Abbe, John, cooper, 10 3d
Abbott Saml. cooper, 3 3d
Abel Aaron, 124 Hampshire
Abeln Fred. plasterer, 138 Kentucky
Abner J, pilot, boards Broadway Hotel
Abney Chas. engineer, n e c Spring and Oliver
Abney David, engineer, boards 48 6th
Abney Willis, engineer, n w c Oliver and Spring
Achilles Anton, 25 Front
Achtermann Edward, tobacco and cigars, 122 Hampshire
Achtrath Henry 150 Spring
Ackerley Ralph, butcher, 40 Broadway
Ackermann Chas, cab. mkr. 140 State
Ackermann John, 131 Kentucky
Ackert Christian, blksmith, 77 York
Ackles Wm. lab. s s Spring b 10th and 11th

©2006 Transcribed by Kim Torp