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1880 Mortality Index

Persons who died during the year ending May 31, 1880
in Ellington, in the County of Adams, State of Illinois
Enumerated by me, A. J. Kemp?

Transcribed by Debbie Gibson

# of the






Place of Birth



Month of death


Cause of death

10 Powell, Henrietta S. 29 F W M Illinois     June Keeping House Angina Pectoris
13 Carolin, Henry 18 M W   Illinois Ireland Ireland October Farming Typhoid Fever
13 Carolin, Ellen 9 F W   Illinois Ireland Ireland October at Home Typhoid Fever
29 Woods, Lucy 7 F W   Illinois Illinois Illinois August   Typhoid Fever
29 Kincade, Elizabeth 21 F W   Illinois Ohio Missouri November   Typhoid Fever
89 Knight, Mary 2 F W   Missouri England Ireland March   Burned to Death
111 Cramer, Mary 56 F W M Germany Germany Germany January Keeping House Pneumonia
121 Moris, Isaac 67 M W M Ohio Virginia Kentucky October Lawyer Softening of the Brain
135 Ghould, J. 5/12 F W   Illinois New York Virginia April   Pneumonia
136 Kidney, Lincoln 14 M W   Illinois Pennsylvania New York May Attending School Pneumonia
148 Redmon, James 1/12 M W   Illinois Illinois Iowa November at Home Inflammation of Bowels
156 Baker, Moses (65) M B   Kentucky     March Farmhand Consumption
161 Upschulte, Elizabeth 7/12 F W   Illinois Prussia Prussia May at Home Long Fever
164 Hicksie, ___ 1/30 M W   Illinois Germany Germany March   unknown
185 Schroder, Joseph 2/30 M W   Illinois Germany Illinois August   unknown
193 Dickhut, Mary 59 F W M Germany Germany Germany May Keeping House Pneumonia
258 Ohnemus, Annie 9/12 F W   Illinois Baden Baden June   Cramps
263 Turner, Adaline 67 F W W New Hampshire New Hampshire New Hampshire February Keeping House Typhoid Pneumonia
275 Morris, Margaret 62 F W W Wales Wales Wales March Keeping House Inflammation of Liver
294 Babb, Elizabeth 31 F W M Illinois Ohio Ohio July Keeping House Bilious Fever
295 Hobbs, Presley 47 M W M Indiana Virginia Virginia January Farmer Pneumonia
306 Tenk, Amelia 6/12 F W   Illinois Illinois Illinois December   Inflammation Bowels
315 Matthews, Cora 13/30 F W   Illinois Canada Missouri July   unknown
315 Matthews, Jessie 9/30 F W   Illinois Canada Missouri July   unknown
321 Kent, Henry 82 M W M New York Connecticut Massachusetts August Farmer Inflammation of Stomach
346 Enderly, Mary 67 F W M Germany Germany Germany April Keeping House Sun Fever
353 Peabody, Cordie 5 F W   Illinois Illinois Missouri January   Typhoid Fever
367 Vohm, Alberlena 54 F W M Germany Germany Germany November   Heart Disease
374 Markley, William 1/12 M W   Illinois Pennsylvania Indiana June   Whooping Cough
395 Sacre, Martha 5/12 F W   Illinois Kentucky Indiana August   Diarrhea
  Chapman, William 25 M W   Illinois     September Farmer Heart Disease
  _____, Mala 15 M W   Illinois     September   Typhoid Fever

Notes: Elizabeth Babb's death occurred in Ralls, Missouri


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