Quincy National Cemetery
36th and Maine
Quincy, IL

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The Information provided here were done by me, my husband, or my kids.
Unless otherwise noted.

For Mother's Day I got the choice to do anything I wanted. And I chose to go the Quincy National Cemetery and canvas the area to record all the soldiers that were laid to rest there. With the help of my husband Larry and my kids, Jordyn, Mikey, Kayla, and Krystian, we did just that. We videotaped, took pictures and wrote by hand the soldiers names and their information. We only were able to get about a fourth finished before the battery on the camcorder quit on us and then it started sprinkling. This memorial to all the soldiers at Quincy National Cemetery will be ongoing until it is completed. The day for us was very sentimental and for all those soldiers there THEY ARE NOT FORGOTTEN.




NS means North Side

SS means South Side
A-496 Jackson, Jr., Sullivan Feb. 4, 1938 Nov. 19, 1992 SA, US Navy Row 3-SS Headstone
A-408 Jackson, Dewey Jan. 30, 1895 June 24, 1965 Illinois, PVT CO F, 54 INF, 6 DIV, WWI Row 9-SS Headstone
A-374 Jefferson, Frank J. Oct. 8, 1914 June 28, 1944 Illinois, PVT 133 INF, 34 INF DIV, WWII Row 8-SS Headstone
A-374C Johnson, Marion R. Aug. 16, 1921 May 23, 1983 PFC, US Army, WWII Row 8-SS Headstone
A-365 Johnson, Raymond H. Feb. 15, 1923 Mar. 30, 1945 Illinois, TEC 5, 28 INF, 8 DIV, WWII Row 9-SS Headstone
A-475 Johnson, Robert L.. May 8, 1918 Aug. 5, 1988 CPL, US Army Air Corps, WWII Row 5-SS
A-404 Johnson, Severt M. Oct. 6, 1924 Aug. 30, 1964 Wisconsin, T SGT, US Air Force, Korea Row 9-SS Headstone
A- Johnson, Wendell Manchester July 29, 1896 Dec. 23, 1961 Illinois, PVT 52 CO 161, Depot Brigade, WWI Row 12-SS
A-367 Jones, James E. Feb. 15, 1919 Sept. 13, 1944 Ohio, TEC 5, FLD ARTY, WWII Row 9-SS Headstone
A-448 Judge, Benjamin Franklin Nov. 18, 1907 Feb. 9, 1985   Row 6-NS
A-474 Klatt, Alma A. L. Feb. 7, 1918 May 9, 2001 1ST LT, US Army, WWII Row 5-SS
A-474 Klatt, Alvin P. July 20, 1912 Sept. 4, 1988 TEC 4, US Army, WWII Row 5-SS
B-85A Klett, Lloyd E. Oct. 19, 1920 Nov. 5, 1942 Michigan, MM2C, USNR, WWII Row 12-SS Obituary
A-464B Knight, William Henry Aug. 22, 1946 Mar. 6, 1990   Row 4-NS
A-364 Knutson, Clarence H. Dec. 8, 1920 Jan. 7, 1945 Illinois, 1st LT, 401 GLI, INF, 82 ABN DIV, WWII Row 9-SS Headstone
A-363 Knutson, Charles H. May 8, 1924 Feb. 21, 1945 Illinois, PFC, US Marine Corps, WWII Row 9-SS Headstone
A- Kurtz, Pok Ye Aug. 16, 1935 May 5, 1962 "Wife Of" A1C, J. E. Kurtz, USAF Row 12-SS
A-489B Laird, Lloyd E. June 4, 1923 Oct. 30, 1982 SGT, US Army Air Corps, WWII Row 3-SS Headstone
A-358 Landis, Donald D.. Oct. 22, 1919 June 16, 1944 Illinois, PVT 165 INF, 27 INF DIV, WWII Row 9-SS Headstone
A-414 Ledbetter, Jr., Charles E. Feb. 21, 1918 Nov. 3, 1966 Missouri, SM SGT, US Air Force, WWII Row 8-SS Headstone
A-405 LeGrand, Daniel Wesley Feb. 21, 1909 May 25, 1969 Illinois, PVT 463 Base Unit AAF, WWII Row 9-SS Headstone
A-354 Lewis, Ralph Wainwright Dec. 9, 1920 Nov. 9, 1979 M SGT, US Marine Corp, WWII, Korea Row 9-SS Headstone
A-415 Little, Eldon LeRoy Jan. 5, 1924 Dec. 11,1966 Illinois, LT Col, US Marine Corps, WWII, Korea Row 8-SS Headstone
A-415 Little, Thelma Jeanne Apr. 17, 1925 Feb. 20, 2001 "His Wife", w/o Eldon LeRoy Little Row 8-SS Headstone
A-504 Littrell, Muriel L. July 26, 1920 Aug. 27, 1993 w/o Austin R. Littrell Row 2-SS
A-377 Long, George H. Dec. 24, 1918 Sept. 14, 1944 Illinois, Staff SGT, Cavalry, WWII Row 8-SS Headstone
  Lutz, Marion C. Sept. 3, 1903 Mar. 2, 1942 Missouri, SGT, 66 Coast ARTY, WWII Row -SS Headstone



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