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Perry Alexander

     PERRY ALEXANDER. The death of Mr. Alexander, which occurred at his home in this city July 9, 1891, removed from the agricultural world a man of intelligence, enterprise and honor, who accumulated a competency under adverse circumstances and built up a fair fortune through his own efforts. He was a perfect type of the successful, self-reliant and far-seeing tiller of the soil, and was a broadminded and intelligent man of affairs. He was born in Pope County, Ill., February 29, 1820, a son of Samuel and Margaret (Stucker) Alexander, the former of whom was of Scotch-English descent and inherited the shrewdness and business judgment of the “canny Scott” and the sturdy perseverance and honesty of his English ancestors. He became a resident of Quincy in 1832, and in addition to successfully following agricultural pursuits, he was also an extensive and successful dealer in real estate. His father also bore the name of Samuel.
     The early days of Perry Alexander were spent in Quincy, where he was given the advantages of the public schools up to the age of thirteen years, at the end of which time he entered Jacksonville College, of Jacksonville, where he began the study of law, but his health became greatly impaired during this time and he was obliged to seek other employment in order to recuperate his shattered energies. As a means to this end, he decided that farming would be the best occupation in which he could engage, and in Melrose Township, in Adams County, he began following the plow. His operations in this branch of business met with substantial results, and he continued to pursue them successfully until he was stricken down by the hand of death on the 9th of July, 1891. Throughout his career he was one of the busiest of busy men, and was never seen with idle hands when any affair of importance demanded his attention. Every obligation he took upon himself was faithfully discharged , every promise was kept, and he was no less highly esteemed for his integrity and rectitude than for his good judgment and sagacious and practical views.
     His personal characteristics were of a kind that provoked warm friendship, genuine respect and kindest regard, and those who knew him only as a man of affairs respected him for uprightness, his integrity, his fidelity to every trust reposed in him, and his conscientious regard for the equities of business life. For twenty years he discharged the duties of County Supervisor in a manner that was universally satisfactory, and for eight years he adjusted the affairs of his neighbors impartially as Justice of the Peace. For a period of fifteen years he was Town Clerk, and while filling this position he acted as Overseer of Public Works for several years. He was a Democrat of uncompromising stripe, and believed in and supported the measures of that party. Mr. Alexander was Quartermaster in the Mexican War for two years, and also assisted in recruiting troops for the late war.
     June 11, 1857, he was married to Mrs. Margaret Carr, daughter of David and Margaret Hunsaker, of Fall Creek Township, Adams County, whose ancestors were of Scotch-English descent. Mrs. Alexander is a worthy member of the Christian Church, is very intelligent, and in disposition is amiable and generous. She bore her husband the following children: Margaret, wife of Albert Reeder, of Melrose Township; Perry, a farmer of that township; Susie, wife of Gustav Duker, of Quincy; Sallie, Mabel, and Jeannette. The family residence is at No. 32 South Eighth Street. By her first marriage Mrs. Alexander has one son, Samuel Carr, of Washington State.

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Marriages of Adams County1825-1860 Vol I
Carr, Samuel T. married Hunsaker, Margaret 31 Jan 1855 (code 56, Bowles, Holeman (H.) MG) Alexander, Perry married Carr, Margaret 11 Jun 1857 (code 54, Bowles A E. JP) Hunsaker, David married Miller, Margaret 6 Aug 1835 (code 207, Gooding, Wm. B. (W. P.) JP MG)
     Margaret Hunsaker Carr Alexander's parents

Marriages of Adams County, Illinois 1876-1890 Vol III Cert#3560 Reeder, John A. married Alexander, Margaret E. 20 Nov 1884 (Code 207, Gilmer, U. R. (U. Z., F. A., W. Z.) MG Elder
Cert#1102 John Albert Reeder was married to Sarah J. Buckley 9 May 1880 (code 142, Davis, T. D. (Thos. D.) MG
Cert#5353 Miss Mary S. Alexander married Gustav F. Duker 1 Feb 1888 (code 82, Butzkueben, P. Andrew MG, CP

Marriages of Adams County, Illinois 1891-1899 Vol IV
Cert# 1068 Sallie Alexander married Lanceford Wilkes Bowles 17 Aug 1899
Cert#9348 Mabel Alexander married Wilbur Sturgis 27 Nov 1894

[Source: Marriages of Adams County, Illinois, Vol I, III, IV, transcribed by Debbie Gibson]

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