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Revolutionary War

Pension Application Records

Rejected Pension Applications

Pension Records Of Soldiers Who Removed To Florida and Whose Widows Removed To Florida

1840 Census of Pensioners

Seminole Wars
aka "The Florida Wars"
aka "Indian Wars"
The First Seminole War (c. 1814–1819)
The Second Seminole War (1835-1842)
The Third Seminole War (1855-1858)


Navy Casualties

Marine Casualties

Soldier Rosters

Civil War


1st Florida Cavalry

2d Florida Cavalry

5th Florida Cavalry

15th Confederate Cavalry

Other Cavalry Rosters


FL Reserves

Coast Guard Rosters

Miscellaneous Rosters

1st Infantry Roster

2nd Infantry Roster

3rd Infantry Roster

4th Infantry

5th Infantry

6th Infantry

7th Infantry

8th Infantry

9th Infantry

10th Infantry

11th Infantry


Florida Paroles of the Army of Northern VA

Union Pensioners on the Rolls as of January 1, 1883

Some Well Known Confederate Veterans and Their War Records

Alabama Confederate Soldiers Buried In Florida
Georgia Confederate Soldiers Buried in Florida

Virginia Confederate Soldiers Buried in Florida

Confederate Soldiers Buried in Union-controlled Cemeteries

Biographies of Florida Confederate Soldiers

Confederate Pension Applications
A-C -- D-G -- H-L -- M-Q  -- R-S -- T-Z

Spanish American War


World War 1

Army Enlistment Records
Surnames: A - Ba-Boyd - Boye-By


World War 2
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Korean War
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Vietnam War
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Iraqi War



Afghanistan War




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