Cabell, Samuel, 9 Ohio
Cadogan, John P., ns Vermont b 12th and 13th
Caldwell, Wm., pro. Center Mills, sec Jersey and Front, bds Quincy House
Caldwell, Jacob W. (Prentiss & C. ) bds Barnes Hotel
Calkins, A.V., al b Ohio and State and 3d and 4th
Callahan, Jas. H., machinist, 173 Vermont
Calnan, Jeremiah, engineer, ws 7th b Broadway and Spring
Campan, Matt. lab., 120 Jersey
Campbell, ____ 110 4th
Campbell, L. R., grocery, 145 Hampshire, h n s Broadway b 4th and 5th
Campbell, James, teamster, 222 Hampshire
Campion, Maggie, 157 Hampshire
Candlen, Maggie, cook, Virginia House
Cannell, Geo., ns Oak e of 18th
Cannell, Hugh, 190 Vermont
Cannell, Robert, 190 Vermont
Cannell, George, 167 Vermont
Cannon, Joseph C., carp., ns Vermont b 3d and 4th
Capron, Rev. Alexander, 6 5th
Carey, John, lab., 132 Jersey
Carlin, Wm. H., Post master, h ws 4th, b York and Kentucky
Carnan, Wm., 81 4th
Carnes, Wm. F., moulder, 23 Maiden Lane
Carter, John, b.k. ws 2d b Spring and Broadway
Carroll, Arthur, provisions, 123 Main, basement hswc Maiden Lane and 3d
Carrott, Frederick, shoemkr., 225 Main
Carr Byron O., conductor Q. & C.R.R. ,bds Quincy House
Carr, James, 74 6th
Carr, Konrad, finisher, 177 Broadway
Carr, Moses, 6 3d
Cash, John, marble wkr., bds ns Jersey b 6th and 7th
Cashman, Matthew, lab., 263 Main
Cashman, Thos., ns York b 7th and 8th
Cass, John, lab., 240 Hampshire
Cass, Jno., 36 Maiden Lane
Cass, Michael, lab., ss Hampshire b 10th and 11th
Casey, John, ns York b 7th and 8th
Cassidy, Edward, blk smith, 32 6th hnec Broadway and 7th
Castle, Edward G., physician, 46 5th
Cather, Benjamin R., post-office clk., bds Fartners' House
Cather, Mrs. S., proprietor Farmers' House, 19 5th
Cather, W. H., Attorney and County Judge, office Court House, h 159 Hampshire
Catlin, Chas. F., bk 163 Hampshire
Catlin,Isaac, 163 Hampshire 2d story
Cavendish, Mrs. Church Home
Cavendish, Henry J., 88 York
Center School, D H Pugh, principal sec Main and 6th
Center Mills, Wm. Caldwell, pro. ,sec Front and Jersey
Chamberlain, Allen, ns Vine b 5th and 6th
Channon, Wm., lab., ws Third b Ohio and Payson Av
Chapin, Henry, bar k., Broadway Hotel
Chapin, L., Proprietor Broadway Hotel, sec Front and Broadway
Charles, Edward, clk., nec Broadway and 5th
Charles, Edward, printer, nec 5th and Broadway
Charles, C. H., teller, Quincy Savings and Insurance Company, h n e c Broadway and 8th
Chatten, B. I., county surveyor, office Court House h s s Main b
Cherry, James, eng., s w c Ohio and 7th
Childers, D. H., carriage smith, s e c Vermont and 6th h s w c Vermont and 5th
Childers, Mrs. E., millinery, s w c 5th and Vermont
Choling, Ellen, 253 Main
Chron, Samuel, 42 7th
Church, C. B., grocer, 39 5th h 51 Jersey
Church Home, Anna Bartlett Matron, 23 3d
Church, Samuel P., real estate agent, 53 Jersey
City Brewery, Dick Brothers, pro. s e c York and 9th
City Foundry. Brown Dimock & Co. Proprietors 3 and 4 Front
City Mills, Sullivan & Co., Proprietors, n w c Delaware and Front
Clake, Henry, tailor, s w c Payson Av and 6th
Clark, _____, w s 12th b Broadway and Vermont
Clark, Mrs. ______ al b Broadway and Spring and 6th and 7th
Clark, A. J., acting cashier, Bank of Quincy bds Barnes Hotel
Clark, Andrew, al b Spring and Oak and 4th and 5th
Clark, Mrs. C., 71 6th
Clark, B., 113 Jersey
Clark, Constantine, lab., e s 4th b Washington and Payson Av
Clark, Frank, clk., s s Broadway b 6th and 7th
Clark, James M., carp., w s 3d b Ohio and Payson Av
Clark, Joseph, blksmith, 71 6th
Clark, Mary Ann, servt., Vermont House
Clark, Madison M., teacher, w s 10th b Spring and Oak
Clark, Samuel, 126 S 3d
Clark, T. A., 15 12th
Clark, Wm., e s 3d b Payson Av. and Ohio
Clayton, Windsor, carp. 73 7th
Cleaveland, Mrs. Catharine, 166 Hampshire
Cleaveland, Henry, b k n s Main b 12th and 13th
Cleaveland, Jacob (Magahey & Co.) h 5 Front
Cleaveland, John R., P.O. clerk, 166 Hampshire
Clemens, John, 37 Hampshire
Clemme, John, brk. mason, n s State b 8th and 9th
Clemme, Henry, carp., s w c State and 9th
Clifford, Charles H., 172 Main
Clifford, Miss L.B., teacher, Quincy College bds s s Main b 6th and 7th
Clokle, Henry, s w c Payson Av and 6th
Closterman, Henry, mach., h 73 4th
Clowes, Gertrude, 33 4th
Coakly, Mary, 140 Main
Coats, Robt. P., n s Broadway b 7th and 8th
Coats, Mrs. Sarah, principal, female department Franklin School h n s Broadway b 8th and 9th
Cock, John H., pattern mkr., 80 3d
Coder, Lewis B., n w c Chestnut and 12th
Coens, Peter, carp., 170 Vermont
Cofield, Joseph B., 165 Main
Coger, Cynthia, 59 3d
Cohen, Simeon P., 90 Vermont
Colburn, Walter, bk Quincy & Palmyra R. R. h n e c Hampshire and 12th
Coles, Albert B., w s 3d Ohio and State
Coles, Robert, w s 3d b Ohio and State
Collins, Margaret, ws Sixth b Vermont and Hampshire
Collins, Martin, rear 105 7th
Collins, Frederick, s e c Main and 18th
Colp, John, lab., 62 5th
Combes, Geo., cooper, bds 96 4th
Comer, S. C, attorney, bds 157 Hampshire
Comstock, Allen (C. & Co. ) 49 York
Comstock & Co. (Allen & E.C.) stoves and tin ware, 37 5th
Comstock, Enoch, ( C. & Co. ) 52 Jersey
Conly, Mary, w s 11th b Broadway and Vermont
Connary, Thomas, lab., n w c Spring and 7th
Conyers, Enoch G., carp., bds 21 Ohio
Conyers, John, b s 21 Ohio
Cooal, Mrs. _____ , w s 10th b Main and Hampshire
Cook, Casper H., 59 Kentucky
Cook, Charles, cooper, 209 Jersey
Cook, Frederick, tobacco and cigars, 57 Hampshire
Cook, John. cooper, 207 Jersey
Cooley, Mrs. Laura, 67 N 5th
Cooley, Wells, 40 N 5th
Coonrad, Jas., moulder, 80 York
Cooper, Wm. E., carriage mkr, 86 Jersey
Cope, Davsey, 19 6th
Coppersmith, Frances, 47 Maiden Lane
Cormack, Jasper, bds s s Maiden Lane b 4th and 5th
Cormack, Joel W., machinist, s s Maiden Lane b 4th and 5th
Corrill, John W ( Benneson & Co. ) 17 State
Corwin, Catharine, 43 7th
Coslow, Michael, lab., w s 2d b Vermont and Hampshire
Cosson, Margaret, 62 Jersey
Costloo, Michael, bds 77 Main
Cottel, Orville, carriage mkr, 77 5th
Couchman, Amos A., n s Maiden Lane b 3d and 4th
Couchman, Mrs. Elizabeth, ns Maiden Lane b 3d and 4th
Couchman, Melgur, clk., s s Maiden Lane b 3d and 4th
Couchman, Wm. H., n s Maiden Lane b 3d and 4th
Couder, Danl., 10 S 4th
Cox, N., bds Virginia House
Cox, John C., Sec. and Treas., Quincy and Chicago R. R. h 12th north end of City
Cox, Wm., bk. layer, 107 Washington
Coyle, A. (C. & Potter,) bds Virginia House
Coyle, Anthony, lab., 84 Kentucky
Coyle, Jno., 23 N. 7th
Coyle & Potter ( A.C. & R.P.) Manufacturers and Wholesale and Retail Dealers in Patent Medicines, n e c 4th and Hampshire, 2d Story
Craig, Wm., n w c Spring and Oliver
Cramer, Charles, ( C.C. & Co.) 219 Main
Cramer, Charles & Co., ( C.C. & H. Leifhelm,) liquor rectifiers, 38 Front
Cramer, Henry, n w c Vermont and 13th
Cramer, Henry F. (Cathmann & C.) e s 8th b Hampshire and Main
Cramer, John, 219 Main
Cramer, Martin, 12 State
Craw ,Miss Clara E., teacher, Quincy College
Creiner, Adam, wagon mkr., n s Main b 9th and 10th
Crescent City Saloon j. Renfro, Proprietor, 42 Front
Croake, Jas., n w c 12th and Main
Crockett & Jones, (John C. & J.E.J.) proprietors Farmers Mills, 29 4th
Crockett, John, ( C. & Jones) 78 Main
Croker, George, n w c State and 4th
Croker, Geo., lab., 36 State
Cromwell, R., 70 3d
Cross, Thomas J., w s 9th b Broadway and Vermont
Crow, Wm., n s Vine b 5th and 6th
Crow, Wm., lab., w s 2d b Vermont and Hampshire
Crow, Thomas, teamster, w s 2d b Vermont and Hampshire
Crum, O., Milk Depot, and Boat Store, 23 Front
Cruttenden, J. Smith, miller, bds Broadway Hotel
Curl, John B., 71 Hampshire
Curran, Patrick, lab., 120 Jersey
Cushing, John, clk., 39 5th
Curry, Patrick, porter, Barnes Hotel
Curry, Patrick, 40 N. 5th

©2006 Transcribed for Genealogy Trails by Donna Walton