackson Alford Dulaney Mary McMinn William Buford
Daniel Lee John Weaks William Anthony William Smith
James Lindsey Bidy Taylor Abner Tucker Livy Madden
William Simson Mary Taylor Benjamin Spenser Elisabeth Pearce
Peter Weaks Matthew Taylor Benjamin Young Jesse Humphries
Thomas Cusack Jepithey Weaks William McCollum Enoch Conley
Leroy Caniday John Ricks Nathan Lays

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PAGE 172 PAGE 173 PAGE 174 PAGE 175
John Woods Enoch Briant Alexander McCollum Abner Markham
Thomas Rusel Thomas Hendrick Phillip Bruton Joseph Franks
Josiah Crommins Isaac Casey Absolim Boles Charles Franks
Grunham Halkham Rheubin Hambuse Able Boles Josephus Franks
Patrick Write John Brown William Boles Simson Mason
Shad Cromians Samuel Wilie John Maberry McNeal Craton
Mical Branek Harson A. Walters Osburn L. Linez Hugh P. Ross
David Burlison Jr. Gideon Green James Osburn Andrew Rainer
Jackson H. Fredrick Barnes Holloway David Hankins Adam Rainer
Nathan Chambes Milas Rea Robert Burn Peter Noe
Temsey Mason Benjamin Dianes John Petis Josiah Caniday
Hezikiah Fredrick James Lawrence Ruthy Dunkin Noe Evins
William Self (Butho)

Samuel Green

William Trulove Milton Turmon
James Sullins John Riece John Farley Dudley Fletcher
Stephen Howell John Bun George Shankle Thomas Evins
William Burns Lewis Franks Auburn Riece Matthew Robertson Jr.
Robert Hughes William Franks Thomas Shankle William Robertson
Samuel Morrow Elijah Franks Drury Purvis Elisabeth Robertson
Frances Loden Booker Pate Benjamin Scott Matthew Robertson Sr.
William H. Duke Peter Cobble William Sheek (Shuk) Richard Priddy
Josiah Crenshaw Stephen Ausburn Sarah Scott Samuel Robertson
Nicholas O'Reilly John H. Bun Joshua Maberry John Bigham
William H. Ragsdale Zachariah Ausburn Livy Roden James Evins
Sarah Clark Marshal Dunking John Markham Westley Arnold
Lucien More Robert Bales Jacobs Franks Lorenzo D. Turner
Clemant Ragsdale Bluford Shankle Lewis Markham Richard W. Nelson
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PAGE 176 PAGE 177 PAGE 178 PAGE 179
Thomas Noe Benjamin Winstead Benjamin Foster Allen Twilly
Jonathan Stephens Sealy Allen James N. E. Davis Joel Foster
Elijah Turner John Gilmore Richard Smith James Ritter
Allen McDaniel Evert Ritter Robert D. Smith George Hambleton
Matthew Young David H. Mill William Smith Alexander Mixon
Samuel Penington John Shepherd William Fields Ambrose Foster
George Webb John Hill Mileas F. Callahan Joel I. Foster
Anguish McDaniel James W. Sulaven Thomas I. Foster Willaby Bowland
Alford Haney Eavy Sulavin James Christian Abijah Belk
William Duke John Reed Thomas Jackson Ichabod Mixon
Thomas Priddy Aaron May Edmond Gilmore Sarah Brasell
William Lee William Braswell James Kelso Britton Mixon
Walter Maney Peter Scott William Smith Stephen Funnel
James McNeace Stephen William Tenny Davis William McFadden
Edward Maney John Peacock Brackstone Smith Cornelius Crenshaw
Charles Willice Jesse Weaver William May Isaac Adire
John Henson George W. Palmer Marton Hambleton James S. Gravel
Abner Cantrell Ezacal Down John May Robert Taylor
Abner Henson William Thompson Matthew Gilmore Morris Hall
Elie Townsen William Crump Jacob Fudge Robert Eliott
William Young Sarah Spruiel William Y. Robuck William Williams
Richard Armstrong Azel Harris Elijah King Samuel Mixon
Thomas Armstrong William White Polly Caple John Wilkinson
Anderson Ritter William Higgs Henry Cocks Nathan Crenshaw
John Ritter William Davis Thomas Foster Daniel Crenshaw
James Young Thomas Harris John A. Full Elijah Lansey
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PAGE 180 PAGE 181 PAGE 182
John D. Terrell John Hughes Westley Sanders
Alexander Chisholm Robert Hughes Robert Galbreath
William B. Hderson John White Henry Fudge
John Dyer William Bales May Field Reace
John Davis Phillip OReilly Edward G. Terrell
George White Robert Price Harris Johnson
Burton Marchbanks Jacob Franks Willis Fields
Wilham Jones Norman McKay Elisha Thomas
Mason Graham Robert Matthews Anthony F. Paul
John Williams Harry Tuttle William Clark
James Sanders Solomon Millard Doritha Dennis
Benjamin Robuck Elisabeth Crenshaw Benjamin Cochran
Daniel Lookingbill Isaac Grigory Archibald M. Mosley
Isaac Henson William Henson James Gibson
George W. Terrell Braddick Mansel Gabriel Fitzgerald
Robert Rea William Barksdale William Login
John Magee James L. Robertson Nehamiah Harnes
Thomas Rea Samuel Brunston William B. Break
James White John Robuck Stephen Kemp
Leonard Switzer Isaac Mayfield Eli Russel
William M. Lewis John Robuck John Franks
Isaac T. Tinsley Joshua Brunston Alexander Wats
Samuel I. Golston Solomon Fudge Henery C. Rayburn
James F. Johnston John Gulleck Edwin G. Mosely
Gabriel Jones John Boles
William Causby John F. Sanders
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