Igman, Reuben, carp., e s 11th b Main and Hampshire
Illinois Courier (Daily & Weekly) Geo. Linz, Editor and Proprietor, 208 Main 3d story
Illinois & Miss Telegraph Office. C. F. McIntire, Operator, 4th under Quincy House
Inghram, James, clk., 35 4th, bds 159 Hampshire
Inman, Job, farmer, 63 3d
Inman, Nelson, 68 Main
Ioest, John, 19 3d
Irving House J. M. Balance, pro. 104 Hampshire
Isaacs, Elizabeth, n s Jersey b 10th and 11th
Isenberg, Wm., w s 2d b Vermont and Hampshire
Ives, Aro, 30 Maiden Lane


Jackson, A. G., printer, bds H. S. Martin's
Jackson, Saml., 82 3d
Jacobsmeier, Henry, lab., 22 Monroe
Jacobs, M., clothing, s w c 4th and Hampshire, h 83 Hampshire
Jager, Henry, bds n s State b 7th and 8th
Jamison, David, 89 Jersey
Janneng, Hermann, 13 Adams
Jansen, Frederick, 66 State
Jansen, Frederick W. ( J. & Smith) 102 Jersey
Jansen, F. W. ( Flachs, J. & Co. ) 102 Jersey
Jansen, Frederick, W. 102 Jersey
Jansen, Henry E., dry goods & groceries, 76 S 7th
Jansen, Henry, wagon mkr., bds 234 Hampshire
Jansen, Peter, varnisher, 44 Maiden Lane
Jansen, Richard, Notary, Real Estate and Insurance Agent, n w c Washington and 7th
Jansen & Smith (F.W.J. & P. S. ) Furniture Ware Rooms 36 5th, Manufactory, 95 Jersey
Jacquess, Rev. James, F. A. M. President Quincy College, n s Spring b 3d and 4th
Jacquess, Mrs. Sarah J., preceptress, Quincy College
Jarand, Frederick C., 108 York
Jasper, Francis H., cab. furntinture, 164 Hampshire
Jasper, John H., 232 Main
Jasper, Thomas, distiller, w s Front n of Spring, h 84 Broadway
Jefferson School, Jefferson Square b Broadway and Vermont and 5th and 6th
Jencks, Lemira, 108 Kentucky
Jendro, Cecilia, al b Broadway and Spring and 4th and 5th
Joest, John, stone cutter, 19 3d
Johannes, Anton, 179 Broadway
Johannes, Bernard, 262 Main
Johnson, Alexander, Clerk of County Court, bds Quincy House
Johnson, Mrs. Agnes, 36 State
Johnson, Ham, 224 Vermont
Johnson, John, fireman, 19 S 4th
Johnson, Marshall M., teacher, Quincy Seminary
Johnson, Philip, moulder, bds 100 4th
Johnson, Quincy, carp., 36 State
Johnson, Rev. Marshal M., prof. Quincy College
Johnson, Theodore, clk., bds 92 Broadway
Johnson, Wm. R., b.k. 304 Main
Jokem, Jacob, n e c 22nd and Broadway
Jonas, Abraham, (J. & Asbury) 115 Jersey
Jonas & Asbury (Abraham J. & H. A.) Attorneys, 118 Hampshire
Jonas Edward ( S. & E.J. ) bds 90 Vermont
Jones, J., grocer, 177 Hampshire
Jones, James, e s 2d b Broadway and Vermont
Jones James E (Crockett & J) e s 2d b Vermont and Broadway
Jones, J. P., carp., 36 State
Jones, John, 6 4th
Jones, W. C., Stoves & Tin Ware, 79 Hampshire, h 71 3d
Jones, Wm., moulder, h n s Jefferson b 6th and 7th
Jordan, Wm., 52 9th
Joseph, Casper, flour packer, s w c Spring and 3d
Joseph, M. (J. & Nelke) bds Quincy House
Joseph & Nelke (M.J. & L.N.) Dry Goods, 89 Hampshire
Joseph, Stephen, cooper, s s Oak b 9th and 10th
Joseph, Thomas J., bds 51 6th
Julien, Innocent, n s Main b 11th and 12th
Junker, Mary, w s 8th b Ohio and State

©2006 Transcribed for Genealogy Trails by Donna Walton