American Union House, M. Edmondson, propr. 17 4th
ANTES, WM. - Proprietor Model City Gallery, h 51 York
Anderson A. G. s e c 17th and Broadway
Anderson A. W. (A. & Robertson,) boards Farmers' House
Anderson Eliza, 58 Kentucky
Anderson Mrs. Elisabeth W. n e c Chestnut and 5th
Anderson Jeremiah, n w c Ohio and 3d
Anderson Marcus, n s Broadway e of 20th
Anderson & Robertson (A.W. A. & W. M. R.) proprs. Vermont Marble Works., n e c Main and 3d
Anderson W. S. M. dry goods and groceries, 82 Hampshire, h n e c Chestnut and 5th
Anderson Sylvester, engineer, 58 Kentucky
Andrews Chas. painter, 311 Main
Andrews Mrs. C. millinery, 47 4th, h e s 4th b Hampshire and Vermont
Andrews Jas. painter, 127 Jersey
Andrews Morillo S. painter, 127 Jersey
Andrews, Napoleon B. painter, bds 127 Jersey
Anhaus, Anna, 218 Main
Antony Marx, blksmith, s s State b 8th and 9th
Apollo Garden, Peter Sengen, propr. 124 Hampshire
Areng Benedict, lab. 154 Washington
Armant Jas. 185 Jersey
Armor Geo. auctioneer, 186 Vermont
Armour Jacob B. b. k. h 106 Vermont
Arner Garret, 200 Hampshire
Arneng John, stone cutter, 90 York
Arneng Gotlieb, blksmith, n e Payson Ave. b 5th and 6th, h n c 5th and Payson Ave
Arning John, stone cutter, s e c York and Kentucky
Arning Wm. blksmith, n s Payson Ave b 5th and 6th
Arntzen Bernard, atty. s e c Hampshire and 5th, up stairs, bds Barnes' Hotel
Arntzen Leopold dry goods and groceries 123 Hampshire
Arthur James, (Jas. A, & Co.) h s e c York and 3d
Arthur Jas. & Co. (Jas. A., J. K. Van Doorn, J. A. Van Doorn & U. S. Pendfield) lumber deals. and proprs Phoenix Saw Mill, n s Front n of Elm.
Artle Jno. butcher, 64 7th
Artus Capt. Jos. 109 Main, up stairs, boards Quincy Home
Asbury Henry , (Jonas & A.) 357 Main
Aschemann Jos.. clk. bds s w c State and 5th
John, tailor, n w c York and 7th
Ashman John, 61 5th
Aslaga W.. teamster, n Broadway bet 4th and 5th
Aselage Fred. W. e w c Spring and 11th
Aselage Martin, e w c Spring and 11th
Assebrock Louie, shoemkr. n e State b 8th and 9th
Assebrock Mrs. Sophia millinery, 158 State
Atchison Geo. 89 Broadway
Atchison, Wm, 218 Vermont
Atkinson- Christopher, coppersmith, boards Irving House
Atwood C. G. baggage master boards Bargee' Hotel
Aumann Christian, tailor, 211 Main
Aumann Clemens, blksmith, w e 9th b Main and Hampshire
Aumann Henry, boards 179 Broadway
Austin Arm., 181 Vermont
Austmeier Adolph, wagon mkr. n s Payson Ave. 6 8th and 9th
Autenstein Joanna, 85 5th
Arise W. E. nee. city clk. boards e w e Spring sod 9th
Avise Win. M. (Wm. M. A. & Co.) 4 4th
Avise WM. M & CO. (Wm. .d. . A. k A. Brooke,) Proprietors Quincy Herald, 55 4th, 2nd story
Awerkamp Adolph, n e Elm a of 18th

©2006 Transcribed by Kim Torp