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1880 Mortality Index

Persons who died during the year ending May 31, 1880
in Columbus, in the County of Adams, State of Illinois
Enumerated by me, John H. Pearce

Transcribed by Debbie Gibson

# of the






Place of Birth



Month of death


Cause of death

3 Parker, L. A. 65 F W W New Jersey New Jersey New Jersey May Keeping House Apoplexy
14 Leeper, Walter E. 1 M W   Illinois Missouri Missouri June   Fever
21 Koch, George 81 M W M Prussia Prussia Prussia March Farmer Palsey
29 Lewis, Minnie E. 4/12 F W   Missouri Pennsylvania Indiana October   Heart Disease
56 Johnson 4/30 M W   Illinois Missouri Illinois April   Hemorrhage of Bowels
57 Allin, Franklin 7/12 M W   Illinois Indiana North Carolina November   Lung Fever
68 Mallring, Christian 66 M W M Prussia Prussia Prussia May Carpenter Suicide
84 Sterrett, Elmer E. 3 M W   Illinois Maryland Illinois December   Membranous Croup
93 Heithold, Hannah F. 64 F W W Prussia Prussia Prussia March Keeping House Acute Bronchitis
107 Secrest, Martha 26 F W M Illinois North Carolina Missouri February Keeping House Congestive Chill
115 Viar, William T. 71 M W M Virginia Virginia Virginia May Farmer Cirrhosis of Liver
117 Viar, Minerva J. 19 F W M Illinois Kentucky Kentucky September Keeping House Typhoid Fever
117 Viar, Daniel W. 9/12 M W   Illinois Illinois Illinois October   Diphtheria
119 Viar 1/30 M W   Illinois Illinois Kentucky December   Inantion
122 Bufington, Samuel O. 9/12 M W   Illinois Illinois Illinois May   Meningitis
123 Triplett, Vivian 1 F W   Illinois Illinois Illinois September   Croup
124 Piles, Joshua 75 M W M Pennsylvania Virginia Virginia January Farmer Acute Congestion of Liver
134 Cramberg, Laura 1 F W   Illinois Prussia Prussia July   Spasms
158 Wisehart, Edward C. 21 M W   Illinois Kentucky Kentucky October Farmer Typhoid Malaria
181 Jeffery 1/30 F W   Illinois Maryland Illinois April   Debility
184 Heubner, Lena 19 F W   Prussia Prussia Prussia August Servant Typhoid Fever
208 Forrest, William A. 25 M W M Tennessee Tennessee Tennessee April Laborer Pneumonia
  Additions from         Physicians Returns        
  Bentel, Sebastian 79 M W   Illinois     October Farmer Debility
  Henbuer, Linna 19 F W   Illinois     December Servant Typhoid Fever
  Moore, Thomas 16 M W   Illinois     December Laborer Typhoid Fever
  Moore, Rachel 81 F W W Illinois     February Housework Hemorrhage of Lungs
  Secor, Mary 30 F W M Illinois     May Housework Puerperal Fever


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