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1880 Mortality Index

Persons who died during the year ending May 31, 1880
in Beverly, in the County of Adams, State of Illinois
Enumerated by me, Charles W.? G________

Transcribed by Debbie Gibson

# of the






Place of Birth



Month of death


Cause of death

4 Frame, Albert 10/12 M W   Illinois Illinois Illinois September   Inflammation of Bowles
10? Frame, Estelle 4/12 F W   Illinois Illinois Illinois July   Cholera Infantum
22 Rubart, Sophia 45 F W M Illinois Canada Canada October Keeping House Typhoid Fever
22 Rubart, George 26 M W   Illinois Illinois Illinois April   Convulsions of Long Standing
31 McVey, Willie 9/30 M W   Illinois Illinois Illinois March   Deficient Vitality
38 Davidson, Lillie? 7/12 F W   Illinois Illinois Illinois February   Scalded
48? Whitaker, Ida 1? F W   Illinois North Carolina Illinois July   Empyenia
53? Henthorn, Caroline ? F W   Illinois ____land Illinois April   Convulsions
62 Pate?, Noah 70 M W M Tennessee France unreadable July Farmer Consumption
66 A__mine, Hannah 43? F W M Ohio unreadable Ohio March Keeping House Consumption
? Giddens, Sarah 23 F W M Illinois Pennsylvania Ohio October Keeping House Peritonitis
71 ___augh, Jackson 26 M W M Illinois Ohio Illinois? September Farmer Pneumonia
? Jackson, George K.? 74 M W W unreadable unreadable unreadable August unreadable  
107 Leighly?, Maudie 2 F W   Illinois Pennsylvania Illinois July   Inflammation of Bowels
?20 Huls, Sarah 22 F W M Pennsylvania Pennsylvania Pennsylvania January Keeping House Wounds
166 Huls, Mary 22 F W M Illinois Illinois Illinois February Keeping House Puerperal Fever
166 Robertson, Alice 20 F W M Illinois England Ohio August Keeping House Typhoid Eber
183 Richardson, Nora 2 F W   Illinois Illinois Illinois July   Cholera Infantum
183 Richardson, Grace 7/12 F W   Illinois Illinois Illinois July   Cholera Infantum
  Additions from         Supplemental Schedules        
  Alexander, May C. 23 F W M Illinois     July   Consumption
  Ausames, Calvin 35 M W M Illinois     December   Consumption
  Additions from         Physicians Returns        
RR Robertson, ____ 1 day F W   Illinois     August 14   Premature Birth
RR Drummer, __ SB M W   Illinois     January 21   Stillborn
RR Tyler, __ 8 hours M W   Illinois     July 23   Debility


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