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1880 Mortality Index

Persons who died during the year ending May 31, 1880
in Clayton, in the County of Adams, State of Illinois
Enumerated by me, Edwin T. Black

Transcribed by Debbie Gibson

# of the






Place of Birth



Month of death


Cause of death

7 Curry, Lottie 12 F W   Illinois Kentucky Illinois December at Home Phthisis Pulmonary
10 Smith, H. William 6 M W   Illinois Indiana Indiana October   Chronic Rheumatism
17 Omer, not named SB F W   Illinois Kentucky Iowa September   Stillborn
19 Babb, John 35 M W M Illinois Illinois Tennessee March? Working R. R. Phthisis Pulmonary
33 Simpkin, George (75) M W M England England England July Retired Farmer Cancer of Penis
37 Castle, M. Albert 6/12 M W   Illinois Illinois Illinois March   Croup Spasmodic
40 Willage, Eddie 13 days M W   Illinois Germany Germany January   Disease of Throat
48 Smith, Thompson 28 M W   Pennsylvania Pennsylvania Pennsylvania November Brakeman on R. R. Phthisis Pulmonary
51 Hatch, Warren 6/12 M W   Illinois Missouri? Illinois August   Cholera Infantum
68 Jimison, Mary 65 F W M Pennsylvania Pennsylvania Pennsylvania November Keeping House General Debility
71 Bean, Lucinda 77 F W W Vermont     April   Bronchitis
189 Soverns, C. Sarah 48 F W M Illinois   Tennessee September Keeping House Phthisis Pulmonalia
218 Bass, Simon 14/365 M W   Illinois Hanover Hanover February   Debility
219 Miller, Geske 64 F W M Hanover Hanover Hanover July   Cholera Morbus
233 Franks, not named SB M W   Illinois Kentucky Kentucky June   Stillborn
270 Sullivan, Nellie 23 F W M Illinois Ireland Ireland July at Home Typhoid Fever
275 Edmonston, Homer 8 M W   Illinois Illinois Indiana October   Typhoid Fever
286 Robinson, Jessie 76 M W M North Carolina     July Farmer Cholera Morbus
322 Girts, Hannah 2 F W   Illinois Hanover Hanover July   Inflammation of Brain
323 Carsteen, not named SB F W   Illinois Oldenberg? Hanover February   Stillborn
327 Heinecke, Katie 8/12 F W   Illinois Illinois Hanover May   Whooping Cough
340 Edmonston,, Archibal 72 M W M North Carolina   North Carolina January Farmer Nephritis
349 Edmonston, Elizabeth 53 F W   Tennessee   Tennessee March Keeping House Capillan Bronchitis
  Smith, K. John 57 M W M Kentucky Kentucky Kentucky February Retired Farmer Embolism
387 Simms, John 52 M W M Pennsylvania Pennsylvania Pennsylvania January Cooper Bronchitis
395 Sutherland, Ora 1 F W   Illinois England Illinois September   Dropsy
408 Lung, B. James 81 M W M Tennessee Tennessee Tennessee September Retired Farmer General Debility


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