Adams Mrs. Elisabeth, 58 5th
Adams Geo. pork packer and grain dealer, 34 6th, h 10 8th
Adams Jas. pork packer and produce dealer, 21 Front, h 57 Vermont
Aesenhauar Adam, stone cutter, s e Hampshire b 8th and 9th
Agan John, teamster, 68 Spring
Ahalbohl Henry, blksmith, bds 103 State
Ahaus, John, 15 N. 7th
Ahern Wm. contractoror, 139 Jersey
Ahrens Henry, cab. mkr. ? b 4th and 5th and Vermont and Hampshire
Ahrens Henry, teamster, bds s e c York and 7th
Ahrens Hermann, lab. h s s State b 7th and 8th
Ahrns Bernard, lab. 165 Spring
Albers Gerhard, grocery s w c State and 4th
Albrecht Chas. turner, bds 91 Kentucky
Alday Henry, tobacco and cigars, 154 Main
Aldrich Fred. 92 York
Aldrich Fred. H. steam boat agt. s s York b 5th and 6th
Aldrich John B. 92 York
Alexander Geo. N. sculptor, 31 8th
Allen ----, 253 Hampshire
Allen Daniel P. (Gould & A.) e s 4th nr Chestnut
Allen Dr. E. A. dentist, 220 Hampshire, h 64 Vermont
ALLEN ETHAN Produce Dealer, s w c Jersey and Front, h s e c Main and 7th
Allen Henry, (Sullivan & Co.) s s Jersey b 4th and 5th
Allen Henry, 68 Jersey
Allen James H. clk. bds 59 Hampshire
Allen Leonard, painter, w s 12th b Oak and Vine
Allen Mrs. Margaret, 64 Vermont
Allen Mrs. Mary, 14 4th
ALLEN OTIS B. (Prentiss & A.) n e c Oak and 11th
Allen Pat. lab. al b Ohio and State and 3d and 4th
Allison Michael lab. h 187 Jersey
Alhiner Maris, (Goldgart, A. & Co) 254 Main
Althans Wm. cab mkr. 159 Jersey
Altheid Bernard, lab. 97 Kentucky
Altheide Henry, lab. 13 Madison
Altheide Heinrich, lab. 129 Ohio
Althof Henry, bakery, 308 Main
Althoff Bernard, plasterer, 136 6th
Altmann Clemens, lab. 168 Jersey
Altmiks John, clk 131 State

©2006 Transcribed by Kim Torp