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1880 Mortality Index

Persons who died during the year ending May 31, 1880
in Quincy 5th Ward, Enumeration Dist. 31, in the County of Adams, State of Illinois
Enumerated by me, Add L. Langdon

Transcribed by Debbie Gibson

# of the






Place of Birth



Month of death


Cause of death

17 Wurtz, John F. 4 M W   Quincy Baden Baden May None Diphtheria
35 Meyer, B. H. 59 M W M Germany Germany Germany December Laborer Consumption
35 Meyer, Anna M. 62 F W M Germany Germany Germany March Housekeeper Consumption
55 Wavering, Anna 93 F W W Germany Germany Germany January Housekeeper Old-Age
57 Reinaniman, Fred 6/12 M W   Quincy Germany Quincy April   Pneumonia
135 Holmes. Samuel 24 M W   Quincy Connecticut New York June None Consumption
163 Grafftey, James 64 M W M London England England England March Shirt Manufacturer Catarrh of Lungs
  Roeber, R. H. 1/12 M W   Quincy Germany Germany September   Croup
  Reynolds, H. L. J. SB F W   Quincy Germany Germany October   Stillborn
198 Brooker, Thos. H. B. 40 M W M Ohio Ohio England October Lawyer Enlargement of Spleen
  Bockenfeld, Kate 11 F W   Quincy Germany Germany October None Typhoid Fever
*290 Wednoth?, Barbara 25 F W M Baden Baden Baden October Housekeeping Paralysis
  Rhusloz, Libby 82 M W W New Hampshire New Hampshire New Hampshire October None Peritonitis
  Cashman, Mich? 31 M W   Quincy Ireland Ireland October Laborer Typhoid Pneumonia
  Schaller, Fred 46 M W M Germany Germany Germany November Liquor Dealer Dropsy
* Rice, Jas. W. ?   W   Ohio Ohio Ohio December Editor Summer Complainer
  Wehle, Emma 2 F W   Quincy Germany Germany December   Whooping Cough
37 Kathman, Berneda 10/12 F W   Quincy Germany Germany December   Whooping Cough
* Wavering, Ann S. 90 F W W Germany     January   Bronchitis
182 Fairrister, Jane 62 F W W Pennsylvania Pennsylvania Pennsylvania February   Heart Disease
164 Carson, Rebecca 78 F W W New York New York New York March   Old Age
97 Lindsay, Fanny 12 F B   Quincy unknown unknown March At School Takes Mesenteric
110 Butler, Tom 19 M W M Illinois     March Cook Phthisis Pulmonary

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(transcriber's note: the names with * by them are the ones with lines through them.)


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