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1880 Mortality Index

Persons who died during the year ending May 31, 1880
in Quincy 2nd Ward, Enumeration Dist. 25, in the County of Adams, State of Illinois
Enumerated by me, Frank B. Mossinam?

Transcribed by Debbie Gibson

# of the






Place of Birth



Month of death


Cause of death

19 Blackburn, Henry 36 M B M Missouri Missouri Virginia April Laborer Pneumonia Chr
19 Bartlett, Albert 15 M B M Illinois Missouri Virginia May Boarder Typhoid Pneumonia
30 Martin, Sol.? 40 M W   Ohio England Missouri July Engineer on Steamboat Crushed on Boat
30 Martin, Sylvester 37 M W   Ohio England Missouri October   Congestive Chills
36 Davis, Mrs. 47 F W M Illinois     June Keeping House Consumption
71 Taylor, Harriet A. 64 F W M Massachusetts Massachusetts Massachusetts January Keeping House Consumption
81 Basse, August 68 M W M Germany Germany Germany April Retired unreadable Congestion of Brain
97 Dills, Charles 33 M W M Illinois     September Painter Congestion of Brain
110 Beever, Harry SB M W   Illinois     September   Stillborn
125 Froman?, Oswald 77 M W W Hesse Cassel Germany Germany October Laborer Old Age
142? Brink, Henry 3/12 M W   Illinois     June   Consumption
144 Bermeson?, Edith A. 68 F W M Vermont New Hampshire New Hampshire November Keeping House Inflammatory Rheumatism
147 Bradford, Sarah 53 F W M Maine Maine Prussia? December   Typhoid Fever
141 Turnbull, Charles 22 M W   Illinois     March Student Typhoid Pneumonia
147 Ralston, Theresa 28 F W   Illinois Kentucky Ohio July   Tumor
186 Smith, William C. 3 M W   Illinois Louisiana Dist. Col. December   Pneumonia
187 Chancellor, Phila? 43 F W W Indiana Ohio Canada December   Consumption
221 Montgomery, Sarah 72 F W W New Jersey New Jersey New York November   Lung Fever
237 Weems, William 22 M W   Illinois Virginia Illinois April   Consumption
243 Wingham, John 59 M W M England England England October Plumber Inflammation of Bowels
246 Thals?, Catherine 71 F W W Germany Germany Germany April   Heart Disease
250 Doerr, Dorothea 68 F W W Germany Germany Germany February   Asthma
To 58 Gerry, Maggy 23 F W   Illinois Ireland Ireland April   Pneumonia

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