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1880 Mortality Index

Persons who died during the year ending May 31, 1880
in Ursa, Enumeration Dist. 21, in the County of Adams, State of Illinois
Enumerated by me, J. M. Daugherty

Transcribed by Debbie Gibson

# of the






Place of Birth



Month of death


Cause of death

5 Powell, Baby SB F W   Illinois Kentucky Kentucky February   Still Birth
8 Orr, Rosa lee 7 F W   Missouri Kentucky Illinois July   Poisoned
*10 Reeves, George 3? M W   Illinois Kentucky Illinois May   Diphtheria
22 Walker, George 11/12 M W   Illinois Illinois Illinois May   Croup
33 Houghton, James 48 M W   New York New York New York March Farmer Typhoid Pneumonia
34 Isaacson, August 40 M W M Sweden Sweden Sweden November Farmer Typhoid Pneumonia
57 Worley, W. F. 50 M W M Illinois South Carolina North Carolina January Farmer Pneumonia
58 McCrady, Hellen 35 F W M Illinois New York Massachusetts January Keeping house Pneumonia
68 Damia, John 14/30 M W   Illinois Prussia Prussia May   Thrush
77 Hensley, Sarah 63 F W W Ohio Virginia Virginia May   Typhoid Fever
91 Cox, Baby SB M W   Illinois Prussia Prussia January   Still Birth
94 Adair, James F. 99 M W W Kentucky Virginia Virginia March   Senile, Debility
*105 Crover?, Emily 19 F W   Illinois Illinois Illinois February At School Pneumonia
105 Elmore, Agee 2 M W   Missouri Illinois Illinois December   Croup
110 Wood, Henry 76 M W M South Carolina Virginia Virginia September Farmer unreadable
121 Gnuse, Gadloub 57 M W   Prussia Prussia Prussia November Farmer Cancer of Stomach
146 Taylor, Albert 1 M W   Illinois Illinois Illinois August   Flux
149 Randolph, James 44 M W M Indiana Kentucky South Carolina February Farmer Drowned
153 Unglaub, Edith 1 F W   Illinois Bavaria Bavaria July   Cholera Infantum
176 Roan, John 1 M W   Illinois Ireland Illinois March   Pneumonia
182 Maulby, Josiah 32 M W M Illinois Kentucky Kentucky January Farmer Pneumonia
186 Hyman, Mary 43 F W M Ireland Ireland Ireland December Keeping House Pneumonia
215 Persell, Annie 19 F W   Illinois Illinois North Carolina February Servant Pneumonia
219 McAdams, Elisabeth 59 F W M Kentucky Kentucky Ireland December Keeping house Pneumonia
223 King, Eliza 59 F W M Kentucky Kentucky North Carolina February Keeping house Senile Gangrend?
223 King, Wm. L. 69 M W M Kentucky Kentucky North Carolina November Farmer Typhoid Fever
233 Leachman, Robert 2 M W   Illinois Illinois Illinois January   Croup
245 Hightower, Austin 80 M W M Kentucky Virginia Virginia March Tanner? Heart Disease
286 Steinback, Mary E. 29 F W M Illinois Illinois Illinois December Keeping House Pneumonia
  Eiers, Josephine 33 F W M France France France November   Lung Disease
  Additions from         Physician's Returns        
  Grimes, Damera 72   W W Illinois     May   Pneumonia
  Heney, Josephine 5/12   W   Illinois     September   Cholera Infantum

Notes from Enumerator: 


(transcriber's note: the names with * by them are the ones with lines through them. Enumerator's notes are just how they wrote them spelling and all. James F. Adair is my 4GGrandpa)


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