Parson, Albert G., 130 Broadway
Parson, John, phys., 95 Vermont
Parsons, E. W., watches and Jewelry, 46 4th, h n e c Jersey and 4th
Parsons, W., e s 4th b Main and Jersey
Pastorius, Frank, (Miller & P.) n w c Broadway and 12th
Patch, Daniel, conductor, Quincy and Chicago R.R., bds Quincy House
Patch, Jno., engineer, Quincy & Chicago R.R., beds Quincy House
Paullin, Daniel, Land Dealer, s e c Hampshire and 5th, h s s Chestnut e of 19th
Pellewessel, Henry,(P. & Stoppe) 102 York
Pellewessel & Stoppe, (H.P. & Jos. S.) boots and shoes, 154 Hampshire
Penn, Jas., engineer, 34 Maiden Lane
Pennsylvania House, Dr. J. Fitzpatrick, Proprietor, n s Hampshire b 5th and 6th
Penfiel U. S. Cashier Quincy Savings Bank and Insurance Co., h n s Hampshire b 13th and 14th
Penkert, Jno., tailor, w s 8th b State and Ohio
Perkins, Edmund H., 22 N. 7th
Perkins, Geo. II. (Fugate & P.) 22 N. 7th
Petchger, Hermann, tailor, al b Wahington and Jefferson and 5th and 6th
Peter, Chas., 249 Hampshire
Peters, Heman, blksmith, e s 3d b Ohio and State
Petri, Charles, civil engineer, h 125 York
Petit, Julia, 16 State
Pettit, Edward, blksmith, h w s 9th b Broadway and Vermont
Pettit, Jos. E., 88 York
Pfau, Louis, tinner, 58 Maiden Lane
Pfeifer, Chas., carp., 68 5th, h 66 5th
Pfeifer, Jno., al b Oak and Spring and 6th and 7th
Pfeifer, Stephen, 17 Madison
Pferman, Conrad, 55 Maiden Lane
Pfewer, Chas. carp., 66 5th
Pfrmann, Valentine, butcher, n s State b 4th and 5th
Phelps, Andrew, e s Oliver b Vine and Elm
Phelps, E.B., engineer, 56 Vermont
Phelps, Mark, ship carp., e s 3d b Broadway and Spring
Philipp, Benedict, cooper, 85 7th
Phillips, Saml., e s 12th b Broadway and Vermont
Pickard, Jas., bar k., 103 Main
Picket, Pat., n s Vine b 5th and 6th
Piepa, Lizzie, 151 State
Piepa, Wm., 151 State
Pieper, Diedrick, e s 7th b Monroe and Adams
Pieper, Hy., carp., s e c Payson Av. and 7th
Pilper, Wm. (Hollenstein & P.) s s State b 8th and 9th
Pigot, Peter, Walnut al
Pinkham, Nathan, 344 Main
Piper, Fred., lab., n s State b 9th and 10th
Piper, S. Henry, n s State b 9th and 10th
Pipper, Fritz, lab., 178 State
Pipper, Heinrich, cab.mkr., 178 State
Pipsic, Wm., al b Broadway and Spring and 4th and 5th
Pitman, Jas., e s Olive b Broadway and Spring
Pitman, James M., lumber dealer, 20 5th, bds Quincy House
Pitman, L., teamster, 26 N. 11th
Pitney, Ora, printer, 199 Main
Pitney, Mrs. Keziah, 199 Main
Pleasant, Anderson, 1 N. 11th
Pocksman, Geo., teamster, n w c State and 10th
Pomroy, C.M. (C.M.P. & Co.) h 22 Hampshire
Pomroy C. M. & Co. (C.M.P., J.D. Morgan & Geo. Bond,) Pork and Beef Packers, Commercial alley b Vermont and Hampshire
Poole, Samuel L., 149 Vermont
Poole, Wm., 149 Vermont
Poole S. L., clothing, 39 4th, h 49 Vermont
Pope, Thomas, grocer and produce dealer, n e c Main and Front, h n s York b 2d and 3d
Popp, Rev. Christian, 182 7th
Porter, J. C. (Wm. H. Floyd & Co.) bds Barnes' Hotel
Porter, Jno., lab., h 60 Kentucky
Porter, Robt., e s 3d b Ohio and State
Potter, John F., machinist, 38 Kentucky
Potter, John (Felton & P.) 35 Kentucky
Potter, R. (Coyle & P.) 35 Kentucky
Pothof, Adolph, lab., n s State b 9th and 10th
Powars, J. G., Paper dealer, 155 Hampshire, h n e c Vermont and 7th
Powars, J.P., real estate and insurance agent, 155 Hampshire, h n e c Vermont and 7th
Powers, Andrew, lab., e s 7th b Broadway and Spring
Powers & Finlay, (W.B.P. & M.B.F.) clothing, n w c 4th and Main
Powers, Margaret, n s Elm b 10th and 11th
Powers, W.B. ( P. & Finlay) h n w c Elm and 5th
Pratt, Mrs._____, n s York b 4th and 5th
Prairie House, Miller & Pastorius, proprs. n w c Broadway and 12th
Pratt, Geo., carp., n s York b 4th and 5th
Pratt, Geo., F. bds 61 Jersey
Pratt, Geo. W., carp., n s York b 4th and 5th
Prentiss & Allen (H.C.P. & O.B.A.) Rope Walk, b Broadway and Vermont and 13th and 14th
Prentiss, Benj. 59 Vermont
Prentiss, Benj. M. (P. & Caldwell) n s Vermont b 3d and 4th
Prentiss & Caldwell (B.M.P. & J.M.C.) Forwarding and Commision Mers. 36 Front
Prentiss, Hy. C. (P. & Allen) 212 Hampshire
Prescott, Wm., bds 88 4th
Prescott, W. W., pressman, Whig & Republican office, bds Barnes' Hotel
Prevost, A.J.F. (Hurlbut, P. & Co.) res. Mt. Sterling
Pribble, Thos. 144 Broadway
Price, G.W., machinist, 13 7th
Price, T.W., 95 Washington
Price, Wm. H., clk., bds n s Vermont b 6th and 7th
Price, Wm., 99 Vermont
Prince, Edward, land dealer and atty., No.2 Flachs' bldg. s e c Main and 5th, bds 157 Hampshire
Proctor, Jno. 85 York
Proctor, John M., 117 Hampshire, 2d story
Prumer, Theodore, carp., n s Elm b 10th and 11th
Pumer, Theodore, s s Elm b 10th and 11th
Pugh, David H., principal, center high school, 36 State
PUrnell, Jas., carriage mkr., 76 Main
Putte, Francis, s w c York and 7th
Putnam, Josiah L., Machine Forger, h 33 Maiden Lane
Putnam, Willard A., Ins. agt., s w c Main and 7th, bds 95 Broadway
Pyne, Joseph, brick and tile manuf., n w c Maiden Lane and 3d
Pyne, Wm., cook, Quincy House

Quinby, Ann, 40 Broadway
Quinn, Chas. express driver, 37 3d
Quincy Bag Manufactory, Fugate & Perkins, Proprietors, 125 Hampshire, 3d story
Quincy Boiler Yard, S. Lesem, propr., s w c Broadway and 2d
Quincy Boot & Shoe Manuf., Wm. Burk, Proprietor, 67 4th
Quincy Chess Club, s w c Main and 3d
Quincy & Chicago Railroad, N. Bushnell, Pres't: John C. Cox, Secy. and Treas.: Depot Levee n of Spring, General Office, w s 3d b Hampshire and Main, Ticket office under Quincy House, s e c Main and 4th
Quincy & Chicago R.R. Depot, Front above Spring, Office s e c Spring and Front
Quincy & Chicago R. R. Machine Works, R.D. Grant, Master Mechanic, e s Front n of Spring
Quincy City Poor House, F. Hussong, keeper, w s 5th s of Woodland Cemetery
Quincy Commercial College, Jno. Fovell, propr. 96 Hampshire 3d story
Quincy Daily & Weekly Herald, Wm. Avise & Co. Proprietors, 55 4th, 2d story
Quincy English and German College, Rev. Jas. F. Jaquess, A.M. President, n s Spring b 3d and 4th
Quincy Foundry, Worrell & Caldwell, proprs., n s Front b Spring and Oak
Quincy Garden, A. Bergfeld, propr. n w c Main and 11th
Quincy Gas Light and Coke Co., S.W. Rogers, Pres't & Secy. s w c Jersey and 9th
Quincy High School, Wm. M. Baker, A.M. Principal, n w c Vine and 8th
Quincy Home, Frank Welleng, propr. 188 Hampshire
Quincy House, D.W. Miller, Proprietor, s e c Main and 4th
Quincy House Livery Stable, J. W. Bradford & Co. proprs. 88 Main
Quincy & Palmyra R.R. Saml. Holmes, President, Office n s 3d b Hampshire and Main
Quincy Planning Mill, Gould & Allen, Proprietors, s s 5th b Ohio and State
Quincy Plumbing and Pump Works, Mrs. S. Harker, propr. 7 4th
Quincy Post Office, Wm. H. Carlin, Post Master, s w c Main and 6th
Quincy Reading Room, Henry Root, Pres't, 96 Hampshire, 2d story
Quincy Savings & Insurance Co. 96 Hampshire
Quincy & Toledo R.R. Office, 22 N. Front and 106 Hampshire
Quincy Tribune, Winter & Schierenberg, Proprietors, 180 Main, 3d story
Quincy Whig & Republican, Morton & Dallam, Proprietors, 38 4th, 2d story
Quieter, Zacharias, shoemkr., bds Farmers' House

©2006 Transcribed for Genealogy Trails by Donna Walton