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1880 Mortality Index

Persons who died during the year ending May 31, 1880
in Quincy 1st Ward, Enumeration Dist. 23, in the County of Adams, State of Illinois
Enumerated by me, William M. Howe?

Transcribed by Debbie Gibson

# of the






Place of Birth



Month of death


Cause of death

4 Fortkamp, Mary C. 21 F W   Illinois Munster Germany Munster Germany May School Teacher Quick Consumption
13 Graves, Ellen S. 41 F W M Kentucky Virginia Kentucky May Keeping House Cancer in Womb
15 Gravelle, Joseph B. 1   W   Illinois Canada Missouri July   Hemorrhage
23 McLean, John O. 1 M W   Illinois Illinois Illinois July   Lung Fever (crossed out)
41 Bryant, Samuel 69 M W M Ohio Kentucky Ohio February Carpenter Paralysis from Fall
60 Schlangen, Ellen 73 F W W Germany Germany Germany March   Old Age
62 Decker, Robert M. 45 M W M New York New York New York August Physician Jaundice
72 Dailey, Annie 2/12 F W   Illinois Ireland Ireland January   Whooping Cough
80 Parish, Hannah 26 F B   Missouri Kentucky Kentucky March Servant Lung Fever
179 Parker, 42 F W M Illinois     February Keeping House Hemorrhage of Lungs
192 Head, Bessie N. 8/12 F W   Illinois Illinois Missouri July   Cholera Infantum
228 Munson, Carrie L. 15 F W   Iowa     June at Home Typhoid Fever
233 Bruner, Jane 37 F W M Illinois     January at School Typhoid Fever
241 Jackson, Birdie 10/30 M W   Illinois Prussia Prussia August   Premature Birth
265 Kelley, Emmet 15 M W   Illinois Canada New Hampshire February News Agent Run over R. R. cars
299 Jacobs, George 2 M W   Illinois Prussia Prussia January   Scarlet Fever
313 Minke, Fredrick 10 M W   Illinois Prussia Prussia August   Scrofula
314 Hirsch, Lillie 2 F W   Illinois Darmstadt Prussia May   Measles
316 Bernard, James C. 72 M W M Kentucky U. S. don't know U. S. don't know March Fire Insurance Agent Paralysis
345 Bass, Claudy 3 M W   Illinois Kentucky Illinois March   Scarlet Fever
350 Hanson, Rufus 3 M W   Illinois Prussia Missouri December   Lung Fever
363 Goodrich, Harret M. 56 F W W Connecticut ___ ___ June Keeping House Consumption
404 Lubbe, Bernard 55 M W M Oldenburg, Germany Oldenburg Oldenburg January Grocer Heart Disease
410 Wade, Johnie 23 F B M Missouri     December Cook Hotel Fever
184 Kepley, Thomas Al 66 M W M Pennsylvania Pennsylvania Pennsylvania September Black Smith Psaar Abscess
455 Stroad, John 28 M W   Missouri Pennsylvania Indiana January Tobacconist Consumption
402 Fanq?, Fredrick 45 M W M ( Germany ) ( Germany ) ( Germany ) July Cook Typhoid Fever
402 Raleigh, Frank 45 M W M Ireland Ireland Ireland July Attorney Delirium Tremens
127 Hilderbrand, Orla F. 5/12 F W   Illinois Germany U. S. August   Cholera Infantum
57 Helferine, Lilla 13 F W   Illinois ( Germany ) Germany September   Drowned
46 Fuehr, Charles 2 M W   Illinois ( Germany ) ( Germany) September   Typhoid Fever
__ Spaulding, Abul? 68 M W M Illinois ( U.S. ) ( U. S.) September Fishermen Uraemia
__ Williams, Effie 1 F W   Illinois ( U. S. ) ( U. S. ) September   Inflammation of Bowels
164 Stegerman, Adolph 67 M W M Prussia (Germany) (Germany) October Cooper Typhoid Fever
41 Bryant, Moses 25 M W   Illinois Ohio   October Commercial Agent Phthisis
__ Albert, George 27 M W   Illinois (Germany) (Germany) November Laborer Typhoid Fever
  Thompson, Frederick 2 M W   Illinois (Germany) (Germany) November   Heart Disease
143 Hellhake, Bernadina 63 F W M Hanover Hanover Hanover November Keeping House Hydrophy
278 Berentzen, Francis 19 M W   Illinois ( Germany) ( Germany) January Laborer Pneumonia
__ Bradley, Sopha D. 37 F W M ( U. S. ) ( U. S. )   January Keeping House Morphine Poisoning
4 Johannes, _lemeus 65 M W M Hanover Hanover Hanover January Assistant Jailer Enteritis
285 Grimmer, Mary 55 F W M ( Germany ) (Germany) (Germany) January Keeping House Congestion of Brain
  McDermes, Emmet 16 M W   Illinois ( U. S. )   February Laborer Run over by R. R. cars
405 Hennese, John 1 M W   Illinois Ireland Ireland March   Meningitis
198 Wilpers, Elizabeth 57 F W M (Germany) Prussia Prussia March Keeping House Pneumonia
473 Carter, Rose 40 F W M Missouri ( U. S. )   March Keeping House Pneumonia

Notes from Enumerator: It was hard to get the deaths as there was nothing to draw it out in the question and very often after passing a place sometime would accidentally have that a death
had occurred in a certain place. I would take a number and afterwards look it up. Those that have no number were servants more boarders or the family had broken up.


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