McAllister, Jasper, w s 3 d b Spring and Broadway
McBain, Hugh, e s 3d between Vermont and Hampshire
McCabe, Alexander, lab., s s Jersey b 5th and 6th
McCabe, Bernard, lab., n s Washington b 3d and 4th
McCabe, James, lab., 134 York
McClellan, Samuel, tailor, al b Spring and Oak and 2d and 3d
McClintock, John H. 271 Main
McClintock, Samuel, 51 Vermont
McClintock, W. S., teamster, al b Hampshire and Vermont and 6th and 7th
McComb Robert, s s Maiden Lane b 4th and 5th
McCall, Wm. A., e s 5th b Payson Av and Ohio
McCann, Bernard, lab., 25 Ohio
McCann, Wesley D., 364 Main
McCarthy, John, 129 York
McCluskey, James, lab., 26 Ohio
McCormick, Miss C. J., operator excelsior gallery, bds 106 Broadway
McCruden, Jas., lab., al b York and Kentucky and 2d and 3d
McCuen, John, n s Elm b 9th and 10th
McDade, James, s e c Broadway and 6th
McDade, John, n s Market Square
McDade, John, 155 Broadway
McDade, W. W., n s Market Square
McDonald, James, lab., n s York b 7th and 8th
McDonald, Wm. J., tinner, 210 Main
McDougal, Daniel, 23 4th
McFadden, Jno. W., 52 York
McFall, Thomas, 70 Main
McFarland, E., cooper, 11 3d, bds 74 Main
McGuire, Jas., 62 7th
McGuire, Jas., lab., bds w s 8th b York and Kentucky
McGuire, Jas., propr. Oyster Bay Restaurant, s e c Main and 4th, under Quincy House, h e s 7th b York and Jersey
McGuire, John, stone mason, e s 5th b Ohio and Payson Av.
McGuire, Martin, lab., al b Ohio and State and 3d and 4th
McGinnis, John, Jr., President Bank of Quincy, h s w c Washington and 5th
McIntir, Charles F., Operator Illinois & Mississippi Telegraph Office, e s 4th of Main, bds Quincy House
McKnight, John, 93 Kentucky
McKinney, Jno., lab., e s Oliver b Spring and Oak
McKinney, Jno., lab., w s 2d b Vermont and Hampshire
McKerney, Mary, 110 Kentucky
McLaughlan, Jas., teamster, 40 N. 5th
McLaughlan, Jas., lab., s w c 5th and Oak
McLean, Mrs. C. E., millinery and dress making, 75 Hampshire
McLean, John J., 75 Hampshire, up stairs
McMann, B. M., propr. Franklin House, 52 Hampshire
McNamara, Jno., at Q. & C. R. R.
McMella, Anna L., millinery, 112 Hampshire
McMella, Isabella, 112 Hampshire
McNulty, Anna, 173 Vermont
McQuader, Louisa, 126 S 3d
McVay, Michael, cooper, s s State b 3d and 4th


Macfall, Thos. W., Circuit Clerk and Recorder, h 70 Main
Maclefresh, Wm,. moulder, 33 Kentucky
Mack, Amelia, cook, Virginia House
Mack, Mary, servt., Virginia House
Mackoy, Laura R., principal, primary department Webster school, bds 319 Main
Mae, Nicholas, teamster, n s State b 4th and 5th
Maeys, Bernard, carp., bds G. Vocker's
Maeys, Jno., carp., bds G. Vocker's
Magahey & Cleaveland (Jas R. M. & Jac. C.) Provisions and Ice, 57 Front
Magahey, Jas. R. (M. & Cleaveland) 176 Main
Magahey, Mrs. Sarah B., dress mkr., 176 Main
Magnus, Louis, 138 6th
Mahan, Jas., al b Braodway and Spring and 6th and 7th
Mahoney, Catharine R., dress mkr., 42 4th, 2d story
Mahoney, Miss E., w s 4th b Hampshire and Main
Mahoney, Miss Ellen A., teacher, Quincy High School, bds 4 4th
Mahoney, Mary, e s 10th b Main and Jersey
Mahony, Morris, wagon mkr., bds W. Gary's
Maloney, _____, 40 N 5th
Malony, Thos., blksmith, 158 Main, hes 7th b York and Jersey
Mann, Mrs. _____, 1 9th
Mannel, Chas., tinner, s s Hampshire b 6th and 7th
Manning, Hy., painter, h e s 12th b Hampshire and Vermont
Manny, Jno., lab., n s Jersey b 10th and 11th
Manigold, Jno., 110 Payson Av.
Mansau, Jos. (Herrick & M.) w s 3d b Hampshire and Main
Mansau, Jos., 53 3d
Manson, Edward E., bds Quincy House
Manton, Rev. Jos. R., 116 Vermont
Maper, Wm., n s Washington nr 7th
Marcus, O., 292 Hampshire
Marcus, Wm., 290 Hampshire
Marcy, Fred. V., bds s e c Washington and 4th
Marcy, Fred. V. (Wentworth & M.) bds 1 Grover
Marion ,Jos., moulder, 57 State
Marks, Rev. James J., 175 Main
Marks, Saml., clk., 33 4th h e s 4th b Hampshire and Vermont
Marks, Saml., e s 3d b Vermont and Hampshire
Marse, Henry, 224 Vermont
Marsh, Augustus, 69 Jersey
Marsh, A. C., secy. Quincy Savings & Ins. Co. and agt. North Western Ins. Co. h 69 Jersey
Marsh, Wm. H., Cooper, e s 2d b Vermont and Hampshire
Marsh Wm. (Skinner, Benneson & M.) 87 Broadway
Marshall, A. T., 22 Maiden Lane
Marston, Thos., 98 Jersey
Martin, Eliza, e s 9th b Chestnut and Linn
Martin, Ernst, n s State b 4th and 5th
Martin, Geo. W. ( Ladd & M.) 59 3d
Martins, Hy., 111 Kentucky
Martin, H. S. ,principal, male department Webster school, h 28 7th
Martin, Lucy, s s Chestnut b 9th and 10th
Martin, Nephi, 93 5th
Marqur, Jacob, barber, 195 Main, 2d Story
Maschar, Barney, 284 Main
Mason, D. H., phys., bds Quincy House
Mass, Hy., e s Oliver b Oak and Spring
Mast, Augusta, servt., 199 Jersey
Mast, Jos., 117 Jersey
Masterson, Bridget, servt., 18 6th
Masterson, Jas., teamster, 34 State
Masters, Miss Minerva E., teacher, Quincy College
Matteson, Isaiah, printer, bds n s Washington b 3d and 4th
Matthias, D., 271 Main
Matthias, Francis, 271 Main
Mauzey, Hy., 90 4th
Mauzey, Mary, principal, primary department Jefferson school, h c Vermont and 9th
Maxwell, John, 100 Kentucky
May, Jacob, cab. mkr., s w c Adams and 7th
May, Jacob, bds n e c Jersey and 8th
Mayo, Elknah C., foreman, 64 Vermont
Mead, C. W., General Agt. Quincy & Chicago R. R. Office 102 Main, h n s Vermont b 8th and 9th
Mead, H. W., clk., Q. & C.R.R. h 135 Vermont
Mead, Thos., s e c Chestnut and 8th
Meagher, Pat., clk., s w c 6th and State
Meagher, Pat., lab., 3 S. 6th
Mears, Mrs. Laura, bds 82 Broadway
Meartz, Chas., n w c Elm and 4th
Mechelmann, Hy., boiler mkr., Delaware b 3d and 4th
Mehlan, Michael, n w c Elm and 4th
Mehler, Valentine, saloon, n s Broadway b 18th and 19th
Mei, Jacob, s w c 7th and Adams
Mei, Nicholas, teamster, n s State b 4th and 5th
Meier, Caspar, lab., 97 Jefferson
Meier, Henry, engineer, e s 19th b Linn and Elm
Meier, Hy., 192 Vermont
Meier, Hy., e s 20th b Linn and Chestnut
Meier, Mathias, s s Oak b 19th and 20th
Meier, Rudolph, 90 Washington
Meierand, Hermann, tailor, s w c Payson Av. and 6th
Meiher, Peter H., lab., 25 S 8th
Meinberch, John, 12 Adams
Meise, Fred., wagon mkr., e s 5th b Maiden Lane and Kentucky, h 98 Payson Av.
Meise, Wm., 46 Maiden Lane
Meiser, Auguast, lab., Braodway e of 20th
Meisser, Hy., clk., 2 5th
Meissinger, Geo. A., w s 9th s of Adams
Mehling Mich. (Wellman & M.) n w c Hampshire and 10th
Mekes, Conrad, 13 S. 6th
Mellen, John, (M., Sprague & Co.) s s York b 5th and 6th
Mellen, Jno., S. 86 York
Meller, Oster, s s Washington b 6th and 7th
Mellen, Sprague & Co. (Jno. M., W. J. M. & Jas. C. S.) Sash, Door and Blind Manufactory, and Builders, 76 4th
Mellen, W. J., 86 York
Mellen Wilder J. (M. Sprague & Co.) s s York b 5th and 6th
Mellenfeld, John, lab., 152 Kentucky
Melone, Hiram, n e c Ohio and 4th
Mellor, Wm., h 144 Hampshire
Menk,e Fred., stone cutter, 148 S 6th
Menke, Herman, 148 S 6th
Menke, Jno. II., 155 Washington
Menke, John, cooper, 96 Spring
Menke, Wm., 76 7th
Menn, Louis, marble worker, w s 6th b State and Ohio
Menn, Theodore, blk. smith, bds E. Pettit's
Menne, Wm., 123 State
Menneking, Henry, lab., n s Ohio b 10th and 11th
Mennel, Adam, s s State b 7th and 8th
Mennel, Frank, s s State b 7th and 8th
Mennel, George, s s State b 7th and 8th
Mening, Anton, n s Oak b 6th and 7th
Meocker, Hermann, proprietor Our House, 146 Hampshire
Merchants' Saloon F. Ralph, Proprietor, s e c Main and 5th, basement
Meriam, D. D., lumber dealer, n w c Broadway and 4th, h 5 4th
Mernen, James, 64 7th
Merrick, Marcus, n s Chestnut b 3d and 4th
Merritt, Edwin B., carriage mkr., 86 Jersey
Merry, John, 38 York
Merrsmann, John B., 122 Main, upstairs
Mersman, Wm., n s Elm b 9th and 10th
Merten, Herman, (Wenneker & M.) 164 Ohio
Mervine, John, bds 179 Broadway
Mescher, Bernard, lab., 284 Main
Mescher, Henry, carp., n s Kentucky b 8th and 9th
Messenger, N. W. ,clk., bds Quincy House
Messer, George, 89 York
Mester, Chas., e s 12th s of Jefferson
Metcalf, Geo. W., cooper, s s Main b 8th and 9th
Metcalf, L. M., carp., 327 Hampshire
Metz, Wm .,drugs, medicines, and fancy goods, 132 Main
Metzger, Josephine, n s Maiden Lane b 4th and 5th
Metzger, Margaret, 19 7th
Meyrman, Charles, blksmith, bds n e c Payson Av. and 5th
Meyer, Mrs. ____ 101 5th
Meyer, A., al b Broadway and Spring and 10th and 11th
Meyer, Bernard, n e e Madison and 8th
Meyer, Brink, lab., 120 State
Meyer, Christian, lab., s s State b 7th and 8th
Meyer, Christophe, n w c State and 7th
Meyer, Christopher, plasterer, 194 Hampshire
Meyer, Diedrich, bds e s 9th b York and Kentucky
Meyer, Frank, n e c Madison and 8th
Meyer, Frederick, bds 18 S 7th
Meyer, Frederick, tailor, 156 State
Meyer, Fritz, n e c Madison and 8th
Meyer, Gottlieb, cooper, e s 8th b Ohio and Payson Av.
Meyer, Heinrich, lab., s s Ohio b 9th and 10th
Meyer, Hermann, chair mkr., e s 7th b Oak and Spring
Meyer, Henry B., lab., 295 Hampshire
Meyer, Henry, boots and shoes, w s 9th b Main and Hampshire bds 41 9th
Meyer, Henry, tailor, 154 Hampshire, h s s Ohio b 9th and 10th
Meyer, Henry, rectifier and distiller, s w c Main and 11th
Meyer, Henry, s s Washington b 6th and 7th
Meyer, John & Co. (J. M. & M. Bachiech,) groceries and liquors, 73 Hampshire
Meyer, John, Front n of Chestnut
Meyer, John, teamster, h 170 State
Meyer, K., 120 State
Meyer, Konrad, bk layer, 156 State
Meyer, Konrad, 220 Hampshire
Meyer, Lazarus, al b Broadway and Spring and 10th and 11th
Meyer, Urban, carp., w s 7th b Kentucky and York
Meyer, Urban, 85 7th
Meyers, Gustav, 82 6th
Meyers, Henry, s s Washington b 6th and 7th
Michaeli, G., tobacconist, h n s Kentucky, b 4th and 5th
Michaels, George, Proprietor National Hall, 122 Jersey
Michel, Henry, lab., 70 Kentucky
Michels, Andrew carp., 251 Mian
Michol, Elias, e s 8th b Main and Jersey
Mickals, Chas., teamster, 237 Mian
Mickes [sic], Balzer, plasterer, 15 S. 6th  [Baltzer Mickes should be Baltzer Meckes (he was the Quincy Market Master for at least 10-12 years during the 1870-1880s), Corrections supplied by Mary Borowski]
Mickel, Hermann, cooper, 250 Hampshire
Middendorf, Bernard H., churn manufactory, 161 Hampshire, h s s Vermont b 12th and 13th
Middendorf, B. H., 216 Vermont
Middendorf, Frederick, blk. smith, s w c Main and 9th
Middendorf, Hermann, s s Elm b 10th and 11th
Middendorf, William, 218 Vermont
Mikes [sic], Konrad, 83 Jefferson [Konrad Mikes should be Conrad Meckes, Corrections supplied by Mary Borowski]
Mikesell, John, lumber merchant, 12 8th
Mikesell, John, lumber merchant, n e c 9th and Hampshire, h n e c 8th and Vermont
Mikesell, John P., Variety Store, 110 Main, h n e c Vermont and 8th
Millard & Byington (Robert M. Jr., & H.S.B.) Livery and Sale Stable, 149 Hampshire
Millard, Robert, Jr. (M. and Byington,) n e c Vermont and 6th
Miller, Anna H., 58 5th
Miller, Amariah B., teamster, al b Ohio and State and 3d and 4th
Miller, Christian L., clk., 226 Main
Miller, David, 69 Main
Miller, David W., Proprietor Quincy House, s e c Main and 4th
Miller, Edwin, b. h. 55 Jersey
Miller, Emerson M., carriage mkr. 67 and 69 6th, repository 64 6th, bds Farmers' House
Miller, E. T., clk., bds s e c 12th and Kentucky
Miller, Fred., 159 Kentucky
Miller, G. A., drugs and books, 95 Hampshire, h s e c 12th and Kentucky
Miller, George A., e s 12th opposite Kentucky
Miller, George, 74 6th
Miller, Jacob, lab., s s Monroe b 6th and 7th
Millard, James, 112 Hampshrie
Miller, John H., 297 Hampshire
Miller, John H., lab., n s State b 8th and 9th
Miller, Joseph, s w c 8th and Spring
Miller, J., bds s e c Hampshire and 12th
Miller, Mathias, teacher, 108 York
Miller, Oliver F. (Carpenter & M. ) bds G. A. Miller's
Miller & Pastorius, (Wm. M. & Frank P.) proprietor Prairie House, and dry goods and groceries, n w c Broadway and 12th
Miller, Mrs. Sommerville, 48 Kentucky
Miller, Thomas B., painter, 220 Hampshire
Miller, W. A. (Geiger & M.) 315 Main
Miller, Wm C., b h n s Washington b 3d and 4th
Miller, Wm. (M. & Pastorius) n w c Broadway and 12th
Milner, Wm., 235 Main
Minge, John C., tailor, s s Washington b 6th and 7th
Mingle, Lena, n s Hampshire b 12th and 13th
Minieare, James, 62 Broadway
Minieare, James e s 8th b Main and Jersey
Minier, James, 204 Main
Minke, Henry, s s Washington b 5th and 6th
Minter, Capt. Wm. H., n e c Oak and 2d
Misz, Lewis, shoe mkr., bds n e c Broadway and 4th
Mitchell, Mrs. Adeline, 82 York
Mitchell, Daniel, machinist, bds Broadway Hotel
Mitchell, David, machinist, bds Broadway Hotel
Mitchell, Francis L., family grocery, 130 Hampshire
Mitchell, G. T., bds s s Main b 3d and 4th
Mitchell, Wm., 34 State
Mitchell, Wm., al b Broadway and Spring and 4th and 5th
Mitchell, Joseph, clk., bds 59 Vermont
Mittendorf, Fridrich, painter, bds Stadt Dresden
Model City Gallery Wm. Ames, Proprietor, n e c Public Square, 3d Story
Moecker, Wm., clk., bds W. Moecker
Moeller, Otto H., drugs, 139 Hampshire h 213 Main
Mohnaghan, Bernard, lab., n s Main b 11th and 12th
Moler, Wm., n s Spring b 2d and 3d
Monroe, Cornelia, 243 Main 2d story
Monroe, Thaddeus, coroner, h 321 Main
Montag, Fritz, lab., 93 Kentucky
Monteith, Jane, 8 5th
Montgomery, Mrs. Mary, 58 Kentucky
Monneg, Henry, 30 n 7th
Monnel, Charles, 154 Hampshire 2d story
Monning, Anton, (H. Monning & Bro.) n s Oak b 6th and 7th
Monning, August, painter, e s 7th b Oak and Spring
Monning, H., & Bro. (H. M., & Anton M.) chair manf. 78 Vermont
Monning, Henry, (H.M. & Bro.) e s 12th b Hampshire and Vermont
Moore, Charles, clk., n s Hampshire b 6th and 7th
Moore Ebenezer, (M. Sherman & Co.) 128 Broadway
Moore Francis C. (M., Sherman & Co.) h n s Chestnut b 23d and 24th
Moon, John, n e c Ohio and 4th
Moore, John L., s s Jefferson e of 12th
Moore Sherman & Co. (F.C.M., S. C. S., & E. Moore,) Bankers, 86 Hampshire
Moore, Samuel, 77 Ohio
Moore & Sherman (Francis C. M., & Seth C. S. ) Land Agents, 92 Main
Morgan, Edward, bds s w c Spring and Olive
Morgan, George, n s Oak e of 18th
Morgan, James D. bds n s Broadway b 6th and 7th
Morgan, J. D. (C. M. Pomroy & Co. ) bds G. Bond
Morgan, Robt., carp., 164 Broadway
Morgan, Robt. H. F., s w c Oak and 11th
Morine, Antoine, carp., e s 10th b Oak and Vine
Mormonn, Joseph, lab., 16 State
Morphy, Ernst, s w c Hampshire and 8th
Morris, Isaac M., 57 York
Morris, Mary A., 93 5th
Morris & Roberts (Wm. M., & H. R.) Coal Dealers, Levee b Hampshire and Vermont
Morris, Wm. H., bk kpr. Bank of Quincy, bds s w c 5th and Washington
Morris Wm. (M. & Roberts) s w c 3d and Jersey
Morrissey, Thomas, lab., e s 10th b Main and Jersey
Morrissey, Thomas, shoe mkr., 118 Jersey
Morrissey, Thomas, bds n s Vermont b 12th and 13th
Morrow, Wm. bds w s 5th b Elm and Vine
Morton C. H. (Doway & M.) bds Quincy House
Morton & Dallam (J.T.M. & F.A.D.) Proprietors Quincy Daily Whig and Republican, 38 4th up stairs
Morton John T. (M. & Dallam) bds Quincy House
Morton, L., s s Broadway b 22d and 23d
Morz, Frank C., n s Jackson b 6th and 7th
Moser I. (M. & Wild) 68 6th
Moser & Wild (I.M. & E.W.) Soap, Candles, Lard Oil and Commission Merchants 68 6th
Moses, Geo. B., moulder, 116 5th
Moshage, August, wagon mkr., n s Payson Av b 5th and 6th h s s Payson Av b 5th and 6th
Moss, Bernard, carp., s w c York and 7th
Moss, John C., clk., 120 Main
Mother, Andrew, shoe mkr., bds 258 Main
Mount, Cynthia, n e c York and 4th
Mous, Henry, 125 State
Move, Frederick, 143 Washington
Muirhead, John, clk., 22 Hampshire
Mucker, Wm., e s 10th b Elm and Linn
Muirhead, John, clk., 27 Hampshire
Muirhead, W. C. , 37 Hampshire
Muller, Bernard, lab., s s Spring b 10th and 11th
Muller, Bernard, teamster, 104 7th
Muller, Christian L., 226 Main
Muller, Christophe, wagon mkr., bds 105 State
Muller, Frederick, 87 5th
Muller, Gerhard, 66 Hampshire
Muller, Henry, 127 Ohio
Muller, Jacob, shoe mkr., 22 10th
Muller, John, tailor, e s 9th b Kentucky and State
Muller, Jacob, prop. Kossuth Hall, 133 Main
Muller, P., 4 S 7th
Muller Pantaleon, Saloon and Boarding, e s Front b Spring and Broadway
Muller, Mrs. T., millinery, 66 Hampshire
Mulligan, John, lab., n s Payson Av b 6th and 7th
Munroe, Thaddeus, 321 Main
Munroe, Wm., plasterer, s s Vermont b 8th and 9th
Murphy, Barney, servt., n w c Broadway and 6th
Murphy, Bernard, lab., bds C. Savage
Murphy, John lab., bds Farmers Home
Murphy, John, n s York b 7th and 8th
Murphy, Thomas, mason, 36 State
Murphy, Warren, clk., Barnes Hotel
Murray, James, lab., 280 Main
Murray, Michael, 129 York
Musault, Barney, plasterer, 247 Hampshire
Muss, John, machinist, bds n w c York and 3d
Musser, Joseph, gunsmith, 141 Hampshire 2d story
Musser, Thomas H., saddler, 8 5th
Myer, Andrew, 165 Jersey
Myer, Lazarus, 271 Hampshire
Myers, Joseph, carp., s w c Hampshire and 3d

©2006 Transcribed for Genealogy Trails by Donna Walton