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1880 Mortality Index

Persons who died during the year ending May 31, 1880
in Lima, in the County of Adams, State of Illinois
Enumerated by me, George C. McCrorn?

Transcribed by Debbie Gibson

# of the






Place of Birth



Month of death


Cause of death

17 Lewis, Ben 16/30 M W   Illinois Ohio Ohio March   Lung Fever
18 McDonald, Flora 10 F W   Indiana Canada Ohio October   Typhoid Fever
50 Stewart, Vernie SB F W   Illinois Illinois Illinois May   Stillborn
61 Wallace, Maggie 1 F W   Illinois Kentucky Virginia August   Cerebro Spinal fever
66 Conover 3/30 F W   Illinois Illinois Illinois September   Inanition
83 Leeper, Rosa 12 F W   Illinois Ohio Missouri May   Scarlet Fever
103 Vincent, Mary E. 10/12 F W   Illinois Illinois Indiana August   Cholera Infantum
114 Carlock, George Preston 22 M W   Illinois Illinois Illinois May Farmer Hemorrhage of Lungs
120 Stuart, Erma G. 5/12 F W   Illinois Indiana Illinois March   Cerebro Spinal Fever
132 Shipe, Jacob 42 M W M Pennsylvania     December Farmer Consumption
134 Tibbets, Rosana 69 F W W New York     January Keeping House Pneumonia
136 Nicholson, Rachel 22 F W M Pennsylvania Pennsylvania Pennsylvania January Keeping House Puerperal Fever
136 Nicholson, Clemet 5/12 M W   Illinois Illinois Pennsylvania January   Croup
145 Gregg, David 22 M W   Iowa Scotland   April Farmer Measles
157 Brewer, (Baby) 14/30 F W   Illinois Illinois Illinois March   Abscess on Neck
170 McAdams, John W. 30 M W   Illinois Illinois Illinois September Student Consumption
181 Vradenburg, Elmer 6 M W   Illinois Illinois Illinois April   Typhoid Fever
189 Tripp, Nancy 52 F W M Illinois Kentucky Virginia December Keeping House Dropsy
192 Wilson, George 46 M W M Ohio Pennsylvania Pennsylvania February Farmer Pneumonia
199 Snyder, Martha 43 F W W Illinois Kentucky Kentucky January Keeping House Palsy
217 Davis, John C. 20 M W   Illinois Pennsylvania Pennsylvania May Farmer Measles
221 Bryant, Andrew 2 M W   Texas Illinois Kentucky August   Whooping Cough
225 Ware, Noah 9/12 M W   Illinois Kentucky Illinois May   Measles
228 Hoskins, Oliver 1/12 M W   Illinois Ohio Pennsylvania July   Colic
249 McPeck, Susana 76 F W W Pennsylvania Prussia Prussia October Keeping House Ague
250 Woodworth, Lydia 1/30 F W   Illinois Illinois Illinois February   Inanition
260 Houeiser, Annie 3 F W   Illinois Württemberg Illinois October   Croup
266 McCormick, Willis 9 M W   Illinois Ireland Ohio April   Drowned
267 Slater, (Baby) SB F W   Illinois Indiana Indiana February   Stillborn
  Seward, Christina 3/12 F W   Illinois Indiana Indiana February   Lung Fever
  Bell, Hester 29 F W W Illinois unreadable unreadable April   Typhoid Fever
  Additions from         Physicians Returns        
  Barlow, John 61 M W M Illinois     November Farmer Marasmus
  Keith, Mabel 1 F W   Illinois     December   Malarial Fever
  Underwood, Ada 38 F W M Illinois     December House Keeper Pneumonia
  Penfield, James 65 M W W Illinois     August Farmer Diarrhea

Notes: No. 61, Maggie Wallace family resided in Warsaw, Hancock, IL on June 1, 1880
No. 17 Ben Lewis's death occurred in Mt. Zion, Macon, IL
No. 18 Flora McDonald's death occurred in Mt. Zion, Macon, IL.
Martha Snyder died very suddenly and had and attack of Palsy before her death some time.


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