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1880 Mortality Index

Persons who died during the year ending May 31, 1880
in Camp Point, in the County of Adams, State of Illinois
Enumerated by me, George C. Bartells?

Transcribed by Debbie Gibson

# of the






Place of Birth



Month of death


Cause of death

56 Akers, Sarah A. 6 F W   Illinois Ohio Ohio May   Gastritis
161 Brown, Ernest 1 M W   Illinois Massachusetts Ohio June   Spasms
166 Martin, L. B. 1/12 M W   Illinois Illinois Ohio August   Inflammation of Bowels
225 Ross, William 41 M W M Pennsylvania Pennsylvania Pennsylvania December Farmer Consumption
245 Lueckel, Walter 8/12 M W   Illinois Germany Illinois March   Croup
256 Downing, ___ 14/30 F W   Illinois Virginia Ohio January   Jaundice
282 Taylor, William 78 M W M Virginia Virginia Virginia November Farmer Old Age
286 Horner?, Alice 4 F W   Illinois Ohio Illinois December   Diphtheria
21 Leach, Harriet 67 F W W New York     December   Hemorrhage of Brain
283 Schuhart, J. W. 11 M W   Illinois Germany Illinois April   Hemorrhage of Brain
312 Newland, Ivanhoe 21 M W   Illinois Illinois Germany December Farmer Typhoid Pneumonia
318 Hester, James M. 19 M W   Illinois Tennessee Illinois July Farmer Typhoid Fever
326 Pierce, William 62 M W M Ohio Ohio Ohio March Farmer Pneumonia
353 Seymour, Harriet 17 F W   Illinois New York   August   Congestion of Brain
361 Rogers, Nora 10 F W   Indiana Indiana Indiana April   Dropsy
  Wallace, Jason S. 30 M W M Illinois Kentucky Kentucky February Farmer Pluera Pneumonia
385 Reynolds, Walter 74 M W W Connecticut Connecticut Connecticut November Bookbinder Heart Disease
390 Stewart, Martin 78 M W M Ohio     November Farmer Kidney Disease
390 Stewart, Sarah 75 F W W Ohio     April   Pneumonia
401 Manard, William 53 M W W Tennessee Tennessee Tennessee February Farmer Accident fell from horse
411 Welsh, ___ 6/30 M W   Illinois Illinois Ohio September   Compressive Brain
409 Childs, Dan. E. 67 M W M Rhode Island     March Farmer Pneumonia
414 Garlets, Maria 1 F W   Illinois Pennsylvania Alabama August   Dysentery
426 Erdman, John 21 M W   Illinois Germany Germany February Farmer Heart Disease
427 Heins, Claus 56 M W M Germany Germany Germany June Farmer Brights Disease Kidneys
43 Ziegler, Lorenz 69 M W M Germany Germany Germany July Baker Tubercular Consumption
43 Ziegler, Mary 58 F W W Germany Germany Germany December Keeping House Abdominal Dropsy
230 Boyle, Susana N. 39 F W M Illinois Virginia Kentucky November Keeping House Childbed Fever
  Pratt, Sarah 69 F W W New York     February   Bilious Pneumonia
414 Garletts, Elizabeth 11/12 F W   Illinois Illinois Illinois July   Enteritis
  Simmonds, E. E. 1 F W   Illinois Pennsylvania Pennsylvania July   Congestion of Brain
  Edwards, Charlotte M. 62 F W W Tennessee Tennessee Tennessee May   Cancer
  Snyder, Mary E. 50 F W M Indiana     July Keeping House unreadable
  Lusk, Mary E. 1 F W   Illinois     July   Gastritis
  Additions from         Physicians Returns        
  Piper, George 73 M W M Illinois     November Farmer Fracture of Femur


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