Faas, Anton, teamster, 102 6th
Fagemann, Jos., 271 Hampshire
Fairlie, John, bk binder, 7 Spring
Fakescank, Anna, servt., 44 Kentucky
Fales, Miss Mary, teacher, basement Congregational Church, n w c 5th and Jersey, bds Quincy House
Falke, Mary, 245 Hampshire
Fancis, Edwin S., bds al b State and Ohio and 4th and 5th
Fankenhoff, Anthony, 125 Broadway
Farber, Jacob, cooper, n s Kentucky b 4th and 5th
Farber, Margaret, servt., 14th
Farley, James, lab., s s Ohio b 3d and 4th
Farley, John, 167 Spring
Farley, Michael, lab., w s 12th b Main and Hampshire
Farley, Thos., n s Elm b 10th and 11th
Farmers & Drovers' House, J. Ballard, propr. n s Hampshire b 6th and 7th
Farmers' Home. L. Fries, Proprietor, 121 Hamsphire
Farmers' House, Mrs. S. Cather, propr. 19 5th
Farrell, Jno., lab., e s 7th b Oak and Vine
Farrell, John, lab., h e s 4th b Payson Av. and Washington
Farrell, Michael J., carp., 252 Main
Farwerk, Joseph, 70 N 5th
Fasthoff, Henry, Brick Yard, s w c 4th and Washington, Soap and Candle Factory, Payson Av. b Delaware and 3d, res w s 4th b Payson Av. and Washington
Feast, L., florist, bds n w c 9th and Broadway
Fechter, John, tailor, h 103 5th
Fee, Andrew, carp., e s 8th b Main and Jersey
Feigenspan, Mary, servt., 141 State
Feld, Jos., Dray, 83 6th
Feld, Wm., lab., s s Madison b 8th and 9th
Feldkamp, Hermann, harness mkr., 211 Main
Feldkamp, John, mer. tailor, 211 Main
Feldmayer, Henry, lab., 101 7th
Fell, Michael, tobacconist, bds n s Main b 8th and 9th
Fell, Nicholas, shomkr., Bds 138 Hampshire
Fellow,s Israel, carp., w s 12th b Main and Jersey
Felton & Potter, (Jacob F. & John P.) wooden ware manuf. e s Front b Delaware and Ohio
Felt, Fritz, lab., 114 Ohio
Fendrich, Hermann, cooper, bds W. H. Marsh's
Fendrich, Michael, lab., 110 Kentucky
Fenkhaus, Fred., 110 S 8th
Fenton, Geo., Engineer, bds s w c Maiden Lane and 3d
Fenton, Geo., engineer, bds 21 Ohio
Ferguson, Catharine, servt., 72 Jersey
Fersuson, Jesse, s s Oak b 5th and 6th
Fete, Louis, 78 N 5th
Field, John, 111 Vermont
Fierhallar, Henry, 56 ½ 3d
Filtz, Leonhart, lab., bds Stadt Dresden
Finegan, Pat., Blksmith, w s 3d b York and Kentucky
Finke, John F., n s Elm b 10th and 11th
Finkenhefer, Caspar, lab., s w c Jersey and 12th
Finley, J. P. Freight Agent Quincy & Chicago R. R. Depot, bds Barnes Hotel
Finley, M. B. (Powers & F.) 55 York
Finnagan, Jas., s s Jefferson b 7th and 8th
Finnagan, Michael, lab., s s Ohio b 3d and 4th
Fisher, Mrs B., milliner, 42 4th
Fisher, Henry, baker, n e c Broadway and 4th
Fisher, James, dry goods and groceries, 35 4th, h w s 4th b York and Jersey
Fisher, J., millinery, 42 4th
Fisher, John, carp., 37 7th
Fisher, John, s s Washington b 6th and 7th
Fisher, James, w s 4th b Jersey and York
Fisher, J. S., supt. Quincy & Toledo R. R., bds Barnes Hotel
Fisher, Walburg, 48 5th
Fisk, Wm. H., b. k. 125 Spring
Fisk, Wm. P., b.k. 125 Spring
Fitzgerald, John, lab., s s Jersey b 11th and 12th
Fitzgerald, Mary, servt., 33 Hampshire
Fitzgerald, Michael, lab., Walnut al
Fitzgerald, Thomas, lab., s w c Kentucky and 7th
Fitchner, John, confectioner, 150 Hampshire bds Farmers' House
Fitzpatrick, Dr. J. Proprietor Pennsylvania House, n s Hampshire b 5th and 6th
Fitzpatrick, Jas., lab., 107 7th
Flachs, Ferdinand, ( F., Jansen & Co.) 15 N 8th
Flachs F. & Co. ( F.F. & A. Sommer) Drugs, & 120 Main
Flachs, Jansen & Co. ( F.F., F. W. J. & Danl. Stahl) Bankers s e c Main and 5th
Flack, John, 12 3d
Flagg & Savage ( N.F., Chas. A. S. & I. O. Woodruff) Bankers, s w c Main and 5th
Flagg, Newton, ( F. & Savage) n e c Main and 13th
Fleear, Henry, lab., 97 Payson Av
Fleear, Wm., lab., 97 Payson Av
Fleer, Christian, lab., 99 Jefferson
Fleer, Wm., cooper, bds 154 State
Fleming, Mrs M., dress mkr., 124 Main
Fletcher, Bailey, N 180 Broadway
Fletcher, John T., furniture manuf., s e c Jefferson and 5th, h s e c Kentucky and 2d
Fletcher, Jesse, 207 Vermont
Fletcher, Leroy, painter, 4 N 7th
Fletcher, Orrin J., 4 N 7th
Flibbe, Fre., lab., 47 Ohio
Floyd, Chas., bds Barnes Hotel
Floyd Wm. H. & Co. ( Wm H. F. & J. C. Porter) Produce and Groceries, n w c Hampshire and 6th
Floyd Wm H. ( Wm. H. F. & Co. ) bds Barnes Hotel
Flyg, Belthes, tailor, bds Irving House
Fogle, Louis, teamster, 17 S 6th
Foks, Michael, lab., n w c York and 7th
Foley, Catharine, 31 Maiden Lane
Foley, John, blksmith, n s York b 7th and 8th
Foley, James, clk., Bds Quincy House
Foley, Mrs. _____ , servt., Pennsylvanis House
Foley, Thomas H., gas fitter, 60 6th, h 239 Main
Follum, Martin, bds 69 Main
Fondom, Jasper, 98 Kentucky
Foot Wm., s s Oak b 9th and 10th
Foot Wm., barber, 45 4th
Forbes, Maria E., w s 6th b Washington and Jefferson
Foreman, John, lab., 60 S 8th
Fork, Henry, w s 5th b Chestnut and Cherry
Forrester, Levi A., watchman, 112 Vermont
Forsyth, Mrs. Eliza, 100 Vermont
Forsyth, Mary, 100 Vermont
Fortkamp, Hermann, lab., 96 6th
Forzenk, Henry, lab., 267 Hampshire
Foss, Geo. W. ,civil engineer, 101 3d
Foss, R. H., ticket agent Quincy & Toledo R. R., bds 344 Main
Foss, Roderick, tel. operator, bds 344 Main
Foste,r Aaron, carp., n s State b 4th and 5th
Foster Ralph H. Pork Packer, s s Hampshire b 2d and 3d, res Hartford, Conn.
Fougen, Alber C. ( E. Fougen& Co.) 116 Hampshire
Fougen, E. & Co. ( E.F., H. G. F., & Albert C.F.) Importers Liquors and Cigars, 116 Hampshire
Fougen, Edward (E.F. & Co.) 116 Hampshire
Fougen, Honore G. (E. Fougen & Co) h 116 Hampshire
Fougen, Pauline, clk., 116 Hampshire
Four, Hannah, 42 4th 2d story
Fourquet, Henry, saloon, 55 Hampshire
Fox, Alice, e s 8th b Jersey and York
Fox ,Abel, w s 8th b Oak and Spring
Fox, Abel, s w c Spring 20th
Fox, Jacob, 19 Madison
Fragamann, Henry, 123 Broadway
Fragamann, Herman ,172 Vermont
Francis, Bernard, clk., Bds e s 8th b Main and Hampshire
Francis Thos., carp., al b 4th and 5th and State and Ohio
Francis Thos. W. ,shoe mkr, al b Ohio and State and 4th and 5th
Francis, Thomas W., Sexton Congregational Church, h al b Ohio and State and 4th and 5th
Francis, Wm. W., book-keeper, h n s Ohio b 4th and 5th
Franklin School e s 5th b York and Kentucky
Franklin Printing House, Geiger & Miller, Proprietors, 125 Hampshire 3d story
Frankenhoff, Barnett, 129 Broadway
Frank, Charles, baker, 66 Main
Frank, Wm., 28 Vermont
Frasier, Jno., Steward, Quincy House
Frasier, John, 62 7th
Franzen, John, tailor, e s 11th b Broadway and Spring
Fricker, John E., bar. k., e s Front b Broadway and Spring
Friedhoff, Balz, lab., s w c Jersey and 12th
Friedhoff, Conrad, clk., s e c Jersey and 12th
Friedlander, Wm., watch mkr., n s Hampshire b 3d and 4th
Friedman, Edward, (M. & E. F. ) bds Barnes Hotel
Friedman, M. & E., tobacco and cigars, 115 Hampshire
Friedman, Max. (M. & E. F. ) bds Quincy House
Friese, Joseph, n s Oak e of 18th
Fries, Adam, stone mason, 101 7th
Fries, Ludwig, Proprietor Farmers' House, 121 Hampshire
Freiburg, Henry, shoe mkr., bds 200 Hampshire
Fredewest, Hermann, cook, 55 Hampshire
Fredewest, Wm. (Enderli & F.) 72 4th
Freeborn, John, runner Barnes' Hotel
Freise, F. Wm., s s Ohio b 3d and 4th
Frelich, Henry, tailor, 28 Vermont
Freund, Frank, cooper, n s Maiden Lane b 4th and 5th
Freund, Frank, brk mason, 49 Maiden Lane
Fromharz, Wm., shoemkr., 80 Hampshire 2d story bds e s 5th b York and Jersey
Fuchs, Anthony, teamster, n s Ohio b 6th and 7th
Fuchs, Catharine, 87 State
Fuchs, John, mill right, n s Ohio b 6th and 7th
Fugate, James L. ( F. & Perkins) bds Virginia House
Fugate Y Perkins ( Jas. L. F. & Geo. H. P.) Proprietors Quincy Bag Manufactory, 125 Hamshire, 3d store
Fuhr, Julia, n s Spring b 5th and 6th
Fuhrmann, Frederick, brewer, City Brewery
Funkhaus, Mina, s s State b 9th and 10th
Fulbrach, Chas., Teamster, 36 S 6th
Fuldner, Louis, turner, 256 Main
Fulner, Danl, 79 5th
Fulton, John, clk., bds 37 3d
Funk, Jno. H., tailor, 172 Broadway
Funess, James E., land dealer, s w c Main and 13th

©2006 Transcribed for Genealogy Trails by Donna Walton