Eagle, Mills, Wheeler, Osborne & Co. pro's n w c Front and Broadway
Easton, Joseph, moulder, e s 3d b Broadway and Spring
Eberhard, August. butcher, e s 10th b Main and Hampshire
Deberhardt, Adolph., cab. mkr., 248 Main
Eberhardt, August, butcher, e s 10th by Main and Hampshire
Eberhardt, C., shoemkr, 177 Hampshire h e s 10th b Main and Hampshire
Eber, Wm., clk., 123 Hampshire
Ebers, Charles, tailor, e s 5th b York and Jersey
Ebers, Henry, lab., 46 9th
Ebert, Jacob, stone cutter, 195 Washington
Ebing, Evrett, 252 Hampshire
Echkamp, Peter, s s State b 9th and 10th
Echlin, Robt. carp., al b Spring and Oak and 5th and 6th
Eckert, Andrew, 256 Main
Eckhert, Paul, gunsmith, 53 7th
Eckmeier, Wm., 25 Monroe
Edmondson, M., propr. American Union House, 17 4th
Egard, Adam, carp., 120 York
Egbers, Bernard, tailor, 142 Hampshire
Egerhart, ------, 8 3d
Egert, Heinrich, lab., 105 Ohio
Eggert, Frank, lab., 9 S 8th
Ehmann, Ernst, phys., 135 Main, 2d story
Ehrgott, Godfrey, 127 Main, 2d story
Eickmeier, Hermann, cooper, bds 154 State
Eief, John, lab., s s Hampshire b 11th and 12th
Eif, Bernard, plasterer, 300 Hampshire
Eif, John, lab., 300 Hampshire
Eineke, Hy., carp., a w c Payson Av and 9th
Einhaus, Jerad, clk., Bds 208 Main, upstairs
Einhaus, Hermann, shoemkr., 92 Hampshire
Einsan, Wm., 274 Hampshire
Eising, John B., n s Broadway e of 20th
Elbrecht, James, cab., Mkr. 91 Kentucky
Elbrecht, Joseph, forman, Jansen & Smith, h n e c Kentucky and 7th
Elfers, Anna E., 107 Ohio
Elfers John H., marble cutter, 107 Ohio
Elfers, Jacob, gas fitter, 107 Ohio
Ellebrok, Peter, 85 Payson Av.
Ellerbrock, Fred., n s Monroe b 8th and 9th
Ellermann, Caspar, lab. 155 Washington
Ellermann, Gottlieb, 87 S 7th
Ellermann, Wm., 149 Washington
Elliott, Rev. Emmor, bds Quincy College
Elliott, Wm. S., agt. For Wheeler & Wilson's sewing machines, 114 Main, h 97 Broadway
Ellis, Bernard, 292 Hampshire
Eltner, August, shoemkr., 98 Washington
Emery, Barney, lab., w s 10th b Oak and Vine
Emery, John P., boots and shores, 138 Hampshire
Emery, Rev. Samuel H., s e c 8th and Spring
Emery, W. H., engineer, bds Quincy House
Emrich, Peter, bds 180 Main
Enderli, Henry, ( E. & Fredewest,) bds 72 4th
Enderli& Fredewest, (Henry E. & Wm. F.) painters, 72 4th in rear
Engeser, August, lab., b Kentucky and State and 6th and 7th
Enghaeiser, Wilhelm, s s Linn b 9th and 10th
Engle Eli, n w c Spring and Oliver
Enlow, Lewis S., 15 6th
Ennis, Jos. ( E. & Sides,) h 75 Main
Ennis & Sides (Joseph D. & P. R. S.) Boarding, Feed and Sale Stable, 73 Main
Epping, Jno., Cooper, al b Oak and Spring and 5th and 6th
Erb, Jos., Tinner, bds Mrs Schlag's
Erends, August, lab., 146 Kentucky
Erkahrt, Jane, servt., 84 Broadway
Erner, G. B., boots and shoes, 102 ½ Hampshire, h 200 Hampshire
Ernst, Christian, saloon, 127 Main
Ernst, Jerard, e s 12th b Main and Hampshire
Ernst, Gertrude, al b Oak and Spring and 5th and 6th
Ernst, Martin. n s State b 4th and 5th
Erskine, James P., Land Agent, 17th h s w c Broadway and Spring
Ertel, Bernard, cooper, 122 5th
Ertman, Valentine, 122 5th
Ertman, Martin, carp., 160 Ohio
Esterley, John, carp. 98 5th
Eubank, Wm. Farmer, b Vermont and Broadway and 12th and 13th
Eull, Rev. John M., A.M. prof. Quincy College, h e s 6th n of Cherry
Euscher, John, lab., 8 S. 8th
Evans, Aurelia, 137 Main, 2d story
Evatt, Graville, clk., Bds 84 York
Evatt, Wm., 84 York
Everett, Edward, w s 12th b Vine and Linn
Everett, Samuel W., phys., 193 Main
Evers, Mary G., 247 Hampshire
Evert, Wm., lab., 137 Washington
Everton, Eleanor, 104 Washington
Ewbank, James T., wood dealer, 117 Vermont
Ewing, Hy., 262 Hampshire
Ewing, Mrs. Mary, 56 Vermont
Excelaior Gallery, Mrs. W. A. Reed, propr. 103 Hampshire, upstairs
Express Co. (United States) I. A. Lewis, agt. 107 Main
Express Co. (American), Theo. T. Dwight, agt. 100 Main

©2006 Transcribed for Genealogy Trails by Donna Walton