Gabbe, Heinrich, lab., n s Ohio b 7th and 8th
Gaffney Jas., lab., Walnut al
Gage, Wm. H., Watches and Jewlery, 114 Main, h 218 Main
Gallagher, John, lab., w s 8th b Main and Jersey
Galbreath, Margaret, wagon manuf., s w c 12th and Broadway, h w s 12th b Broadway and Vermont
Gallivan, Michael, 134 Jersey
Gallop, Oliver, baker, bds s w c Main and 3d
Gannon, John H., marble dealer, res. East Quincy
Gansen, Rudolf, tailor, n e c 11th and Hamphire
Garbrant, Henry, lab., s s Jefferson b 6th and 7th
Gardner, David, carp. 67 Kentucky
Gardner, Henry J. ( G. and White), s s Vine b 6th and 7th
Gardner & Robertson ( Robt. W. G. & Jno. R.) Proprietors Union Machine Works, 63, 65 & 67 5th
Garmer, Bernard, carp., bds G. Vocker's
Garstman, H. H., watch mkr., 44 State
Gary, Wm., 211 Vermont
Gasser, Wm., cooper, bds 97 3d
Gassor, Geo., butcher, n s Oak b 4th and 5th
Gassor, Wm., lab., n s Oak b 4th and 5th
Gatchell, Alfred., China, Glass and Queensware, 114 Main
Gatchell, Alfred., W s 8th b Oak and Vine
Gaushell, Francis, foreman, 85 Hampshire, h 78 Broadway
Gaushell, Mrs. N. S., dress mkr., 78 Broadway
Gaus, Grederick, lab., 144 Ohio
Gebel, Lizzie, 3 4th
Geber, Sebastian, e s 3d b Ohio and State
Geiger E. M. (G. & Miller,) n s Chestnut b 5th and 6th
Geiger & Miller (E.M.G. & W.A.M.) Book and Job Printers, Franklin Printing House, 125 Hampshire 3 d story
Geise, Heinrich A., n w c Spring and 12th
Georgens, George J., shoemkr., 135 State
Gerig, Casimir, porter, 165 Jersey
Gering, Valentine, lab. 110 Ohio
Germann, Phillipp, boots and shoes, 243 Main
German, Savings and Insurance Company, not organized
Gerry, Oliver, brick moulder, 28 Maiden Lane
Gers, Henry, s s Vermont b 11th and 12th
Gers, Hermann B., 73 Jersey
Gestenberg, August, 115 5th
Geyer, Jerard, stone mason 22 10th
Gibbs, Mary, 119 Vermont
Giddings, Frederick S., atty., 120 Hampshire 2d story, h n w c Kentucky and 12th
Gidionsen, Reinhold, s s Elm e of 18th
Giese, --------, w s 11th b Hampshire and Vermont
Giers, Henry, 194 Vermont
Giffey, Frederick, shoemkr., e s 6th b York and Kentucky
Gigel, Nicholas, dry goods and groceries, n e c State and 7th
Gihrs, Bernard, lab., 94 6th
Gilbers, Henry, n s Vine b 9th and 10th
Gill, Jno., n s Oak e of 18th
Gill, Robert, 7 Hampshire
Gille, John C., lab., 158 Payson Av
Gillis, Saml., lab., 105 5th
Gilpin & Rowland. (J.B.G. & J.G.R.) Land Dealers, No 1 Flach's Building, s e c Main and 5th
Gilpin, Joseph B. ( G. & Rowland) n w c Broadway and 9th
Gilpin, Wm. G., florist, N 12th bds n w c Broadway and 9th
Gimblet, John, butcher, bds 264 Main
Girstmann, Hermann, watch mkr, 44 State
Gise, Bernard W., n s Broadway e of 20th
Glaber, Nora, servt., n s Broadway b 6th and 7th
Gladfield, _______ ,w s 10th b Spring and Oak
Glor, Balzer, 4 Monroe
Glass & Duker, (Simon G. & John H. D. ) dry goods, groceries, and saloon, n e c Main and 8th
Gleser, Henry, blksmith, 297 Hampshire
Glass, Simon, (G. & Duker,) 37 7th
Glatfeldt, Dora, 10 8th
Godfrey, Eugene, W 61 Jersey
Godfrey, Silas, bds 120 Vermont
Golden, Harrison, bar k., 25 Front
Godfrey, Oyrus, Land Dealer, 106 Main, bds 120 Vermont
Godberg & Rosenberg ( S. H. G. & M. R. ) Dry Goods and Wholesale Millinery, 24 4th
Goldberg, Simon H. ( G. & Rosenbert) bds Quincy House
Goldgart Alpiner & Co. ( Geo. G., M. A. & W. Heimerling,) hair and bristles, 254 Main
Goldgart, Geo. ( G., Alpiner & Co.) 254 Main
Golm, Louis, dry goods and groceries, 194 Main, h 192 Main
Goodapple, Geo., blksmith, 115 State, h 1 S 7th
Goodapple, Henry, 88 State
Goodapple, Madeline, 88 State
Goodbread, Geo., lab., 43 Ohio
Goodell, H. C., 55 Vermont
Gooden, Saml., upholsterer, 28 N 7th
Goodenow, Mary E., n s Kentuckey b 2d and 3d
Goodin, Saml., upholsterer, e s 7th b Spring and Oak
Goodman, Dyer, n s Ohio b 9th and 10th
Goodpasture, H., dry goods and groceries, 69 Hampshire
Goodrich, Robt. E., conductor, Quincy & Chicago R. R. bds Quincey House
Goodwin & Davis (P.A.G. & H. S. D. ) Attorneys, 39 ½ 5th
Goodwin, Miss L., milliner, h 47 4th
Goodwin, Philo A., marble works, 32 State, h 23 State
Goodwin, P. A. ( G. & Davis,) s w c State and 3d
Goodwyn, Thos. W., gunsmith, 91 Main h 47 4th
Gordon, Bryan, saloon, 48 7th
Gordon, Miss Mary, teacher, Quincy High School, bds 118 Broadway
Goser, Geo., n s Oak b 4th and 5th
Gosizring, Hermann H., 97 Kentucky
Gottesleben, Peter, teacher, German Catholic School, bds 116 Hampshire
Gottreu, Hermann, cooper, w s 5th b Oak and Spring
Gould & Alen (Myron G. & D.P.A.) Proprietors Quincy Planing Mils, e s 5th b State and Ohio
Gould, Myron, (G. & Allen) n e c Chestnut and 4th
Gove, Elijah, Pres't Quincy Savings and Insurance Co., h s e c 8th and Broadway
Grace, Wm., lab., 37 S 4th
Graham, Abram, 34 Maiden Lane
Graham, Jas., carp., rear Benneson's lumber yard, h n s York b 4th and 5th
Granacher, Theodore, n e c Kentucky and 8th
Granger, G. L (Buel, Hill, G. & Co. ) res Chicago
Grant, Jas., 34 Broadway
Grant, Boswell D., Master Mechanic, Quincy & Chicago R.R. h 49 5th
Grant, Richard, lab., w s 9th b Broadway and Vermont
Grass, Ann, 136 Hampshire 2d story
Graves, H. L. ( Sawyer & G) 92 Broadway
Graves, J. O., b. k., 91 Broadway
Gravell, Jos. O., engineer, w s 6th b Oak and Vine
Gray, Geo., shoemkr., bds Hess House
Gray, Jas., s s Chestnut b 9th and 10th
Gray, John, shoemkr, bds Mr. Miller's
Greenleaf, M. T., Foundry and Machine Works, 10 N Front, h 47 Vermont
Greenlee, Henry, lab., n s Maiden Lane b 5th and 6th
Greeman, Henry, stone cutter, 146 Ohio
Green, Amos, Lumber Merchant, n w c Main and 6th, h n w c Spring and 8th
Green, Eliza, 126 Broadway
Green, Ephraim S., land dealer, 106 Main, up stairs, h s s Jefferson e of 12th
Green, Jno., lab., 151 Kentucky
Green, Wm., bds Mrs. Campbell's
Greenwood, Jno., lab., 37 S 4th
Gregory, Jno., painter, e s 2d b Olive and Elm
Gregory, Thos., painter, s s Oak b 6th and 7th
Gressmeyer, Michael, 86 6th
Greulich, Adam, cooper, h s e c York and Jersey
Griese, John, clk., B. Lubbe's
Griesheiser, Stephen, plasterer, n s Madison b 6th and 7th
Grimm, Geo., 43 State
Grimm, Hy. (Thies & Co.) 120 York
Grimm, Martin, millwright, 12 S 4th
Grimshaw, Jackson, ( Williams, G. & Williams) bds Barnes' Hotel
Griner, Nicholas, 54 9th
Groff, P., 275 Hampshire
Grone & Durholt, (C.H.G. & H.D.) soda water manufs 101 7th
Grone, Caspar H. ( G. & Durholt) 101 7th
Grosz, Martin, 92 7th
Groting, Henry, carp. 46 9th
Grover, Isaac M. (Wheat & G.) s e c Washington and 4th
Grover, N. ,Dean, 221 Main
Gruebius, Philip, barber, 35 5th, h n s Main b 7th and 8th
Gruneker, Jos., 107 Kentucky
Gruneker, Theodore, 107 Kentucky
Gruter, Hy., s s Monroe b 8th and 9th
Gnuse, Gottlieb, lab., s e c Spring and 11th
Gnuse, Hy., w s 6th b Payson Av. and Washington
Gulker, Fred., 76 N 5th
Gunther, Dr. Julius, (Stahl & G.) 103 Jersey
Gunn, Denis, gardener, 19 S 4th
Gunn, Francis, lab., s s Spring b 3d and 4th
Gunn, John, carp., n s Main b 12th and 13th
Gurn, Mary Ann, 62 Jersey
Gusling, Philip, lab., 99 Jefferson
Guszling, Hy., 146 Washington
Gut, Chas., w s 6th b Ohio and State
Gutendorf, Adam, cooper, al b Kentucky and State and 8th and 9th h s s Kentucky b 8th and 9th
Gutsche, Geo., stone cutter, 144 S 6th

©2006 Transcribed for Genealogy Trails by Donna Walton