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Gustav Blechschmidt

     GUSTAV BLECHSCHMIDT is a member of the firm of Gustav Blechschmidt & Sons, manufacturers of self-oiling wheels. Their business has experienced a prosperous and reassuring growth, and is looked upon as one of the best-conducted and most reliable of its kind in the country. Their establishment is located at No. 725 S. Fifth Street, Quincy, Ill., and they have good facilities for shipping their goods, a very important item with an establishment of its kind and magnitude. Mr. Blechschmidt was born in Saxony, Germany, January 26, 1843, to Gottlieb and Concordia (Kaublen) Blechschmidt, the former of whom was a prosperous miller in the land of his birth. He was a man of considerable influence in the locality in which he lived, and was industrious, upright, and frugal, like all Germans. Gustav Blechschmidt passed his youth in his native land, and after obtaining the common-school education that is part of the German youth's inheritance, he began learning the trade of a pattern-maker, at which he afterward worked in the Fatherland until 1883. In that year, he came to America, being the first member of the family to seek a home beyond the sea, landed at Baltimore, Md., and soon after removed to Peru, Ill., where he secured employment at his trade and carried on contracting.
     In the month of April, 1891, he came to Quincy, and with characteristic energy and enterprise he started a shop of his own and embarked in the manufacture of self-oiling wheels, on which he received a patent April 26, 1892. It is unnecessary to state that this firm in all cases uses the very best material that can be obtained, and all their goods are thoroughly tested before they are allowed to leave the works. They ship their goods to all parts of the United States, and occupy two floors of a building 60X70 feet, and fitted with all the latest improved machinery that is necessary for the proper conduct of their business. This house is a thoroughly representative one in its line and deserves honorable mention among the foremost business houses of Quincy, the proprietor of which is highly regarded in business circles, and justly deserves the liberal and influential patronage he has secured by well-directed efforts to please his customers, who reside in all portions of the Republic. Unlike many Germans, he supports the principles of the Republican party, but does so intelligently, for he is a man who forms hid own opinions, has a mind of his own, and thinks for himself.
     The year 1864 witnessed the celebration of his marriage to Miss Mena Eckhardt, a daughter of Gottlieb F. Eckhardt, and honored and substantial resident of the German Empire. The union of Mr. And Mrs. Blechschmidt has resulted in the birth of two sons, who bid fair to rival their father as business men, and as useful, progressive and loyal citizens of a country that has conferred endless benefits upon self-supporting foreigners who have set foot upon her shores. Paul, the elder son, is associated in business with his father, and is a pushing, ambitious and industrious young man, and Emil, the younger, is also in the shop, learning the details of the business, to which he expects to devote his attention. Mr. Blechschmidt resides at No. 708 Jefferson Street, where he makes his home and to which he retires when his day's labor is over, with the consciousness that he will there find rest and comfort.

[Source:Portrait and Biographical Record of Adams County, Illinois containing Biographical Sketches of Prominent and Representative Citizens, Chicago: Chapman Bros. 1892, Page 115, transcribed by Debbie Gibson]

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