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1880 Mortality Index

Persons who died during the year ending May 31, 1880
in Quincy 1st Ward, Enumeration Dist. 22, in the County of Adams, State of Illinois
Enumerated by me, Eugene R. Cox

Transcribed by Debbie Gibson

# of the






Place of Birth



Month of death


Cause of death

26 Henson, Anna 1/12 F W   Illinois Illinois Pennsylvania January   Hydrocephalus
36 Kessing, Mary 34 F W M Germany Germany Germany August   Hemorrhage of  Lungs
51 Kimmell, Samuel 1/12 M W   Missouri Pennsylvania Illinois June   Cholera Infantum
57 Pool, William W. 45 M W M Illinois Virginia Delaware July   Consumption
68 Bean, Elizabeth 80 F W W Pennsylvania New England New England December   Heart Disease
75 Adamy, Carrie 4 F W   Illinois Prussia Illinois December   Congestion of Brain
70 Moore, Hattie H. 24 F W   Maine Maine Maine January   Consumption
70 Moore, John 64 M W M Maine Maine Maine March   Brain Disease
6 Redmond, Rosa 31 F B M Missouri Missouri Missouri May   Consumption
89 Turner, Frank 29 M W   U. S. U. S. U. S. October   Congestion Brain
143 Kinaman, Clara D. 50 F W M Ohio Ohio Ohio February   Neuralgia of Heart
169 Cooper, George 39 M W M Missouri unknown unknown July Brewer Consumption
172 Waker, John W. 34 M W M Ireland Ireland Ireland October Farmer Consumption
196 Squires, George W. 7/12 M W   Illinois Missouri Missouri April   Inflammation of Brain
198 Templin, Charles N. 1 M W   Illinois Virginia Virginia April   Pneumonia
224 Chapman, William 20 M W   Illinois Connecticut New Jersey September Farmer Heart Disease
  Chapman, Mala 15 M W   Illinois Connecticut New Jersey September Farmer Typhoid Fever
241 Rogers, William T. 47 M W M Connecticut Connecticut Connecticut April Manst of Mayor? Congestion of Stomach
257 Noyle, George B. 2 M B   Illinois Virginia Missouri March   Croup
259 Thibbets, Rosanna 68 F W W New York New York New York March   Pneumonia
289 Anson, Ellen 41 F W M Ohio U. S. U. S. February   Quick Consumption
292 Perkins, Rosa 5 F B   Illinois Missouri Virginia April   Consumption
312 Green, Granville 20 M B   Illinois Missouri Illinois September Worked Sawmill Brain Fever
330 Chinery, Baby Girl 1/30 F W   Illinois New Jersey Missouri April   Premature Birth
342 Luther, Mrs. Annie 75 F W W Germany Germany Germany March   Bilious Fever
366 Head, Frank A. 42 M W M Indiana Indiana Indiana November Rag Picker Killed R. R.
388 Weaver, Louisa 1 F W   Illinois Germany Missouri September   Whooping Cough
409 Hendricks, Peter 58 M W M France France France April Teamster Erysipelas
421 Hill, Cora 4 F W   Illinois Kentucky Iowa May   Congestion of Lungs
427 Johnson, Emma 13 F B   Illinois Missouri Missouri July   Typhoid Fever
  ____, Hattie 16 F B   Illinois Missouri Missouri January   Typhoid Fever
  ____, Isabelle 20 F B   Illinois Missouri Missouri January   Typhoid Fever
  Pease, Albert N. 23 M W M Illinois N England New York September Fireman R. R. Accident
  Pease, Nettie P. 20 F W M Illinois Vermont Connecticut June Kept House Consumption

Notes: William Chapman and Mala Chapman deaths occurred in Ellington, Adams, Ill


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