Haan, Jacob, 9th b Maine and Hampshire
Haar, Anton V.D., blksmith, s w c Main and 9th
Haas, John, bds 76 5th
Haas, Lambert, lab., 157 Jersey
Hachenbourg, Jno., w s 2d b Vermont and Hampshire
Hackett, Andrew, carp., n s Vermont b 3d and 4th
Haddup, Wm., blksmith, 151 Kentucky
Haffarian, David, w s 9th b Main and Jersey
Hagemann, Louis, lab., 159 Ohio
Hahner, Nicholas, shoemkr., s e c 5th and Kentucky
Hains, John C., carp., bds s e c Broadway and 3d
Haire, Michael, saloon, s e c State and 4th
Haire, Pat., lab., 49 State
Hair, Sylvester, lab., w s 7th b Washington and Jefferson
Halleng, Fred., 26 Monroe
Hallerman, Marry A., servt., 82 Broadway
Haley, Jas., lab., w s 10th b Spring and Oak
Hallstern, Aloes, cab. mkr., 210 Main
Haltung, Gotlieb, blksmith, n e c 7th and Ohio
Hal, Hy., lab., 120 State
Hall, Aaron, 111 3d
Hal,l Aaron, 82 6th
Hall, Aaron C., 87 York
Hall, Culbert, cooper, 187 Main
Hall, Franklin, cooper, n s Main b 7th and 8th
Hall, Jas., 73 Vermont
Hall, John, clk., 103 3d
Hall, Moses, 27 Kentucky
Hale, Sewall, 52 3d
Hall, T., cooper, n s Main b 7th and 8th
Hamilton, Jno., machinist, al b Broadway and Spring and 6th and 7th
Hammer, Henry, tobacconist, 122 Hampshire
Hammill, Jas., 21 10th
Hamming, Mary, 6 5th
Hand, Philip, w s Front n of Elm
Hanke, Ernest, tobacco and cigars, n s Main b 8th and 9th
Hammerschmidt, August, 44 Maiden Lane
Hanna, John, printer, al b Spring and ______ and 5th and 6th
Hanna, John, pressman, Walnut al b 5th and 6th
Hanna, Sarah, al b Spring and Oak and 5th and 6th
Hanon, Jas., carp., 62 7th
Hannufer, J., e s 5th b Chestnut and Cherry
Hanse, Henry, 93 Kentucky
Happekotte, Fred., grocery, 229 Main
Harahn, Michael, 40 N 5th
Harding, Mrs. ____ 157 Vermont
Hardy, Jos. E., clk., S. B. Pike's h n e c Oak and 2d
Hare, Ann, 133 Vermont
Hare, Barney, 259 Hampshire
Hare, Geo. W., artist, e s 11th b Main and Jersey
Hargman, Fritz, lab., s s Madison b 8th and 9th
Harker, Jas., plumber, w s 9th b Broadway and Vermont
Harker, Mrs. Sarah, propr. Quincy Plumbing and Pump Works, h w s 9th b Vermont and Broadway
Harker, Samuel T., plumber ,7 4th
Harmbruck, John, cooper, w s 21 b Vermont and Hampshire
Harmes, Geo., n w c Adams and 9th
Harper, B., boots and shoes, 138 Main
Harrig, August, (H. & Schulte) 40 State
Harrig & Schulte, ( A.H. & A. S. ) Grocery n w c State and 4th
Harris, ------------, 204 Main
Harris, Stephen, barber, bds J. Simon's
Harris, Wm. ,bakery and confectionery, s w c Main and 3d
Harry, Frederick, b.k., 115 Main, bds 144 Hampshire, up stairs
Harsant, Thomas, carp., e s 6th b Washington and Jefferson, h n s Jefferson b 6th and 7th
Hartlean, John, 53 Maiden Lane
Hartlen, Mrs. Mary, 134 York
Hartley, Joseph C., pattern makr., 102 Washington
Hartig, Annie, n s York b 6th and 7th
Hartig, Z. G., peddler, n s York b 6th and 7th
Harman, Bernard H., n s York b 7th and 8th
Harrison, T.E., 4 3d
Hart, Henry, s s Payson Av. b 6th and 7th
Hart, Jno., 60 7th
Hart, Joseph, tobacconist, bds 55 Hampshire
Hart, Wm., 60 7th
Hart, Wm. H., b.k., n s Jersey b 7th and 8th
Hartung, Casper, saloon, 282 Main
Hartung, Fridrich, bar k., 282 Main
Hartung, Frederick, carp., 153 Ohio
Hartung, ______ 18 S 7th
Hartung, Mrs. ______ 258 Main
Harvey, Wm., bds n e c Vermont and 6th
Haskell, N. ,shoemaker., 93 Vermont
Hatleyn, John, n s Maiden Lane b 5th and 6th
Hatshalf, Frederick, 34 7th
Haubrock, Henry, s s Jefferson b 8th and 9th
Haubrock, Henry, tailor, 57 S 7th
Haubrock, Jno. H., s s Jefferson h b 8th and 9th
Haughton, S., bds Broadway Hotel
Hauk, Frank, s w c 8th and Jackson
Haup,t Henry, shoemaker., 103 5th
Hauser Damian Ice, Grain, and salt, s e c Main and Front
Hauser, Damian, Jr., teller Bank of Quincy, h s e c Front and Main
Hautup, Wm., blksmith, 150 Kentucky
Hauworth, Wm. B., Carpenter and Builder, s w c Jersey and 6th h s w 6th b Main and Jersey
Hawkes, Benjamin J., insurance agt. 47 State
Hawkings, Wm,. cooper, bds R. Wood's
Haxel, Mary, 79 5th
Haxe,l Philip, clk., 120 Main, bds w s 5th b Kentucky and York
Hayden, Peter, carp., n s Payson Av. b 6th and 7th
Hayes, Henry, ( H. Woodruff) 66 S 5th
Hayes & Woodruff (Henry H. & Jas. W.) Carriage Manufactory, s e and n e c Jersey and 5th
Hayner, Levi, moulder, 81 York
Haynes, Charles, n s Elm b 9th and 10th
Haynes G. W. & Co. (G. W. H. & Joseph S. Mitchell) agents C.B. & Q.R.R. office 36 Front
Haynes, George W., n s Spring b 2d and 3d
Hays, Nelson, lab., e s 3d b Payson Av. and Ohio
Hayte, Wm. B., moulder, h n s Broadway b 4th and 5th
Hayward, John, machinist, 27 Maiden Lane
Heriber, Wm., main agt. and wood merchant, 216 Hampshire
Head, H., saddles and harness, n e c 6th and Hampshire h 99 Broadway
Head, Patrick, teamster, 112 4th
Head, Richard, lab., 118 5th
Hebbert, Peter, lab., n s Jefferson b 6th and 7th
Heberder, John, cooper, 22 Monroe
Hebling, Hiram, 2 3d
Hechenkamp, Bernard, n w c Kentucky and 9th
Hechenkamp, Henry, cooper 296 Hampshire
Heckman, Casper, carp., 140 Kentucky
Hedges & Hurlbut (Jonah H. & Walter C. H.) Commission and Forwarding Merchants and Steamboat Agents, w s Front b Main and Jersey
Hedges, Joseph, (Hurlbut, Prevost & Co.) 32 Kentucky
Hedges, Joseph, 34 Kentucky
Hedges, Jonah, (H. Hurlbut) h 32 Kentucky
Heffeden, Wm., lab., 250 Main
Heibreder, Hermann, clk., bds 156 State
Heibrock, Frank, tailor, s e c Spring and 11th
Heidbreder, Henry, lab., 74 S 7th
Heideman, Henry, w s 10th b Spring and Oak
Heiderman, Herman H., 144 S 6th
Heidland, August, lab., 10 S 8th
Heil, Henry, lab., n s State b 7th and 8th
Heilmann, Geo., chair makr., n e c 4th and Broadway
Heimbuch, Frederick, saloon, 73 Front
Heimerling, Wolf, (Golgart, Alpiner & Co.) 254 Main
Heinecker, Henry, carp., 177 State
Heine, Anton H. (Hellbake & H.) w s 8th b Hampshire and Main
Heine, Henry (Hellhake & H.) h e s 8th b Main and Hampshire
Heine, John, bds 85 Hampshire
Heinkamp, Konrad, carp., 189 State
Heinekamp, Wm. lab., h 101 Payson Av.
Heinze, Mrs. Catherine, 73 3d
Heirs, Laura M., 84 Jersey
Heirs, Thos., 84 Jersey
Heiser, Leopold, lab., s s Jersey b 11th and 12th
Heitbreder, Henry, teamster, 151 Washington
Heithold, John, s s Monroe b 7th and 8th
Heitkamp, Peter, lab., s e c Broadway and 13th
Heitlage, August, lab., 131 State
Helan, John, 129 York
Heler, Hermann, s s Monroe b 8th and 9th
Helfring, Henry, ( Beker & H.) 108 Kentucky
Helhake, Hermann, cooper, 96 Spring
Hellerman, Mrs. Mary, n s Kentucky b 9th and 10th
Hellerman, Wm., tinner, n s Kentucky b 9th and 10th
Heller, Chas., 130 York
Hellbake & Heine, (Caspar H. & A. H. H.) tobacco and cigars, 102 Hampshire
Hellhake, Henry, tobacconist, 17 N 7th
Hellmer, Adam, barber, 197 Main, 2d story
Hellmer, Adam, barber, 70 Hampshire, h n s Main b 7th and 8th
Hellmer, Henry, barber, 140 Hampshire
Hellmer,, Simon, barber, 140 Hampshire
Hellstern, Aloes, Cabinet makr., h 210 Main
Hellstirn, W., 202 Hampshire
Hellstirn, F., cabinet makr., n e c Main and 9th
Helmbold, John, saloon, n s Broadway b 18 and 19th
Helm, Miss E., principal higher dep. Jefferson School, bds s e c Vermont and 7th
Helm, Henry, bds Broadway Hotel
Helm, Jas., S bds Broadway Hotel
Hemmer, Henry, bds 179 Broadway
Helmsmeier, Mina, s w c Kentucky and 7th
Hempermand, Ernst, 134 Washington
Hemker, Francis, tailor, 196 Hampshire
Hena, Hermann, s s Monroe b 8th and 9th
Henchman, Harry, s e c Vermont and 3d
Henchman, James, s e c Vermont and 3d
Hendrickson, James H., Sheriff, res. at Jail
Hener, Caspar, lab., n w c Madison and 7th
Hener, John H., lab., n w c 7th and Madison
Henke, Ernst, tobacco and cigars, 41 4th, and n s Main b 8th and 9th
Henrich, Francis, dry goods and groceries, s w c 12th and Hampshire
Henry, Louis, bds n s State b 7th and 8th
Hentrich, Chas., 122 Jersey, up stairs
Herbers, Barney, rear 196 Hampshire
Herchenroder, Fred. C., carp., s w c Ohio and 10th
Here, Thos., clk., 51 State
Herig, Wm., shoemkr., rear 261 Main
Hering, Hermann, bds 171 Jersey
Hering, Joseph, s s Linn b 9th and 10th
Herlemann, Wm., wagon manuf., 101 & 104 State, h 99 State
Herlemann, Jacob, teamster, 104 State
Herold, August, blksmith, bds 236 Main
Hermaling, Jno., 23 N 7th
Hermann, David, 70 5th
Hermann, Fred., lab., h 122 State
Hermann, John, lab., 306 Main
Herna, Mrs. Catharine, rear 196 Hampshire
Herrick & Mansau, (Nat. H. & Jos. M.) dray 37 Front
Herrick Nathaniel, ( H. & Manson) 39 Vermont
Herrick, Thos. O., 67 Hampshire
Herrit, Francis, tin and sheet iron, 171 Broadway
Herkert, Ferdinand, steward, Virginia House
Herr, Harry, 214 Hampshire
Hervek, Michael, s s State b 9th and 10th
Herzog, Fred., 34 7th
Herzog, Philip, teamster, s s State b 5th and 6th
Hesselman, Henry, s n Elm b 9th and 10th
Hessert, Bernard, 115 5th
Hess House, H. Hess, proprietor, n s Hampshire b 6th 7th
Hess, Henry, propr. Hess House, 151 Hampshire
Hess, Jonas, cab mkr., 66 Kentucky
Hess, W. C., clk., Hess House
Hetze,l George, Proprietor St. Louis Exchange, 22 Front
Heuer, Elizabeth, n s Spring b 5th and 6th
Heusner, Henry, shoemkr., w s 6th b Oak and Vine
Hewit, Perry, 48 3d
Hicky, Thos., lab., al b Ohio and State and 3d and 4th
Hicks, John B., brick yard, n w c York and 10th and s e c Jersey and 9th, h 319 Main
Hicks, Lizzie M., teacher, bds 319 Main
Hiesling, Wm., 66 N 5th
Higens, Matt., bds P. Muller's
Higgins, Dennis, n e c Spring and 10th
Higgins, David, teamster, s e c Spring and 7th
Higgins, Wm., lab., e s 7th b Oak and Vine
Hightower, Geo., n s Elm b 9th and 10th
Hilbing, Anton, cooper, 24 N 11th
Hilborn, Cyrus W. (Brown, Dimock & Co.) 66 Jersey
Hildebrand, Fred., propr. Fred's Cave, h 86 6th
Hilfrich, Catharine, 116 5th
Hilgenbrink, Henry, plasterer, 61 Kentucky
Hilgenbrink, Jos., carp., h 61 Kentucky
Hill, H. L. ( Buel, H., Granger & Co. ) res Chicago
Hill, Louisa, s s Chestnut b 8th and 9th
Hill, Valentine, plasterer, 98 Payson Av.
Hillman, H., clk., bds n w c Oak and 6th
Himmighoefer, Fred., lab., 97 State
Hinz, Christian, 146 Kentucky
Hinchman, Chas., al b Oak and Spring and 5th and 6th
Hinchman, H. T., printer, 48 Vermont
Hinchman, James R.W. ( H.& Loomis) 48 Vermont
Hinchman & Loomis (J.R.W.H. & John S.L.) Land Agents, s w c Main and 5th upstairs
Hipp, Jos., stone mason, s s Kentucky b 6th and 7th
Hipsley, Edward, blksmith, 140 Washington
Hirsch, Zacharias, grocer, 29 8th
Hirth, Jacob, wagon mkr, 125 State
Hoar, Foarman, w s 6th n of Cherry
Hobrecker, John, engraver, n s York b 4th and 5th
Hobrecker, Theodore, Post Office clk., h s s Kentucky b 4th and 5th
Hodgson, Henry, painter, 96 7th
Hoene, Frank, b.k. 38 Front, bds e s 7th b York and Jersey
Hoering, Leonhard, bds n s Jeersey b 9th and 10th
Hofene, Wm., saloon, 261 Main
Hoffman E.F. (Flachs, Jansen & Co.) h 111 Jersey
Hoffman, Geo., w s 18th b Jersey and York
Hoffman, H.H. Druggist, 88 Hampshire, h n s Jersey b 6th and 7th
Hoffman, Henry, Confectionery, s w c Main and 6th, bds 232 Hampshire
Hoffman, H. H., 91 Jersey
Hoffman, John, lab., 121 Ohio
Hoffman, R. S., bds 232 Hampshire
Hoffman, Wm. B., clk., 38 4th, h s e c 10th and Hampshire
Hoffman, W. B., s w c Hampshire and 10th
Hofmann, Geo., w s 18th b Jersey and York
Hohnadel, Geo., stone cutter, 65 Kentucky
Hokamp, Casper H., 116 S 8th
Hollan, Hugo B., ice, 71 Front
Hollander, Frank, cooper, al b Oak and Spring and 6th and 7th
Hollensteiner, Henry, lab., 191 State
Hollenstein, Henry, tailor, w s 9th b Ohio and Payson Av.
Hollenstein & Pieper, (Wm. H. & Wm. P.) dry goods and groceries, n s Washington b 6th and 7th
Hollenstein, Wm. (H. & Pieper) n s Washington b 6th and 7th
Holmes, Saml., pres. Quincy & Palmyra R. R. ,h 358 Main
Holmes, Stephen S., machinist, bds 60 3d
Holmes, Martin Van B., clk., s s Main e of 13th
Hollowbush, Jacob R Broker, e s 8th b Vermont and Broadway
Holthus, Hermann, carp., n w c State and 7th
Holtman, Henry, e s 11th b Hampshire and Vermont
Holtman, Hermann, lab., w s 9th Madison and Monroe
Holtman, John, Brick Mason, n e c 11th and Hampshire
Holton, John H., Police Magistrate, 34 5th, up stairs, bds 55 Jersey
Holton, Saml., n w c Vine and Oliver
Holzgrefe, Hermann, tailor, 73 S 7th
Homberg, Frank H., horse doctor, 122 Kentucky
Home, Wm. S., carp., bds 82 Kentucky
Hoover, Amelia, 47 Maiden Lane
Hoover, Julia Ann, 12 Maiden Lane
Hoppe, Henry, tailor, 148 Hampshire
Hopper, C.C., supt. Gas Light & Coke Co., bds Quincy House
Hopkins, W. T., 44 Kentucky
Hopp, Louisa, al b Broadway and Spring and 4th and 5th
Hopson, David, 54 6th
Horner, John, cooper, s w c Vermont and 2d
Horn, A. E., conductor, Quincy & Chicago R. R. bds Quincy House
Horst, Jorn, 29 8th
Houghton, Charles C. Insurance and General Agency, s w c Main and 6th, basement, h e s 4th b York and Jersey
Houghton, Silas, ( H. & Wooters) bds Broadway Hotel
Houghton & Wooters, ( Silas H. & E.R.W. ) sash, door and blind factory 5 3d
Hoverton, Edward, grain dealer, Hampshire, h e s 7th b Spring and Broadway
Howard, Chas., teamster, c Ohio and 3d
Howard, Geo., 73 4th
Howard, Goerge G., Clerk, h s s Chestnut b 8th and 9th
Howard, Wm. G., Catholic book store, 140 Main
Howard, Wm., 73 6th
Howe, David E., Painter, 21 5th, h s w c Oak and 8th
Howland, Chas., carp., 56 York
Howland, Nathaniel, bds 60 Vermont
Howland, Rowland G., groceries, 79 Hampshire, h 60 Vermont
Hoyt, Theodore, clk., bds n s Hampshire b 12th and 13th
Huber, Solomon, lab., 84 5th
Huber, Frederick, lab., 129 Ohio
Hubbard, Dr. S., dentist, 48 4th 2d story
Huckaberry, Wm., miller, 15 3d
Huddinghaus, Henry, lab., 155 Ohio
Huddinghaus, Stephen, 157 Ohio
Hufendiecker, Henry, n e c 8th and Adams
Huff, Geo., runner, Broadway Hotel
Huffman, D. K., printer, Herald Office
Huffman, I. G., printer, Herald Office
Huffman, Jno., s s Delaware b Front and 2d
Huffman, Otto, s e c Spring and 4th
Hughes, Arthur, w s 10th b Main and Hampshire
Hulse, Henry, lab., 172 Broadway
Hulsman, Henry, (Basse & H.) 136 Main, upstairs
Hulsman, Henry, lab., 17 S 6th
Humberg, Lute, harness mkr., s s Kentucky b 8th and 9th
Hummett, D., chair mkr., w s 11th b Vermont and Broadway
Hummel, John., cab. mkr., 35 9th
Hummett, John A., brick yard, s w c Chestnut and 5th, h 254 Hampshire
Humphrey, Abner V., billiard and bowling saloon, 110 Main, upstairs, h n s Main b 7th and 8th
Huner, Hermann, teamster, n s State b 8th and 9th
Hunt, George A., Attorney, 120 Hampshire, 2d story, h e s 5th b Spring and Oak
Hurang, Barney, tobacconist, s s York b 5th and 6th
Hurenk, Bernard H., gardener, 100 York
Hurlbut, Prevost & Co. ( R.H.H., A.J.F.P. & Joseph Hedges) Pork Packers, and Provision Dealers, w s Front b Main and Jersey
Hurlbut, Ralph H. (H. , Prevost & Co.) res. Ellington Turnpike
Hurlbut, Walter C. ( Hedges & H.) bds Quincy House
Hurlbut, Wm., engineer, 17 3d
Hurley, John, lab., 34 8th
Hurter, John, lab., 63 Kentucky
Husemann, Casper, e s 8th b Payson Av. and Washington
Husemann, Wm., teamster, s e c Ohio and 8th
Husler, John, cooper, 45 Kentucky
Husmann, Fred. W., 127 Ohio
Husmann, Gerhard, 14 S 8th
Husman, Henry, teamster, 26 S 6th
Hussemann, Jno., s n Monroe b 8th and 9th
Hussong, Franz, keeper Quincy City Poor House, w s 5th s of Woodland Cemetery
Huttenhouse, Henry, sawyer, 155 9th
Hutmacher, Rudolf, clk., 184 Main
Hutton, Henry, engineer, n s Broadway b 4th and 5th
Hutton, Jas., porter, Broadway Hotel
Hutton, John, marble factory, 62 Main, h 85 Jersey
Huver, Henry, stone mason, 57 3d
Huxsool, C. lab., 162 State
Hyman, Phillip, clk., 120 Hampshire

©2006 Transcribed for Genealogy Trails by Donna Walton