Quincy National Cemetery
36th and Maine
Quincy, IL

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The Information provided here were done by me, my husband, or my kids.
Unless otherwise noted.

For Mother's Day I got the choice to do anything I wanted. And I chose to go the Quincy National Cemetery and canvas the area to record all the soldiers that were laid to rest there. With the help of my husband Larry and my kids, Jordyn, Mikey, Kayla, and Krystian, we did just that. We videotaped, took pictures and wrote by hand the soldiers names and their information. We only were able to get about a fourth finished before the battery on the camcorder quit on us and then it started sprinkling. This memorial to all the soldiers at Quincy National Cemetery will be ongoing until it is completed. The day for us was very sentimental and for all those soldiers there THEY ARE NOT FORGOTTEN.

In Honor of all of our Heroes
A Partial Listing until completed.


NS means North Side

SS means South Side
A-478 Allen, Ester M. Sept. 4, 1926 Aug. 20, 1990 "His Wife", w/o Gaylord Allen Row 4-SS
A-478 Allen, Gaylord J. Dec. 1, 1929 May 23, 1991 CPL, US Army, Korea Row 4-SS
A Arnold, Lowell E. Dec. 21, 1917 May 23, 1944 Illinois, PVT 30 INF, 3 DIV, WWII, Headstone
A-440 Attey, Marion Eugene June 25, 1917 Apr. 4, 1985 S1, US Navy, WWII Row 7-SS
A-464A Bard, Delmar J. Sept. 24, 1923 Apr. 2, 1992 Row 3-NS
A-442 Bathen, Grace C. July 25, 1923 Feb. 23, 1985 w/o SM2 W. A. Bathen USA Row 7-SS Headstone
A-374-A Beier, George Henry May 3, 1919 July 23, 1944 Illinois, AMMI, US Navy, WWII, PH Row 8-SS Headstone
A-470 Bence, Ernest L. Apr. 21, 1924 Dec. 13, 1988 PFC, US ARMY AIR CORP, WWII Row 5-SS Headstone
A-467 Black, James Robert Dec. 5, 1931 Dec. 14, 1989 AD3, US Navy, Korea Row 5-SS Headstone
A-455 Bloom, Thomas F. Nov. 22, 1940 Jan. 13, 1988 CPL, US Marine Corps Row 6-SS
A-512 Bonner, Hartwell C. May 28, 1912 July 18, 1995 PVT, US Army, WWII Row 1-SS Headstone
A- Bornmann, Elmer T. Feb. 8, 1888 July 4, 1962 Illinois, CPL, 313 TM BTRY, 88 DIV, WWI Row 12-SS
A-432 Bowman, Jr., Orville H. Aug. 19, 1930 Nov. 29, 1985 AA, US Navy, Korea Row 7-SS Headstone
A-362-A Boyd, Jr., Lewis P. Sept. 21, 1933 May 12, 1982 SP3, US Army, Korea Row 9-SS Headstone
A-511 Bunch, Jr., Ernest Apr. 11, 1930 Sept. 25, 1996 PVT, US Army, Korea Row 1-SS Headstone
A-497 Burge, Donald John Sept. 26, 1925 Aug. 25, 1991 A2C, US Air Force, WWII, Korea Row 3-SS Headstone
A-433 Calhoun, Robert A. Nov. 14, 1924 Oct. 26, 1986 SN, US Navy, WWII Row 7-SS Headstone
A-492 Cary, Michael W. Sept. 21, 1967 May 13, 1992 SGT, US Army, Persian Gulf Row 3-SS Headstone
A-357 Clapa, Thaddeus T. June 2, 1918 May 31, 1944 Illinois, PVT 179 INF, 45 INF DIV, WWII Row 9-SS Headstone
A-366 Chick, Alex J. Jan. 15, 1916 Nov. 17, 1944 Michigan, PVT 20 ARMD INF BN, 10 ARMD DIV, WWII Row 9-SS Headstone
A-357 Clapa, Thaddeus T. June 2, 1918 May 31, 1944 PVT 179 INF, 45 INF DIV, WWII Row 9-SS Headstone
A-491 Coyle, LeRoy Paul May 1, 1927 Mar. 15, 1992 DC3, US Navy, WWII Row 3-SS Headstone
A- Crane, Corley Jan. 29, 1904 Nov. 27, 1961 Missouri, Mach, US Coast Guard, WWII Row 12-SS
A-468 Crawford, Charles Fred Feb. 6, 1914 Jan. 30, 1989 A2C, US Air Force, US Army Air Corps, WWII, Korea Row 5-SS Headstone
A-505 Dabney, Charles E. Jan. 27, 1919 Aug. 4, 1993 PVT, US Army, WWII Row 2-SS Headstone
A-476 Dade, Sr., Charles E. Apr. 13, 1913 Mar. 5, 1988 PFC, US Army, WWII Row 5-SS Headstone
A- Daily, Joseph A. Oct. 13, 1901 Mar. 15, 1963 T SGT, US Air Force Ret, WWII Row 11-SS
A-451 Davis, Eldredge Fletcher Sept. 5, 1895 Aug. 7, 1988 PVT, US Army, WWI Row 6-SS Headstone
  Davis, Martin E. Mar. 29, 1924 Aug. 10, 1944 Illinois, TEC 5, 15 FLD ARTY BN, 2 INF DIV, WWII Row -SS Headstone
A- Davis, Jr., Michael James Sept. 11, 1961 Jan. 29, 1962 s/o A1C M. J. Davis, USAF Row 12-SS
  Deem, John C. Sept. 21, 1901 Aug. 26, 1964 Virginia, PVT, 1 BN 5 FA, 1 DIV, WWI Row -SS Headstone
A-500-B Deihl, Ralph W.. Aug. 15, 1924 Oct. 16, 1988 S SGT, US Army WWII Row -SS Headstone
  DeJaynes, Delmar D. July 19, 1912 Aug. 10, 1944 Illinois, PVT, 22 INF, 4INF DIV, WWII Row -SS Headstone
A-483 Dillinger, Ralph H. Apr. 16, 1911 Jan. 15, 1990 PFC, US Army, WWII Row 4-SS Headstone
A-435 Douglas, John Edward Nov. 5, 1938 July 22, 1986 PVT, US Army Row 7-SS Headstone
A-409 Dreier, Herbert Boniface Apr. 22, 1897 Feb. 26, 1966 Illinois, Cook, Army SVC Corps, WWI Row 9-SS Headstone
A-417 Dugger, Ray Carrol Sept. 13, 1889 Apr. 9, 1968 Illinois, PFC, CO K, 357 INF, WWI Row 8-SS Headstone
A-418 Dunn, Charles A. Aug. 22, 1888 May 8, 1968 Illinois, CPL, 383 CO MTC, WWI Row 4-SS Headstone
A-432 Dutton, Merry S.   Apr. 4, 1962 d/o S SGT R. E. Dutton, USAF Row 12-SS



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