Soups and Broths


Chicken Broth

On one carefully dressed chicken pour two quarts of cold water. Add a little salt adn two or three teaspoons of rice. Boil very slowly for two hours in a tightly covered vessel. Skim occasionally. Season very little. Excellent for the sick. [Source: Watson's Magazine, July 1906, Transcribed by C. Anthony]

Oyster Soup

Two qts. strained oyster liquor, season with pepper and salt to taste and boil. Then add 100 oysters; let all boil together till oysters curl, skimming constantly; remove oysters to tureen and thicken the soup with 3 table-spoons butter, rubbed smoothly into the yolks of 2 hard-boiled eggs; boil in a separate vessel (to prevent curdling), 1 qt. milk; pour on oysters in tureen and add soup last. Anna M. Fosbeck, Lady Manager World's Fair, Mobile, Alabama. [Source: The Home Queen Cookbook, 1893, Transcribed by C. Anthony]



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