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1880 Mortality Index

Persons who died during the year ending May 31, 1880
in Payson, in the County of Adams, State of Illinois
Enumerated by me, Isaac W. Eaton

Transcribed by Debbie Gibson

# of the






Place of Birth



Month of death


Cause of death

37 Stewart, Frank 24 M W   Ohio Ohio Ohio May Black Smith Abscess
51 Hood, _rolilne? 17 F W   Illinois Pennsylvania Pennsylvania February   Consumption
90 Habighurst, Freddie 1/12 M W   Illinois Hamburg England March   Whooping Cough
92 Whorton, Tommy 3 M W   Illinois Pennsylvania Illinois October   Membranous Croup
107 Stewart, Lulu 8/12 F W   Illinois Illinois Virginia May   Obstruction of Bowels
142 Wagy, Henry 78 M W M Virginia Pennsylvania Pennsylvania June Farmer Inflammation of Stomach
201 Shepherd, Maxomillian 64 M W W North Carolina North Carolina Carolina March Physician Erysipelas
204 Rinney, Margaret 58 F W M Ireland Ireland Ireland September Keeping House Cancer of Lip
207 Spencer, Flavel 65 M W M Connecticut Connecticut Connecticut September Farmer Dysentery
214 Wagner, Charles 1 M W   Illinois Illinois Illinois August   Cholera Infantum
215 Potter, Effie 18 F W M Illinois Indiana Indiana April Keeping House Childbirth
221 Wingfield, Leroy 1 M W   Illinois North Carolina Virginia January   Diphtheria
239 Grove, Rebecca 76 F W W Virginia Virginia Virginia March without occupation Gastritis
254 Lawrence, Woodford 79 M W M Virginia Virginia Virginia December Farmer Pneumonia
268 Mewmaw, Peter 2 M W   Illinois Illinois Pennsylvania January   Diphtheria
279 Cupp, Elizabeth 26 F W M Illinois Pennsylvania Tennessee March Keeping House Anemia
285 Parsons, Lilie 5 F W   Illinois Pennsylvania Illinois January   Typhoid Fever
309 Lawrence, Lillie 14 F W   Illinois Illinois Illinois January without occupation Diphtheria
312 Wagy, Mary 6 F W   Illinois Ohio Kentucky March   Membranous Croup
312 Wagy, Arie 4 F W   Illinois Ohio Kentucky February   Membranous Croup
312 Wagy, Rosella 2 F W   Illinois Ohio Kentucky March   Membranous Croup
348 Tennis, Sophia 65 F W M Hanover Hanover Hanover April Keeping House Lung Fever
355 Lease, Daisie 2 F W   Illinois Virginia Illinois January   Croup
365 Smiley, George 9/12 M W   Illinois Missouri? Illinois July   Cholera Infantum
367 Groves, Naomi 84 F W W Virginia Germany Delaware December   Pneumonia
374 Kabrick, Waldo 9/12 M W   Illinois Virginia Illinois August   Cholera Infantum
  Green, Nelly M. 1 F W   Illinois     August   Enteritis
  Additions from         Physicians Returns        
  Johnson, Melissa 21 F W   Illinois     July Seamstress Acute Peritonitis
  Lawrence, Lydia Jane 2 F W   Illinois     March   Diphtheria



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