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Baker, James T. Wholesale and Retail Grocer, 116 Main, h n w c Vermont and 9th
Baker, John, lab., Bds w s 4th b Payson Av. And Washington
Baker, Michael, foreman, Washington Brewery, 87 State
Baker, Sylvester, cake shop, s s Hampshire b 3rd and 4th, h s s Spring b 4th and 5th
Barch, John H. , shoemkr., 50 5th
Barker, E. B. , Deputy Circuit Clerk, h w s 7th b Broadway and Spring
Barker, Samuel, 18 6th
Bald, Wm., 55 7th
Baldwin, Henry, b k 98 Broadway
Bales, Jacob, chair mkr., 51 7th
Balkomberg, Catharine, h al b Spring and Oak and 6th and 7th
Balsam, Bernard, grocery, 289 Main
Balzer, Danl, cooper, w s 5th b York and Kentucky
Balzer, Mrs. Catharine, 79 5th
Balzer, Valentine, shoemkr., w s 7th b Jersey and York
Ball, Alfred, caulker, e s Oliver b Oak and Vine
Ball, Elizabeth, e s Oliver b Oak and Vine
Ball, Nixon, e s Oliver b Oak and Vine
Balance, J. M., pro. Irving House, 104 Hampshire
Ballinger, Pearson, carp., 266 Main
Ballard, Jeremiah, prop. Farmers & Drovers House, n s Hampshire b 6th and 7th
Ballard, Thomas, elk. Farmers & Drovers House
Bandanner, John, lab., 122 State
Banhorst, Heinrich, lab., 148 State
Bank of Quincy, s e c 4th and Main, Jno. McGinnis, Jr. Pres't A.J. Clark, act'g Cashier
Banker, John W., 119 Vermont
Banker, Sarah J., dress mkr., 119 Vermont
Bannard, John W., b.k.s s Vermont b 4th and 5th
Barcker, John, tailor, e s 10th b Main and Hampshire
Barleses, Therese, s s Vine e of 18th
Barlow, Patrick, n w c Spring and Oliver
Barnard, Harry, elk., 105 Main
Barnes, A. F., proprietor Barnes Hotel, 113 Hampshire
Barnes Hotel, A.F. Barnes, Proprietor, 113 Hampshire
Barnum, Isaac W., (Laage & B) 50 Jersey
Barr, Hugh H., carp., 8 N 7th
Barr, Michael B., 56 Jersey
Barr, Wm. J., operator, Excelsior Gallery, h 87th
Barry, James M., 49 S 7th
Barry, Margaret, teacher, Franklin School, h 49 S 7th
Barry, Patrick, lab., 161 Jersey
Barth, Henry, pro. Stad Bresden, 173 Jersey
Bartin, John, lab., 67 8th
Bartlett, Mrs. Julia, 7 N 5th
Bartlett, James H., clk., bds n s Broadway b 5th and 6th
Bartlett, Samuel M., city sexton, 56 6th, h 114 Broadway
Barton, Priscilla, e s Oliver b Vine and Elm
Barton, Q. S., carp., n e c Main and 6th, h n w c Broadway and Eighth
Basse & Hulsman, (Augustus B. & Henry H. ) Watches, Jewelry, Engravers, and Mathematical Instrument Makers, 136 Main
Basse Augustus, (B. & Hulsman) 136 Main Up Stairs
Bassett & Rudd (M. F. B. & A. F. R. ) Physicians, 170 Main
Bassett Moses F., phys., (B & Rudd) 170 Main
Basster Wm., s s Jefferson e of 9th
Bastardt, Peter, teamster, 131 State
Bassye, Isaac N., w s 5th b Chestnut and Cherry
Battell Woodruff & Boyd, (Wm.B., Henry D.W.&Frederick B.) Agricultural Implement Manufactory, n w c Hampshire and 12th
Battell, Joseph S., blksmith, n s Vermont b 8th and 9th
Battell, Richard, bds ss Hampshire b 8th and 9th
Battell, Wm. (B., Woodruff & Boyd,) n s Vermont b 8th and 9th
Battell, Wm., 129 Vermont
Batey, Thomas, blksmith, h e s 12th b Main and Hampshire
Baumgartner, A. L., saloon, 105 Hampshire
Baughman, Geo., (Littlefield & B.) 95 Jersey
Baumann D., shoemaker., 107 7th
Baur, Henry, stone cutter, s s Payson Av. b 5th and 6th
Baurechter, Hermann, teamster, 56 Kentucky
Bavinger, Catharine, 212 Hampshire
Bealert, Joseph, coppersmith, s w c Vermont and 12th
Becker, Adam, tailor, n s Maiden Lane b 4th and 5th
Becker, Augustus H., (B. & Davis) s w c Main and 5th
Becker, A. H., Fresco Painter, 125 Hampshire, 2d Story
Becker, Charles, butcher, 166 State
Becker & Davis (A.H.B. & E.C.D.) House, Sign and Ornamental Painters 162 Main
Becker, Frederick, 3 S 8th
Becker, Geo., shoemaker., 255 Main
Becker, Mich., n s Maiden Lane b 4th and 5th
Beck, Augustus, weaver, s w c Broadway and 9th
Beck, Jno. G., restaurant, 86 Main
Bedell, Valentine, blksmith, 114 Vermont
Bedenbecker, J., 230 Main
Bedenbecker, Joseph, painter and paper dealer, ss Main b 5th and 6th, h 238 Main
Beeber, M., grocery, n e c Hampshire and 5th, h 29 8th
Beecher, Moses S., carriage trimmer, s w c 5th and Vermont
Beelert, Joseph S., tinner, s w c 12th and Vermont
Begg, Helen, s s Kentucky b 5th and 6th
Behrenmeir, Diedrich, carp., bds e s 9th b State and Kentucky
Beine, Chas., clk., B. Lubbe
Beiree, Wm., w s 22d b Oak and Vine
Beker & Helfring, (F.B. & H. H. ) carps and builders, 112 5th
Beker, Fred. (B. & Helfring,) 91 5th
Beking, Gerard, 52 9th
Belm, Bernard, tailor, 64 N 5th
Benhoff, August, blksmith, e s 5th b Kentucky and Maiden Lane, h w s 5th b Kentucky and York
Benjamin, Isider, clk., bds 36 4th, 2d story
Benkensteck, Christian, lab., 105 5th
Bens, Fred., baker, e s 11th b Main and Hampshire
Bensieck, John, lab., 159 Payson Av
Bensing, John, lab., s s Payson Av. b 7th and 8th
Benson, J. B., shoemaker., 77 ½ Hampshire b 74 Broadway
Benning, John, dry goods and Groceries, 184 Main
Bennett, Mrs. ---- ,Church Home
Bennett, J. B., grain mer., 8 Front, h s s Main b 6th and 7th
Bennett, John B., 174 Main
Benneson & Co. (Robt. S.B., N.D.B. & John W. Corrill) lumber, &c 44 5th
Benneson, Nathaniel D. (B.& Co.) 108 4th
Benneson, Robt. S. (B. & Co.) 86 Jersey
Benneson, Robt. H., clk., 108 4th
Benneson, Thos., carp., n e c 12th and Hampshire
Benneson, Wm. H. (Skinner, B. & Marsh) bds n s Broadway b 5th and 6th
Bent, Francis A., carriage maker., bds Farmers' House
Bentrup, John, lab., 114 S. 8th
Bergferd, Alex., saloon, 96 Main, h n w c 11th and Main
Bernard, B., al b Broadway and Spring and 6th and 7th
Bernard J. B. (J.C.B., J.B.B., W.R. Lockwood & W.W. Bernard,) saddles, harness, &c. n w c 5th and Hampshire
Bernard, J.C. (J.C. Bernard & Co.) n s Broadway b 6th & 7th
Bernard, W.W. (J.C. Bernard & Co.) bds n s Broadway b 6th and 7th
Bernbrock, Fred., dry goods and groceries, s w c York and 7th
Bernbrock, Wm., Boarding and Beer Hall, 238 Main
Bernhardt, August, teacher, 7 S. 10th
Bernsen, Bernard, e s 10th b Elm and Linn
Bernsen, John B. (B. & Sander) s s Payson Av. b 4th and 5th
Bersen & Sander, (H.S. & John B.B.) brick yard, s e c Payson Av. and 4th
Berneng, Konrad, lab., 29 S. 8th
Bertiger, August, 102 4th
Bertram, Wm., engineer, n e c Jersey and 8th
Bertschinger, Arnold, clk., bds n w c Kentucky and 5th
Bertschinger, Otto, (B. & Steinwedell,) 95 5th
Bertschinger & Steinwedell, (O.B. & W.S.) agricultural implements, hardware, &c. 115 Main
Berstiger, John, tailor, e s 10th b Main and Hampshire
Bert, Geo. O.S., machinist, n w c 7th and Jersey
Bert, Jas., carp., 239 Main
Bert, John L., clk., bds n w c Jersey and 7th
Bert, John P. Jr., Merchant Tailor, 135 Maine, h 333 Hampshire
Bert, John P. Sr., 49 7th
Berry, Wm., farmer, 3 s 11th b Kentucky and State
Beslenk, Hy., lab., 267 Hampshire
Best, Geo., bk. mason, 202 Main
Best, Jos., teamster, 204 Main
Beumer, Hy., e s 4th b Chestnut and Cherry
Bexten, Anna, servt., P. Burt's
Bexten, Hy., dry goods and groceries, s w c Jefferson and 8th
Bexten, Hy. ,gardener, e s 5th s of Jefferson
Bickel, Jasper A., n s Madison b 8th and 9th
Bickel, Jos., 82 6th
Bickelhaupt, John, blksmith, e s 4th b State and Maiden Lane, h 114 4th
Bieber, Bernard H., carp., 59 S 7th
Biebigheuser, Hy., painter, 79 7th
Bierman, Wm., 135 Washington
Biermann, Diedrick, 29 Monroe
Biener, Jos., 64 Broadway
Biener, Margaret, w s 13th b Hampshire and Vermont
Bienke, Theodore, n s Payson Av. b 5th and 6th
Bigelow, John, s s Hampshire b 10th and 11th
Billings, W.J., music teacher, bds Virginia House
Bimson, John, 22 12th
Bimson, John (Stobie & B.) w s 9th b Vermont and Hampshire
Bimson, Robt., 127 Broadway
Binkertt, Anton, ( B. & Krietz) 167 Jersey
Binkertt, D., clk., a w c Main and 8th
Binkertt, Josephine, 167 Jersey
Binkertt & Kreits, (Ant. B. & M.K. ) dry goods and groceries, n w c Main and 8th
Binz, Geo., carp., n s State e of 12th
Bitter, Hy., lab., 162 State
Bittig, Philip, wagon manug., 97 State
Bittleston, Geo. (Story & B.) 121 Vermont
Bitram, Chas., lab., 113 7th
Bitzenhofer, Andreas, (B. & Boger,) bds 105 7th
Bitzenhofer & Boger, ( Andreas B. & Christ. B.) bakery 105 7th
Bishop, Jacob H. carp. 317 Main
Bishop, Jas. M. clk. bds 48 Vermont
Bishop, Wm. teamster, w s 12th b Spring and Broadway
Blackford, Merritt bleacher, 162 Main
Blair, Franklin L., tinner, 41 12th
Blackesley A. W. City Clerk, h s w c 9th and Spring
Blakesley, Horatio w s 3d b Maiden Lane and State
Blakesley, Vernon 35 State
Blakesley, W. 58 6th
Blakeslee, W. 13 state
Blanke, Geo., teamster, 148 Kentucky
Blasé, Hy. ,tailor, s s Washington b 6th and 7th
Bleeck, Hermann, civil engineer, 24 8th
Blickhahn, John carriage maker. 47 7th
Blickhorn, Geo. blksmith, h 53 7th
Blohm, John H. 109 Ohio
Blomer, Jos. tinner 47 9th
Bloomer, John 251 Hampshire
Bloomer, John B. bk mason, ss Hampshire b 11th and 12th
Bloomer, Bernard, bk. layer, 274 Hampshire
Bockenfeldt, Anton stone cutter n s Kentucky b 4th and 5th
Bockenfeldt, Bernard stone cutter 265 Hampshire
Bockenfeldt, Wm Jr. 53 Kentucky
Bockenfeldt, Wm. boots and shoes 153 Main, bds n s Main b 8th and 9th
Bockenfeldt, Wm Sr. Stone cutter, 53 Kentucky
Bockern, Fred. 248 Hampshire
Bockholt, Bernard, bds 138 Spring
Bock, Matthias, stone cutter ,e s 6th b Jersey and York
Bodde, Hy., shoemaker., bds G.B. Erner's
Boetle, John, cooper, 145 State
Boge, Caspar, teamster, 95 Jefferson
Boge, Fred., s e c Jefferson and 8th
Boge, Hy., lab., 81 Jefferson
Boger, Christ. ( Botzenhofer & B.) 105 7th
Bohm, Mrs. Elizabeth, n w e York and 3d
Bohlman, J. Hy., tailor, bds C. Tacke's
Bohnet, House, Bernard Bohnet, propr. 68 Main
Bohne, Wm., tailor, s e c Spring and 11th
Bohnet, Bernard, propr. Bohnet House, 68 Main
Bolinger, John, carp., 101 Kentucky
Bolinger, John, blksmith, bds 110 Kentucky
Bolinger, Wm. Jr., bar k., 130 Hampshire
Bolinger, Wm. Sr., 270 Main
Bolin, Henry, al b Broadway and Spring and 4th and 5th
Bolles, Amanda, s s Chestnut b 9th and 10th
Bollman, Chas., furniture, 147 State
Boman, Joseph, 40 S. 7th
Bond, Geo. ( C. M. Pomroy & Co.) n s Broadway b 6th and 7th
Boone, Maitland, 72 Jersey
Bozbeck, Jno., dry goods and groceries, 111 Hampshire, h 81 5th
Borbeck, Jno., cooper, s w c Elm and 6th, h s e c Elm and 5th
Borein, Peter R., Clk., bds n s York b 2d and 3d
Bornmann, Jno., soap and candle factory, s w c Oak and 3d, h 77 7th
Borstadt, Gerard, bk. mason, 224 Main
Borstadt, Christian, ( Duker, B. & Co.) n s Hampshire b 6th and 7th
Boschulty, Mrs. Mary, s s Washington b 7th and 8th
Boswell, W.A. teacher, 102 Vermont, h s s York b 4th and 5th
Bothe, Fred. moulder, bds Stadt Dresden's
Boudrow, Paul engineer, w s 3d b Ohio and Payson Av
Boughner, Wm W., clerk, bds 80 Broadway
Boutler, Adam H., 106 7th
Bowen, Catharine, 85 5th
Bowers, Geo., carp., 19 N 8th
Bowers I.L., 68 3d
Bowers, Samuel, meat and provisions, 58 4th, h n s Jersey b 3d and 4th
Bowman, Mary, 131 Vermont
Boyd, Fred., (Battell, Woodruff & B) n s Broadway b 10th and 11th
Boyle, Michael, w s 12th b Broadway and Spring
Bracht, Fred., w s 11th b Broadway and Vermont
Bradford J. W. & Co. proprs. Quincy House livery stable 83 Main
Bradford, Josiah T., ( J.W. & J.T.B.) 77 Main
Bradford, Leonard M., millwright, 106 4th
Bradford & Pinkham, (J.T.B.& N.P.) proprs. Quincy omnibus line, office 59 4th
Bradley, Harvey ,phys. (Knight & B.) bds Quincy House
Brady, Matthew, s s Jefferson b 7th and 8th
Brady, Nancy, servt., 18 6th
Brandt, Mrs. ----, 125 Kentucky
Branann, Richard, lab., e s 3d b Payson Av. and Ohio
Brante, Chas., s s Jefferson b 6th and 7th
Brant, Jno., lab., 129 Ohio
Braser, Jno., cooper, w s 9th b Madison and Monroe
Bredenbeck, Wm., shoemkr., 127 State
Breeder, Bernard, 10 Adams
Bredewek, John H. G., milk depot, Front n of Cherry
Breer, S., 15 Madison
Breitbarth, Adam, 113 5th
Breitevistler, Robt., stone mason, 239 Hampshire
Brends, Hy., tinner, 97 5th
Breneng, Jno., n s Kentucky b 9th and 10th
Brenger, Gotleib, 95 Jefferson
Brenken, Hy., n w c Oak and 7th
Brenkman, Hy., 5 Madison
Brenneke, Hy., shoemkr., 174 State
Brennen John, shoemkr., n s Washington b 3d and 4th
Brenning, Jno., teamster, c Jansen and Smith
Bresser, John, cooper, w s 9th b Madison and Monroe
Brewster, Geo., operator, Model City Gallery, bds Vermont House
Brexmeier, Geo., bar k., bds H. Surmeier's
Brick, Hy., lab., 113 Kentucky
Bridwieser, Christine, 204 Main
Brien, Pat., lab., w s 10th b Oak and Spring
Brinckhoff, Theodore ( Duker, Borstadt & Co.) 208 Main, upstaire
Brinckman, Hermann, n s Oak b 6th and 7th
Brincks, Bernard, n s Oak b 6th and 7th
Bringer, Fred., lab., 137 Payson Av.
Brining, John, teamster, 141 Kentucky
Brink, Albert, lab., 166 Jersey
Brink, Bernard H., cooper, 113 7th
Brinkmann, Casper, s s Jackson b 6th and 7th
Brinkmann, Jos., 262 Main
Brinkotter, John, 155 State
Bristol, Noyes, 12 8th
Bristol, Silas E., joiner, bds J. Whitney's
Brittingham, Hester, 35 4th, 2d story
Brittingham, Stephen A., clk., bds 36 4th
Brittingham, Wm. E., clk., bds 35 4th 2d story
Britwiser, Jno., butcher, e s 5th b Elm and Vine
Broadway Hotel, L. Chapin, Proprietor, s e c Front and Broadway
Brockhaus, Bernard D., lab., 78 Ohio
Brockians, Geo., 16 Adams
Brockschmidt, Hy.,163 Kentucky
Brockshmidt, John H., hats and Caps, 119 Hampshire
Brockschmidt, Jos., watch mkr., 191 Main
Brockway, Miss Mary L., teacher, Quincy College, bds n e e Main and 13th
Broderick, Thos., lab., w s 9th b Main and Jersey
Brodigan, Jno., 64 4th
Brokamp, Hy., cooper, ns Main b 11th and 12th
Brokamp, Jos., cooper, 276 Hampshire
Brokamp, John H., cooper, ns Main b 11th and 12th
Broksek, Wm., tailor, 310 Main
Bromart, Bernard, bds 48 9th
Brooker, Robt., carp., al b Main and Jersey and 5th and 6th hws 4th b Vermont and Broadway
Brooker, Orlando, clk., 7 4th
Brooks A. (Wm.M. Avise & Co.) 61 Vermont
Brooks, Martin, printer, bds 61 Vermont
Broome, Thos., teacher, bds 21 Ohio
Brophy, Geo., es Olive b Broadway and Spring
Brosse, Gottlieb, stone quarry, hes Front s of Jefferson
Broughan, T.H., auction and commission mer., 33 S 5th
Brown, Alex., constable, 63 3d
Brown Chas. Jr., Boots & Shoes, 84 Hampshire, h 6 N. 5th
Brown, Daniel G., 55 State
Brown, David, ss Kentucky b 4th and 5th
Brown, Dimock & Co. (G.W.B., G.B.D. & C. Hilborn) dry goods and groceries, 40 5th
Brown, Dimock & Co. ( G.W.B., G.B.D. & R. Sartle) Proprietors City Foundry 3 and 4 Front
Brown, Elizabeth E., select school, ss Main b 11th and 12th, bds 333 Hampshire
Brown, G.W. ( B., Dimock & Co.) 51 S 5th
Brown, Julia, Walnut al
Brown, John B. (B. & Penfield) 47 Jersey
Brown, J.W. jewelry, 38 5th h 67 3d
Brown, Jonathan, nwc Oak and 12th
Brown, Jas., 54 York
Brown, John, lab., 42 Maiden Lane
Brown, Mrs. Louisa, select school, 30 7th
Brown & Penfield (J.B.B. & U.S.P.) proprs. Star Mills, swc Spring and Front
Brown, Sarah J., bds 81 York
Brown, Thos., bds Hess House
Brown, Wm., al b Broadway and Spring and 6th and 7th
Brown, Wm., confec., 171 Hampshire. h al b Broadway and Spring and 6th and 7th
Brown, Wm., cooper, es 11th b Main and Jersey
Brown, Warren M., painter, es 10th b Spring and Oak
Brownell G. L. & Co. (G.L.B. & H.L. Ryce) Dry Goods, 38 4th
Brownell G. L. (G.L.B. & Co.) bds Quincy House
Browning & Bushnell, (Orville II. B. & Nehemiah B.) attorneys 122 Hampshire, 2d story
Browning, Orville H. (B. & Bushnell) 174 Hampshire
Browning, Wm. W., paver, al b Oak and Spring and 5th and 6th
Bruce B. G., principal, male department Franklin School h 21 3d
Bruckmeier, Henry, tobacconist, sec 9th and Hampshire
Brune, Henrietta, servt. 89 York
Bryant, Andrew, dray, ns Main b 11th and 12th
Buck, Matt., 82 6th
Buckley, & Delano (E.H.B. & S.P.D.) attorneys, 38 4th, 2d story
Buckley, Daniel I., carp., 241 Hampshire
Buckley, Edward H. (B. & Delano) swc York and 5th
Buddee, A., 71 Vermont
Buddee, B., harness mkr., bds B. Koch
Buddee, John, al b Spring and Oak and 6th and 7th
Buddee, Louis, 91 hampshire
Budlong, Oliver A. machinist, sec Front and Jersey
Buehrer, Wm., bakery, 150 Hampshire
Buel, Hill, Granger & Co. (H.K.B., H.L.H., G.L.G., & P.C. Langdon) boots and shoes, 32 S. 5th
Buel H. K. (B., Hill, Granger & Co.) res Chicago
Buermann, Frederick, teamster, ns State e of 12th
Buhne, Joseph, machinist, ns Broadway b 4th and 5th
Buis, Bernard, lab., 282 Hampshire
Bull, Chas. H. (L.& C.H.B.) ns Main e of 13th
Bull, L. & C.H. agricultural implements and hardware, 111 Main
Bull, Lorenzo (L. & C.H.B.) s s Main e of 13th
Bulion, Philip, n e c State and 7th
Bumann, Jacob, salon, 31 3rd
Bumer, Fredrick W., n s Payson Av. b 5th and 6th
Bunger, Caspar, grainer, 88 S 7th
Bunting, Jacob R., 69 5th
Burbidge, Wm. H., al b Linn and Chestnut and 9th and 10th
Burchard, Theodore, s e c 4th and Jersey
Burckhart, Christian, painter, bds Stadt Dresden
Burge, Gottlieb, carp., e s 10th b Main and Hampshire, h 251 Main
Burk, Elvira, 51 Vermont
Burk, Joseph, bds s w c Spring and Olive
Burk, Mary, b.h. s w c Olive and Spring
Burke, Alexander L., shoemkr., 141 Main
Burke, Jas., carp., 239 Main
Burke, Wm., Boots and shoes, 67 4th, h 141 Main
Burlingame, Orrin, teamster, 42 Main
Burnham, Henry, painter, 22 12th
Burns, Bernard H., s s Oak b 9th and 10th
Burns, Edward P., clk., n e c Main and Front
Burns, George, 37 Vermont
Burns, George W., (Bagby B. & Wood) n s Vermont b 2d and 3d
Burns, John, clk., e s 9th b Spring and Broadway
Burns, Mary, servt., 59 Vermont
Burns, Patrick, teamster, ns Payson Av b 6th and 7th
Burns, Thos., lab., 30 N 5th
Burton, Robert H., mail agt., bds Broadway Hotel
Burt, Philip, ns Hampshire b14th and 15th
Bus, Henry, 271 Hampshire
Busch, Ludwig, lab., sec Broadway and 11th
Buscher, Jerad, chair mkr., nec Spring and 5th
Buser, George, plasterer, 259 Hampshire
Bushnell, Nehemiah, (Browning & B.) nec 7th and Hampshire
Bussing, Clemens, lab., 258 Hampshire
Busmann, Jerad, carp., 102 Kentucky
Busse, Frederick, blksmith, 17 10th
Busse, Frederick, painter, sec Kentucky and 5th
Butiker, George, shoemkr., 271 Main
Butler, Thos., bar k., sec Main and 5th
Buxmann, Louis, lab., Delaware b 3d and 4th
Byington, H. S. (Willard & B.) nec Vermont and 6th
Byrd, George, restaurant, 40 and 41 Front
Byrna, Hugh, plasterer, 50 S 7th
Bywater, George, ns Elm b 9th and 10th

©2006 Transcribed for Genealogy Trails by Donna Walton