Naber, Frank, lab., s s Main b 11th and 12th
Nagel, Edward, carp., 101 Kentucky
Nagel, Ernst, cab't mkr., n s Kentucky b 7th and 8th
Nahbersberg, Wm., bds 76 5th
Nance, Clement, s e c Oak and 18th
Nason, J. H. Photographer, n e c Public Square bds Farmers House
Nater, George, tobacconist, n w c Main and 3d
National Hall, Geo. Michaels Proprietor, 122 Jersey
Nauder, Peter, brk layer, 33 State
Nay, Robert B., attorney, 157 Hampshire
Naylor, George R., carriage mkr., n w c Jersey and 18th
Naylor, Rebecca, n s Jersey b 17th and 18th
Neal, Wm., s s Chestnut e of 10th
Neal, W., wagon mkr., s e c Hampshire and 3d h s s Chestnut e of 18th
Nealich, Hermann, carp., e s 10th b Main and Hampshire
Nebe, Christian, 151 Payson Ave.
Nelsh, John P., bakery and confectionery, 56 Hampshire
Nelke, I., ( Joseph & N.) bds Quincy House
Nelson, Frances, bds Broadway Hotel
Nelson, Mrs. Julia, bds Broadway Hotel
Nermeirer, Arnold, chair mkr., w s Hampshire b Broadway and Vermont
Nemeier, John, 62 Kentucky
Nemeyer, Fred., 87 5th
Neubert, Charles, cab't mkr., 117 Jersey
Neuer, Mathias, cooper, e s 11 b Main and Jersey
Neuman, Adam, n w c 20th and Linn
Neuman, Xavier, harness mkr., 169 Hampshire
Newby, Wm. T., 273 Hampshire
New Era Stove Store, Scheipering & Co. props. 80 Hampshire
Newell, H., clk., Virginia House
Newell, Soloman, 160 Main
Newland, James, clerk and notary, Moore, Sherman & Co., h 128 Broadway
Newman, George, labor, w s 10th b York and Kentucky
Nicholas, A., M.D., 106 Main upstairs h 120 Vermont
Nichols, Henry W., clerk, bds 50 Jersey
Nickel, Peter, 245 Main
Nicholson, John, plasterer, bds Delaware b 3d and 4th
Nieber, Chris., choemaker, e s 7th b State and Kentucky
Niehaus, F. Wm., 116 S. 8th
Neikam, Frederick W., labor, 131 Washington
Neikamp, John H., labor, 131 Washington
Neikamp, John H. labor, 76 S. 7th
Niemann, Clemens (N. & Laage) 27 N. 7th
Niemann & Laage, (Clemens N. & L.F.L.) chair manuf., n w c Spring and 6th
Niermann, Wm., shoemaker, 157 State
Niemeir, Chris., stone mason, 2 S. 7th
Niemeier, Arnold, chair maker, w s 11th b Broadway and Vermont
Niemeier, August, 145 Washington
Niesenhaner, August, labor, n s Kentucky b 9th and 10th
Nieste, H. Wm., carpenter, e s 10th b Spring and Oak
Niester, Jno., labor, n w c Madison and 7th
Nikamp, Henry K., 156 Washington
Nikom, Hermann, n e c 10th and Kentucky
Nimaen, Jasper, 31 10th
Nites, Clementina, servt., 81 Broadway
Nitsche, Fritz, brick layer, 117 Kentucky
Nitters, Joseph, labor, n w c Ohio and 8th
Nitz, Hannah, 50 9th
Noakes, Wm. bds Mrs. Campbell's
Noble, Arthur, Merchant Tailor, 43 4th, h 9 6th
Noget, Thomas, labor, 185 Jersey
Nold, George, s e c Main and 5th, basement
Noll, Heinrich, cooper, al b Broadway and Spring and 4th and 5th
Noll, Jacob, cooper, 81 7th
Nolte, Wm. 31 Monroe
Noret, Joseph, labor, w s 3d b Broadway and Spring
Norton, Harrison, 65 York
Norwood, Joseph, pork packer, 65 Jersey
Nutter, John, 114 5th


Oberling, Wm., shoemaker, 134 State
Oberst, Alexander, gardener, n w c 15th and Vermont
Obert, Jacob, cooper, s s Kentucky b 8th and 9th
Obert Matthias, grocer, 36 Broadway
Obert, Saul, al b Broadway and Spring and 4th and 5th
Oberwein, Frances, 68 Jersey
Oberwein, Josephine, 169 Vermont
O'Brien, Edward, labor, n s Jersey, b 10th and 11th
O'Brien, Jas. labor, n s York b 8th and 9th
O'Brien, John, labor, bds 147 Jersey
O'Brien, Jno., labor, n s Oak b 9th and 10th
O'Brien, Michael, labor, e s 8th b York and Jersey
O'Brien, Wm., labor, 57 9th
O'Connor, Frederick, n s York b 7th and 8th
O'Connor, Jas., stone mason, 118 Jersey
O'Connor, Wm., pastry cook, Quincy House
O'Dory, Thomas, 54 7th
Ode, John, carpenter, s s Adams b 6th and 7th
Odell, Alfred C., Pilot, n w c 3d and Broadway
Odell, Jno., 92 State
Oehlmann, Henry, phys., 45 7th
Oeink, Wm, shoemaker, 17 N 5th
Oeng, Henry, labor, 138 Spring
Oerter, Henry, w s 3d b Broadway and Spring
Odgen, Mrs., 21 4th, up stairs
Ohnemus, Andrew, 169 Hampshire, 2d story
Ohnemus, Matthew, w s 5th b Oak and Vine
O'Harran, Richard, 288 Hampshire
O'Hern, Patrick, labor, n s York b 8th and 9th
Oink, Bernard, labor, e s 5th b Spring and Oak
Oldenkut, Wm. labor, w s 13th b Hampshire and Vermont
Oplander, Geo., carpenter, s s Jersey b 11th and 12th
Oplander, V., carpenter, 123 Jersey
Orr, James, (O.& Trevilla) n w c Broadway and 5th
Orr & Travilla (Jas. O. & Marshall T.) carpenters and builders, 16 N. 5th
Ording, Henry, foreman, chair factory, bds 27 N. 7th
Ormond, Mary, servant, Pennsylvania House
Ormond, Michael, labor, n s York b 7th and 8th
Ortz, Frederick, labor, 135 State
Orton, Roger A., 95 Payson Av.
Osborn, Miss, s s Spring b 8th and 9th
Osborn, Mary C. principal, female department, Webster School, bds s s Spring b 8th and 9th
Osborn, Henry S. (Wheller, O. & Co.) s e c Spring and 2d
Osborne, John O., Agent, Etna Insurance Co., 51 4th, residence, East Quincy
Osborn, Wm. bk. mason, 31 N. 5th
Osendorf, Theodore, 73 7th
Oswald, Catharine, millinery, 148 Hampshire
Otto, Ann, servt., 13 8th
Otto, Augusta, servt., n w c Broadway and 6th
Otto, Tuns, wagon manuf. e s 11th b Broadway and Spring
Otten, Henry, lab., e s 10th b Main and Hampshire
Otten, Lucas, wagon mkr., e s 10th b Main and Hampshire, h 234 Hampshire
Our House, Hermann Meocker, pro. 146 Hampshire
Owen & Duff (M.R.O. & Thos. D.) Attorneys, 105 Hampshire, 2d story
Owen, Marietta, servt., 84 Broadway

©2006 Transcribed for Genealogy Trails by Donna Walton