Laacke, Jos., 62 7th
Laage & Barnum (Geo. J. L. & Isaac W. B.) Hats, Caps and Furs, 85 Hampshire
Laage, Geo. J. (L. & Barnum) 85 Hampshire
Laage, L. Florence (Nieman & L) 86 Spring
Laay, Thos., lab., 90 Spring
Laber, Martin, cooper, e s 2d b Vermont and Hampshire
Labring, Fritz, miller, c 9th and Spring
Lacken, J. Bernard, lab., 97 Ohio
Ladd Caldwell, ( C. & C.L.) bds Quincy House
Ladd Chauncey, ( C. & C.L.) s s Jersey b 2d and 3d
Ladd C. & C. dry goods, 105 Main
Ladd,Geo. W., clk., 100 Jersey
Ladd Jas. (L. & Martin,) 59 3d
Ladd & Martin (Jas. L. & Geo. W. M. ) barbers 56 4th
Lagemann, Hermann L., dry goods, groceries and provisions, n w c State and 9th
Lahmann, J. Henry, bds 119 York
Lake, Henry, teamster, 259 Main
Lake, Hermann, Family Grocery, s e c 11th and Hampshire
Lakey, Lewis F., carp., 12 4th
Lambert, Ann, s s Spring b 3d and 4th
Lambert, Louis, cooper, 94 4th, h 26 4th
Lambert, Margaret, 253 Hampshire
Lambert, Ruth Ann, 253 Hampshire
Lammars, Henry, teamster, s w c 8th and Kentucky
Lamp,e Henry, lab., 46 S 8th
Lampe, Jno., chair mkr., e s 7th b York and Jersey
Lanahan, Morris, lab., n s Jersey b 8th and 9th
Landfermann, Bernard, tailor, 252 Hampshire
Landwehr, Fred., 95 Jefferson
Landwehr, Geo., 84 6th
Landwehr, Henry, lab., 156 Washington
Landwehr, Louis, 84 6th
Lane, Miss Margaret, dress mkr., 67 Jersey
Lane, M. T., 34 4th, 2d story
Lane, N. T., 27 N. 5th
Lane, P. W., ice dealer, 48 4th
Lane, P. W., 67 Vermont
Lane, Wilson, county treas., 181 Vermont
Lane, Wm., carp., e s 10th b Main and Hampshire, h s s Main b 9th and 10th
Lane, Wm., carp., 242 Main
Lanenberg, Geo. C., carriage trimmer, bds 30 7th
Langdon, P. C. (Buel, Hill, Granger & Co.) bds Barnes' Hotel
Lange, Henry, lab., 159 Payson Av.
Lange, Fred., 220 Hampshire
Lange, Hinrich, lab., s s Payson Av b 7th and 8th
Languth, Geo., turner, 78 7th
Lanneman, Martin, lab., 134 Kentucky
Lansing, Bernard, rear 196 Hampshire
Lansing, Henry, bds 179 Broadway
Lara, Jas., lab., w s Oliver b Spring and Oak
Larkin, Michael, lab., 158 Kentucky
Las, Simon, 169 Jersey
Latham, Robert, 15 State
Laux ,Geo. P., stone cutter, 120 Ohio
Lawler, Philip, w s 9th b Linn and Chestnut
Lawrence, Horace G., teacher, w s 5th b Hampshire and Vermont, 2d story
Lawton, Mrs. Catharine, n s York b 7th and 8th
Laxtermann, Wm., 133 Jersey
Layman, ______ 106 7th
Leach, F. B., phys., 16th 4th
Leach, Wm. H. H, bk. layer, 17 4th
Lebrink, Fred., s s Spring b 9th and 10th
Ledige, Geo., wagon mkr., 26 Monroe
Leebrick, Geo., clk., 70 3d
Lee, Chas., clk., 196 Vermont
Lee, Chas., cooper, e s 11th b Broadway and Vermont
Lee, Chas. N., clk., Quincy House
Lee, Gen. Jas., cooper, 27 Ohio
Lee, John G., cooper, 196 Vermont
Lee, Wm. F., cooper, 169 Broadway, h 166 Broadway
Lee, Wm. G., 196 Vermont
Lehman, H., clk., 29 8th
Lehmann, Jno. H., 119 York
Lehnerts, J. P., bar k., 55 Hampshire
Leirhelm, Henry, (Chas. Cramer & Co.) e s 7th b York and Jersey, h 58 7th
Leisen, Wm. 53 Payson Av.
Lemering, Bernard, lab., 89 Ohio
Lemp, Anton, 57 7th
Lennert, Adam, cab. mkr., 246 Main
Lenox, John A., carriage trimmer, 87 Jersey
Lepper, Lorenz, lab., 87 S 7th
Lerpp, John, lab., 156 Payson Av.
Lesage, John, 65 Hampshire
Lesem ,Isaac, (S. J. Lesem & Bro.) 36 4th, 2d story
Lesem, Isaac, 65 Vermont
Lesem, M., 65 Vermont
Lesem S. J. & Bro (S.P.L. & Isaac L.) Dry Goods and Clothing, 86 4th
Lesem S. J. (S. J. L. & Bro.) 36 4th, 2d story
Lesem, S., clothing, 87 Hampshire, h 14 6th
Leske, Anton, churn manuf., 161 Hampshire, bds B. H. Middendorf's
Lester, Davis, phys., n w c Broadway and 7th
Lester, John W., artist, n w c Broadway and 7th
Lester, Wm. L., n w c Broadway and 7th
Letton, R. E., dealer in music and musical instruments, 89 Hampshire
Letton Theodore P. (L. & Viberts) 134 Spring
Letton & Viberts ( Theodore L. & John V.) painters, 43 6th
Leuere, Christina, servant, n w c Broadway and 6th
Level, A. O., carp., al b Broadway and Spring and 6th and 7th
Leverman, Theresa, 42 7th
Levi, Edward, 86 3d
Levi, Edward, clk., s s 3d b Jersey and York
Levi, Geo., clk., 36 4th, 2nd story
Levi, Henry, e s 8th b Main and Jersey
Levi, Jacob, grocer, 24 Front, h w s 7th b Jersey and York
Lewis, Dr. H. N., dentist, n e c York and 4th
Lewis, I. A., Agent United States Express Co., 107 Main bds Quincy House
Lewis, Mary, 4 8th
Lewis, Mrs. Robert, teacher, c Vine and 5th
Lewison, Louis, w s 8th b Jersey and York
Libbey, Reuben, 75 Main
Lichendahl, Mary K., 226 Main
Leib, Konrad, lab., 69 n 5th
Liesen, Bernard, teamster, 149 Payson Av
Liesen, Henry, lab., 157 Payson Av
Liesen, Wm. lab., 153 Payson Av
Lightfoot, John, 154 Hampshire, 2nd story
Lightfoot, John T., brickmason, 244 Main
Liller, Adam, wagon maker, 106 7th
Liller, Adam, wagon maker, 103 State
Linemann, Joseph, chr. maker, 103 State
Linnen ,Patrick, lab., n w c Spring and 10th
Lingham, Wm., cook, 127 Broadway
Linnenberg, Frederick, cooper, 30 7th
Linneman, Mrs., s e c Vermont and 4th
Lintz, Hermann, 246 Main
Lintz, Wm., brewer, bds s e c York and 7th
Linz, George, pro. Illinois Courier, 208 Main, 3d Story
Litchmuller, Wm., carp., 175 Kentucky
Littlefield & Baughman, (E. L. & Geo. B.) carpenters and builders, s e c York and 4th
Littlefield Eaton, (L. & Baughman,) 37 Kentucky
Little, Edward, n w c Hampshire and 7th
Livingston, Charles S., Groceries and Provisions, s w c 6th and Hampshire
Livingston, C. S., 2 6th
Lock, Henry, teamster, e s 8th b Washington and Jefferson
Lock, Jacob, meat store, 189 Hampshire h w s 13th b Hampshire and Vermont
Lock, Jacob, 289 Hampshire
Lock, John, blacksmith, 289 Hampshire
Lock, Wm., w s 13th b Hampshire and Vermont
Lockwood John D., A.B. teacher, Quincy High School, bds 120 Vermont
Lockwood W. R. (J.C. Bernard & Co.) s e c Vermont and 7th
Logan, Samuel, messenger Quincy & Chicago R. R. Office
Lohmaer, Hermann, cooper, al b Kentucky and State and 8th and 9th, h 154 State
Loman, Herman, s w c Hampshire and 12th
Lomelino, A. G., agt., 110 Main, h 115 Main
Long, David, 168 Vermont
Long, Louis, painter, 185 State
Long, Robert, w s 7th b Broadway and Spring
Lonnemann, Henry, lab., 170 Jersey
Loomis John S. (Hinchman & L.) bds Quincy House
Loose, Jane, 65 n 5th
Loos, Bernard, n s Oak b 10th and 11th
Lopas, Joseph, bricklayer, 19 S. 3d
Loper, Wm. H., cooper, n s Main b 12th and 13th
Lormeier, Ernst, cooper, w s 8th b Madison and Jefferson
Lott, Peter, att'y, 81 Broadway
Lountigan, Jas. lab., 21 N 7th
Low, John, 83 5th
Low,e James, Groceries and Provisions, 71 Hampshire, h 92 Vermont
Lower, Charles P., painter, bds n e c Spring and 10th
Lubbe, Anton J., dry goods and groceries, n w c 8th and Hampshire
Lubbe, Bernard, Dry Goods and Groceries, 5 Front
Lubbe, Edward, bricklayer, 173 Hampshire
Lubbe, Wm., teamster, s s Madison b 8th and 9th
Lubbering, Louis, 111 7th
Luck, J., 80 n 5th
Lucke, Henry, lab., 11 Madison
Lucking, Hermann, 108 Ohio
Luers, Frederick, 148 Kentucky
Lufen, George, lab., 102 6th
Lufer, Charlotte, servant, 51 York
Lugenbel, Joh, lab., 89 5th
Lugering, Bernard, 39 9th
Lukink, Hermann, stone mason, 108 Ohio
Lunden, Peter, carp., e s 8th b Main and Jersey
Lunker, Francis, lab., 112 Kentucky
Lusch, Valentine, lab., 63 Kentucky
Luther, Englebert, tobacco and cigars, s w c State and 9th
Lutkins, Clinton C., Attorney, 100 Hampshire, h 7N. 7th
Luttenberger, Charles, cooper, 58 9th
Lutz, John, weaver, 123 Vermont
Luvering, Henry, 52 9th
Lyman, Joseph, Carpenter Shop, s s Vermont b 7th and 8th, h 122 Vermont
Lynch, Edward, lab., h n s Payson Av b 6th and 7th
Lynds Daniel E. 168 bds n e c Vermont and 3 d

©2006 Transcribed for Genealogy Trails by Donna Walton