Rademaker, Frank, carp., 131 Jersey
Ralph, Edward, 80 5th
Ralph, Frederick, proprietor merchants' Saloon, s e c Maine and 5th basement, h 80 5th
Ralston, Joseph N., physician, 80 Main, h 82 Main
Randall, Henry, stoves and tinware, 175 Hampshire
Randall, Joseph, carp., 118 Vermont
Rankin, Sarah, s s Oak b 5th and 6th
Rarden, James, lab., bds Mrs. Burk's
Rarden, Michael, w s 7th b Spring and Oak
Rasch, Charles, tailor, 160 Payson Av.
Ratermann, Bernard, shoemkr. bds 246 Hampshire
Ratermann, Mary, 54 Maiden Lane
Rathgeb, Ludwig, s s Main b 7th and 8th
Raukohl, Henry, e s 8th s of Adams
Rawlings, Miss A. E., millinery, 28 5th
Read, Julius C., express messenger, bds Quincy House
Rearden, James, n s Vermont b 13th and 14th
Rearden, Michael, lab., 141 Jersey
Rebe, Frederick, lab., 3 S. 8th
Reckmeier, John F., carp., n s State b 8th and 9th
Recksieck, I., 14 Adams
Redder, John B., lab., e s 7th b Jersey and York
Redding, Rev. George, bds Hess House
Redh, Edmund, blk smith, w s 10th b Main and Hampshire h w s 10th b Hampshire and Vermont
Redman, W.T., clk., 97 Hampshire
Redman, Wm. T. clk., 74 Main
Reynolds, Walter, book binder, 55 4th, 2d story, h b Broadway and Spring and 5th and 6th
Rice, Frank, cooper, 55 Kentucky
Rice, Joel, s w c Main and 18th
Rice, Michael, 83 4th
Rice, Peter, e s 12th s of Jefferson
Richards, Geo. W., machinist, 103 3d
Richardson Wm. A. attorney, 1 4th
Richey, Wm. F. painter, 46 State
Richmond, Joshua, blk smith, w s 3d b Ohio and Payson Av.
Richter, Henry, turner, 147 Kentucky
Richter, Hermann, stone mason, s w c Madison and 8th
Ricker, Bernard, lab., 140 Kentucky
Ricker, Henry, lab., 89 7th
Ricker, Henry, s w c Kentucky and 9th
Ricker, Henry F. Joseph, Police Magistrate, 143 Hampshire, 2d story, h 103 York
Ridder, Clemens, tinner, h 271 Main
Ridder, H., stoves, tin, and glass ware, 117 Hampshire, and 271 Main, res. 271 Main
Ridder, John, blksmith, h 120 Hampshire
Ridder, Lambert, painter, h 42 State
Ridgley, Rev. Vincent, 216 Vermont
Ridmeier, Wm. cabinet mkr. n s State b 8th and 9th
Riedenger, Adam, w s Front foot of Jefferson
Rikkenberg, Sophia, n s Hampshire b 12th and 13th
Rimlinger, Michael, lab., 30 10th
Rindskoff, Frederick, bar k., 105 Hampshire
Ringstorff, Henry, carp., 102 Kentucky
Rommeberg, Godfred, shoemkr., 60 5th
Rinneberg, S. G., boots and shoes, 44 4th, h e s 5th b York and Jersey
Rirdan, Michael, lab., 19 N 7th
Rish, Michael, clk. 83 4th
Risto, Margaret, servt., 87 York
Ritinger, John, lab., n s State b 9th and 10th
Rittler, Dr. John, Hydropathic and Homeopathic Physician, 30 8th
Ritter, Peter, tailor, s s State b 10th and 11th
Ritz, August, cabinet mkr. 204 Hampshire
Ritz, August, carp., h s s Hampshire b 8th and 9th
Rivers, T.L., Daguerrean Artist, 38 Hampshire
Roach, David, lab., h 187 Jersey
Roach, John, lab., 187 Jersey
Robbers, John, lab., n s Madison b 8th and 9th
Robbins, Joseph, 95 Vermont
Roberts, George Ant., Iron Dealer, n e c Front and Hampshire, h 137 Vermont
Roberts, Hugh, (Morris & R.) 92 4th
Roberts, John C., cooper, 54 Vermont
Roberts, Richard, 41 York
Robertson, John (Gardner & R.) n s Ohio B 3d and 4th
Robertson, Thomas, carp., n s Ohio b 3d and 4th
Robertson, W. M. (Anderson & R.) w s 11th b Main and Jersey
Robinson, C. D., 1 9th
Robinson, Joseph D. Jr., machinist, e s 3d b State and Ohio
Robinson, Joseph, machinist, e s 3d State and Ohio
Rodefeld, Hermann, 18 Adams
Rodgers, Henry, machinist, w s 9th b Broadway and Vermont
Rodgers, Hiram, 3 4th
Rodgers, Wm. C., bds 55 Jersey
Rodgers, Wm. S., 85 Hampshire, 2d story
Rodh, Jno., carp., 58 Kentucky
Roeder, Leonard, shoemkr. 111 State
Roeder, Peter, 121 Broadway
Roever, Tobias, carp., 163 Broadway
Rogenland,-------, lab., bds Stadt Dresden
Rogenland, Anton, lab., bds Stadt Dresden
Rogers, Dr. H., 3 4th
Rogers, H. A., druggist, 48 4th, bds 3 4th
Rogers, Wm. T., foreman, Timothy Rogers, h 52 6th
Rogers, Samuel W., Pres't Gas Light & Coke Co., h n s Hampshire b 3d and 4th
Rogers, Timothy, wagon and plow manufactory, s e c Hampshire and 6th, h 51 6th
Roland, _____, 143 State
Roland, Mrs. Mary M., 230 Hampshire
Rolf, Henry, teamster, 130 York
Roling, Barney, cooper, 43 York
Romeiser, John, h 65 3d
Romeiser, Michael, teamster, 135 York
Romer, Fritz, butcher, 21 Maiden Lane
Rooney, James, moulder, e s 4th b Maiden Lane and Kentucky
Root, A. C., wagon and pump manuf. n w c 10th and Broadway, h 67 Jersey
Root, Henry, dry goods, 93 Hampshire, h 80 Broadway
Rooten, Conrad, carp., h s s Jersey b 9th and 10th
Roper, Reuben, plasterer, 209 Vermont
Roseman, Mrs. Elizabeth, 72 4th
Rosenberg, Marcus (Goldberg & R.) bds Quincy House
Rosenkoetter, August, lab., 153 State
Ross, John K., lab., 156 Kentucky
Ross, George, bds Baltimore House
Ross, Henry R., clk., bds J. I. Whitney
Ross, Sumner, 31 Maiden Lane
Rossenketter, Henry, 150 State
Roth, Frank, wagon mkr., 97 State, h 93 State
Rothaus, Andrew, clk., 32 Kentucky
Rothgeb, Henry, dry goods and groceries, 200 Main
Rotman, Charles, s s Jefferson b 8th and 9th
Rotenbrock, Henry, 5 9th
Roux, Alexander, carp., 4 N. 5th
Rover, Wm. 272 Hampshire
Rowand, Dr. Josiah S., 162 Hampshire
Rowand, Horace, pressman, s s Hampshire b 6th and 7th
Rowbotham, Hiram, 90 York
Rowland, Joseph G., (Gilpin & R.) 110 Broadway
Rudd, Dr. A. F. (Bassett & R.) bds 170 Main
Rudloff, Simon, c Vine and 2d
Rudolph, Fred. W. e s 5th s of Jefferson
Ruff, Casper, prop., Union Brewery, e s 12th s of Jefferson
Ruff, Henry, brk. mason, w s 5th b Maiden Lane and State
Ruff, Jacob, dry goods and groceries, 128 5th
Ruming, Hermann, lab., 69 N 5th
Rummine, John, carp., 152 Spring
Rummine, Konrad, carp., 154 Spring
Rupp, Henry, soap and candle factory, e s Oliver b Oak and Vine
Ruskamp, Wm. lab., 46 S. 8th
Russell J. B., machinist, bds n e c Vermont and 3d
Russell, John H., printer, h 104 Vermont
Russell, Robt., printer, h 104 Vermont
Ruter, Fred., 16 Madison
Ruter, Wm. s s Broadway b 17th and 18th
Rutledge, Andrew, wood merch., h 50 Vermont
Rutman, Henry, w s 9th b Jefferson and Madison
Ruttan, Konrad, carp., 166 Jersey
Ruwe, Wm., s w c Madison and 9th
Ryan, -------, n s Broadway b 4th and 5th
Ryan, Danl., lab., 147 Jersey
Ryan, John, lab., 280 Main
Ryan, J. M., contractor, n s Broadway b 4th and 5th
Ryan, Michael, tinner, 75 7th
Ryan, Michael, lab., 47 7th
Ryan, Patrick, 30 N. 5th
Ryan, Wm., bds P. Welch
Ryce, Harry L.(G. L. Brownell & Co.) bds Quincy House


Sabine, Theodore, 99 Payson Av.
Sabins, L., saloon, 65 Hampshire bds Quincy House
Sadel, Mrs. C., 40 State
Saffnar, Jacob, blksmith, Front n of Chestnut
Sahland, Edward, dry goods and groceries, s e c Main and 6th
Saint Louis Exchange, Geo. Hetzel, Proprietor, 22 Front
Salinger, Charles M., clk., 33 4th, bds e s 3d b Hampshire and Vermont
Salisbury, John Q., moulder, 23 Ohio
Samar, John, stone cutter, 12 State
Samples, J. W., clk., bds J. Delemater
Samuel, Isaac, (J.S. & Bro.) 63 Hampshire
Samuel, J. & Bro. (J. S. & Isaac S.) h s s Payson Av. 4th and 5th
Sanner, John, stone cutter, 12 State
Sartle, R. (Brown, Dimock & Co.) 33 Maiden Lane
Sartle, Sylvanus, 112 Broadway
Sass, John, teamster, 131 Payson Av.
Saus, Robt., 72 Kentucky
Sawers, Robt., 41 Jersey
Savage, Mrs. A., 82 Broadway
Savage, Mrs. Ann, 139 Hampshire
Savage, A. Edwards, (C. A. & A. E. S. ) 82 Broadway
Savage, Charles A. (Flagg & S.) n w c Broadway and 6th
Savage, C. A. & A. E., land agents, s w c Main and 5th, 2d story
Sawyer & Graves (J.T.S. & H. L. G.) wholesale and retail dealers in dry goods, 92 Hampshire
Sawyer, J. T. (S. & Graves) bds Quincy House
Scanlan, Robt., lab., h 98 7th
Scannel, Michael, carp., s e c Jersey and 8th
Schnitker, Henry, brk mason, 49 Main
Scott, Saml., al b Broadway and Spring and 7th and 8th
Scudder, Samuel S., silver plater, 51 5th
Schachtsiek, Frederick, turner, e s 5th b Washington and Jefferson
Schachzig, Gotlieb D., lab., 123 Washington
Schacksig, Wm., teamster, bds w s 4th b Payson Av. and Washington
Schaefer, Wendel, 95 Payson Av.
Schaefer, Wm., blksmith, s e c State and 10th
Schaefermeyer, Rev. Hermann, German Catholic Church, h 29 7th
Schafer, George, cooper, n s Maiden Lane b 4th and 5th
Schafer, John, blksmith, s s Payon Av. b 5th and 6th
Schafer, Wm., blksmith, s e c State and 10th
Schaffer, Henry, carp., s e c Madison and 6th
Schaffer, Henry, 12 Madison
Schaffer, Jasper, 12 Madison
Schalk, Garret, carp., 204 Main
Schaller, Lawrence, (John B. Schott & Co.) res. Linder, Tern
Schanz, Henriette, 195 State
Schapers, Gertrude, servt., 99 Vermont
Schardon, Geo., blksmith, w s 10th b Spring and Oak
Scharnberger, Frank, lab., 49 Maiden Lane
Scharnberger, Frank, n s Maiden Lane b 4th and 5th
Scharnhast, Frederick, w s 8th b Main and Hampshire
Schate, John, n s Broadway b 18th and 19th
Schaub, John, miller, n e c Vine and Elm
Schauf, Henry, carp., 47 7th
Schebert, Wm., lab., 173 Kentucky
Scheich, Geo., lab., n w c State and 3d
Scheidker, Bernard, cooper, 41 Ohio
Scheineman, August, saloon, 180 Main, h 182 Main
Scheiner, Geo., lab., s s Kentucky b 2d and 3d
Scheipering & Co. (Henry S. & J. B. Parrish) stove store, 80 Hampshire
Scheipering, Henry, (S. & Co.) e s 6th b Jersey and York
Schell, John, Sr., 111 6th
Schell, Sophia, 111 5th
Scheneberg, Henry, lab., s s Chestnut b 19th and 20th
Schenk, John W., clk., bds Barnes' Hotel
Schermann, Philip, painter, 75 6th, h s s Payson Av. b 8th and 9th
Schermerhorn, T. D., bk, Quincy Savings and Insurance Co., h n s Main b 11th and 12th
Schetger, Wm., teamster, 172 State
Schibers, Jerard, n s Oak b 9th and 10th
Schicking, Anton, 166 Vermont
Schicking, Wm. 166 Vermont
Schier, Hermann, n s Oak b 10th and 11th
Schierenberg, Henry, n s Ohio b 10th and 11th
Schiermann, Philip, painter, s s Payson Av. b 8th and 9th
Schierenberg, Ernst, (Winter & S.) s s Jersey b 6th and 7th
Schierenberg, Henry, Painter, n s State b 9th and 10th
Schill, Joseph, tailor, bds s s Vine e of 18th
Schild, Henry, lab., 155 Washington
Schildman, Wm., cab. mkr., 152 State
Schiner, Anthony, cooper, w s 7th b Kentucky and York
Schipper, Jacob, weaver, 127 State
Schirfald, Henry, lab., n s Payson Av. b 5th and 6th
Schalage, Elizabeth, 255 Main
Schalage, John, tinner, 255 Main
Schlegel, Mrs. Catharine, s s State b 5th and 6th
Schleich, Mrs. Wilhelmina, 88 State
Schley, Henry, restaurant, n e c Front and Spring
Schluter, Hermann, s s Monroe b 8th and 9th
Schluter, Herman, lab., s s Washington b 6th and 7th
Schmalyhaf, John, 151 Payson Av.
Schmalyhaf, Mary, 37 S. 4th
Schmediskamp, Wm., bk. mason, e s 5th b Payson Av. and Ohio
Schmeing, Bernard, carp., e s 11th b Spring and Broadway
Schmer, Joseph, lab., 26 Ohio
Schmetz, Konrad, s s Washington b 6th and 7th
Schmidt, Aloes, shoemkr., bds 188 Main
Schmidt, Anton, butcher, 179 Hampshire, h n s Main b 10th and 11th
Schmidt, Chas., b.k. and notary, h 91 Hampshire
Schmidt, Frank, bds A. Schmidt's
Schmidt, Reinhart, cooper, w s 3d b Main and Hampshire
Schmiedeskamp, Frederick, stone mason, 123 Ohio
Schmieding, Rev. Augustus, 106 Jersey
Schmit, Adam, shoemkr., n s Main b 10th and 11th
Schmit, Joseph, teamster, 291 Hampshire
Schmitt, Adam, shoemkr., 223 Main
Schmitt, Adam, 94 Hampshire, 2d story
Schmitt, Geo. blksmith, 175 Broadway
Schmitt, Leonard, clk., 38 4th, bds 94 Hampshire
Schneider, August, cooper, s s State b 4th and 5th
Schneider, A., barber, 50 Hampshire
Schneider, Catharine, s w c Kentucky and 7th
Schneider, Chas., lab., s w c Kentucky and 7th
Schneider, Clemens, 133 Jersey
Schneider, Frank, n s Vine B 5th and 6th
Schneider, Henry, lab., e s 8th b Main and Jersey
Schneider, Hermann, lab., 190 Jersey
Schneider, Jacob, bds 121 Hampshire
Schneider, Jacob, tailor, 122 Jersey, upstairs
Schneider, Joseph, 7 Adams
Schneider, Lewis, 25 4th
Schnell, Henry, 20 Jackson
Schellbecher, Hy., blksmith, bds 114 4th
Schofield, Rev. Jas. V., 33 Jersey
Scholp, Peter, carp., n w c Madison and 9th
Schoonhoven, Jno., lab., 67 8th
Schop, Hy., n s Vine b 9th and 10th
Schormann, Heinrich, 109 Kentucky
Schott, John B. & Co. (John B.S., L. Schaller & J. J. Schott) Tanners and Curriers, 84 State
Schott, John B. (John B. S. & Co.) 89 State
Schott, J. Jacob,(John B. Schott & Co.) bds 89 State
Schraag, Geo. Wm., rear 137 Main
Schrader, Andrew C., teamster, 121 Ohio
Schrader, Christian L., teamster, 121 Ohio
Schrage, Anton., lab., w s 10th b State and Kentucky
Schrage, Fred., carp., s s Broadway b 10th and 11th
Schrage, Hy., s e c Elm and 10th
Schrage, Margaret, 161 Broadway
Schrald, Ral, 248 Main
Schrandt, Elizabeth, al b Broadway and Spring and 4th and 5th
Schrephorst, Louis, lab., 128 Washington
Schriber, Wm., 214 Hampshire
Schridde, Hy., cooper, n s Washington b 7th and 8th
Schroeder, ------, 300 Hampshire
Schroeder, August, s e c Spring and 5th
Schroeder, Fred., carp., n s Ohio b 10th and 11th
Schroeder, Hy., clk., n w c 8th and Hampshire
Schroeder, Hy., printer, bds A. Abel's
Schroeder, Mrs._____, 47 Ohio
Schroeder, Mena, servt., 34 4th, 2d story
Schroer, Frank, n w c Adams and 9th
Schroer, Hy., 169 Vermont
Schroer, Hy., 98 Spring
Schroer, Hermann, saloon, 82 5th
Schroth, Hy., propr., Buckeye saloon, 110 Hampshire
Schucking, John H., 69 N. 5th
Scher, Hermann, 41 State
Schufeld, Hy., lab., n s Oak b 6th and 7th
Schulan, Ulrich, lab., 205 Main
Schulte, Anton, (Harrig & S.) bds 40 State
Schulte, Ellen, 50 9th
Schulte, Francis, stone mason, 179 Kentucky
Schulte, Fred., lab., n s Maiden Lane b 4th and 5th
Schultheis, C., clk., bds 101 Vermont
Schultheis, Geo. ( S. & Shepherd) 101 Vermont
Schultheis, Geo. wood and willow ware, 125 Hampshire, h 101 Vermont
Schultheis, Martin, shoemkr., n s Market Square
Schultheis, Matthias, cooper, 106 Vermont
Schultheis & Shepherd (Geo. S. Sr. & Jacob S.) wholesale and retail boots and shoes, 90 Hampshire
Schultz, Bernard, 36 S. 6th
Schumacher, B., e s 4th b Chestnut and Cherry
Schumacher, Jos., shoemkr., 278 Hampshire
Schumaker, Fred., 129 Ohio
Schunerberg, Hy., s e c Chestnut and 20th
Schur, Hermann, 41 State
Schuring, Jerad, lab., 161 Kentucky
Schwartz, Jos., al b Oak and Spring and 5th and 6th
Schwarz, G. Hy., printer, courier office
Schwab, Caspar, meat store, 181 Main, h 264 Main
Schwab, John, butcher, 270 Main
Schwabel, Wm., teamster, 49 Maiden Lane
Schwebel, Philip, Edge Tools, Iron Railings, Lighting Rods, & c., 80 Jersey, h 82 Jersey
Schwebel, Wm., machinist, bds 82 Jersey
Schweiters, Anton, blksmith, 21 N. 7th
Schweitzer, Hy., grocer, 156 Hampshire
Schweitzer, Hy., grocer, n w c 10th and Hampshire
Schweitszberg, Gustav, s w c Madison and 8th
Schwendler, C. Ferdinand, painter, 17 10th
Schwendenmann, B., turner, 148 Broadway
Schwendenmann, Geo., lab., 148 Broadway
Schwering, Jos., carp., 70 Kentucky
Schwermer, Isaac, 85 6th
Scudder, Saml., silver plater, 69 5th
Scudder, Samuel S., plater, w s 5th b Main and Jersey
Sealaman, Hy., 163 Kentucky
Seaman, John, 49 Jersey
Seaman, Wm. R. P., Architect and Builder, n e c Main and 6th, h 234 Main
Sease, John M., carp., bds 21 Ohio
Seaton, Joseph, shoemkr., 129 Hampshire h n s Hampshire b Front and 2d
Seaton, Joseph, 5 Hampshire
Seick, Henry, lab., 159 State
Seger S. E., b.k., 108 Hampshire, h 101 3d
Seger, Samuel E., Family Grocery, 111 Hampshire, h 101 3d
Seger, Wm., s s Washington b 7th and 8th
Sein, Charles, n s Oak b 10th and 11th
Sekinger, August, 230 Main
Sellner, Charles, Leather, Findings and Hides, 158 Hampshire, h n e c Jersey and 7th
Sellner, Wm., clk., 120 Main
Seng, Charles, cooper, s s Main b 6th and 7th
Senger, Lorenzo, furniture, 134 Main
Senger, Peter, prop. Apollo Garden, 124 Hampshire
Seoler, Valentinve, 53 Maiden Lane
Sepping, Jared, cooper, 88 3d
Shafer, Geo., lab., 63 Kentucky
Shafer, John, blksmith, s s Main b 11th and 12th
Shafer, Ursula, 63 Kentucky
Shanahan, Wm., contractor, n e c York and 9th
Shannahan, Bridget, servt., 45 Vermont
Shannahan, John, 57 9th
Shannahan, Patrick, 153 Jersey
Shannahan, Thomas, lab., w s 9th b Main and Jersey
Shartoll, M., servt., 55 York
Shatsick, Gotlieb, 123 Washington
Shay, Jeremiah, lab., 286 Hampshire
Shay, Ellen, servt., s e c Main and 18th
Sheafer, Frederick, s w c Chestnut and 10th
Sheele, Bernard, chair mkr. bds w s 11th b Broadway and Vermont
Shehan, B., lab., 132 Jersey
Sheik, _______, n w c State and 3d
Sheit, Henry, cooper, 55 Kentucky
Shepard, Anna, s s Spring b 8th and 9th
Sheppard, Jacob C., 22 N. 7th
Shepherd, Henry, conductor, Q. & T. R. R. bds Quincy House
Shepherd, Jacob, (Schultheis & S.) e s 7th b Spring and Oak
Shepherd, John B., b.k. Prentiss & Caldwell, bds Quincy House
Sheridan, John, lab., h 86 5th
Sheridan, Michael, lab., al b Kentucky and York and 2d and 3d
Sheridan, Thomas, lab., al w of 3d b York and Kentucky
Sherman, F. C. clk. Moore, Sherman & Co. h w s 8th b Hampshire and Vermont
Sherman S. C. (Moore, S. & Co.) w s of 24th n of Chestnut
Sherridan, Andrew, blksmith, bds Farmers House
Shetley, Gotlieb, n s Cherry b 3d and 4th
Shifer, Aaron, 129 Jersey
Shinn, Isaac, Attorney Office, Court House, bds Quincy House
Shinn, Solomon, moudler, 100 4th
Shinn, V. B., b.k., bds 80 Broadway
Shinner, Anton, cooper, 85 7th
Shippery, David, cooper, bds Moses Carr
Shlepman, Milly, servt., e s 12th opp Kentucky
Shoemaker, John, 5 Hampshire
Short, Jas., 20 State
Shuck, Barney, porter, Pennsylvania House
Shurdun, George, w s 10th b Spring and Oak
Sibling, Henry, lab., 68 Kentucky
Sides, P. R. (Ennis & S.) 10 4th
Siebel, George, cook, Barnes Hotel
Siebers, Theodore, 117 York
Sieckman, Henry, 110 Jefferson
Sieckman, Wm., 110 Jefferson
Sieckman, Frederick, lab., 152 Washington
Sien, Charles, n s Oak b 10th and 11th
Sien, Ernest, locksmith and brass founder, 70 4th
Sien, Louis, n s Oak b 5th and 7th
Silk, John, al b Broadway and Spring and 2d and 3d
Simmermecker, Geo., wagon mkr., e s 4th b State and Maiden Lane, h 118 4th
Simon, Bernard, blksmith, 66 7th
Simon, John, barber, n e c Hampshire and 5th, basement
Simon, John, barber, 137 Main, h n e c Hampshire and 5th
Simmons, Danl. H., carp., bds 63 Vermont
Simmons, H. A., e s 4th b Vermont and Hampshire
Simmons, H. L., carp., 63 Vermont
Simmons, Samuel, cap mkr., 114 Hampshire
Simpson, Robt. G., carp., w s 3d b Ohio and State
Sinn, Lewis, carp., bds n s Jefferson b 5th and 8th
Singleton, Jas. W., pres. Q. & Toledo R. R. res. East Quincy
Sink, Phillip, stone cutter, n s Vermont b 11th and 12th
Sipker, Clemens, lab., 173 Spring
Sipping, Wm., cooper, n w c Elm and 6th
Skinner, Benneson & Marsh, (O.C.S., Wm. H. B. & Wm. M.) attorneys, s w c Main and 5th, up stairs
Skinner, James G., 98 Vermont
Skinner, Joseph R., clk., 86 Broadway
Skinner, Mrs. Mary H., 86 Broadway
Skinner, Onias C. (S., Benneson & Marsh) bds Quincy House
Slack, A. B., e s 7th b Hampshire and Main
Slack, Lewis, 32 7th
Slattmann, John B., al b Broadway and Spring and 4th and 5th
Slotman, Bernard, 192 Jersey
Smethurst, Richard W., teacher English Catholic School, w s 8th b Main and Vermont, h n s Vermont b 2d and 3d
Smith, --------, 243 Main
Smith, ------, 73 Vermont
Smith, Andrew, w s 11th b Vermont and Broadway
Smith, Anton, 275 Main
Smith, Mrs. Barbary, 19 3d
Smith, Bernard, n s Maiden Lane b 5th and 6th
Smith, Conrad, cooper, w s 8th b Kentucky and State
Smith, C., foundry man, n w c 6th and Oak
Smith, Ellen, s s Main b 11th and 12th
Smith, E. C., cashier, Q. T. R. R. bds Barnes Hotel
Smith, Edwin H., bds s e c Jersey and 4th
Smith, Elizabeth, Walnut al
Smith, Frederick, 24 6th
Smith, George, blksmith, 175 Broadway
Smith, George W. (Tobin & Smith) res St. Louis
Smith, Henry A., clk., bds 61 Hampshire
Smith, Mrs. Hugh, Front n of Chestnut
Smith, Hugh, 24 N. 5th
Smith, James, s s Adams b 8th and 9th
Smith, J. E. (J. E. S. & Co.) s e c 4th and Jersey
Smith, J. E. & Co. (J. E. S. & J. H. Tushans) commission and forwarding merchants and packet agents, 24 Front
Smith, John, contractor, n e c Broadway and 7th
Smith, John, grocer, 21 4th
Smith, John W., phys., 87 Jersey
Smith, Leonard, barkeeper, 121 State
Smith, Leonard, carp., 188 Hampshire
Smith, Mary, servt., 358 Main
Smith, O., cooper, e s 12th b Hampshire and Main
Smith, Owen, w s 6th b York and Kentucky
Smith, Owen, harness mkr., 101 6th
Smith, Peter, engineer, Quincy & Palmyra R. R., office w s 3d b Hampshire and Main, h n e c Vermont and 4th
Smith, Peter, 73 Vermont
Smith, Porter, (Jansen & S.) 96 Jersey
Smith, R., cooper, 55 3d
Smith, Robert, dep. recorder, n e c Broadway and 7th
Smith, Samuel P., 43 Jersey
Smith & Son, (M. W. S. & Jacob M. S.) grocers and commissioners 59 & 61 Hampshire
Smith, Terrence, lab., n s Ohio b 3d and 4th
Smith, Thos., carp., 106 Ohio
Smith, Wm. 173 Kentucky
Snow, Hy. Jr., 51 York
Snow, Hy. Sr., 51 York
Snouder, Barbary, n s Broadway e of 20th
Sobbing, Anton, 200 Hampshire
Sohm, Bandaleus, cooper, 44 York, h n s Hampshire b 5th and 6th
Sohm, Chas., 109 York
Sohm, P., proprietor, Illinois House, 101 Hampshire
Sommer, Aldo, (F. Flachs & Co.) 71 Jersey
Sommer, Frank, engineer, 12 Maiden Lane
Sommer, Frank, 117 Jersey
Sommer, Mrs. M., 78 7th
Sohn, John, cooper, 45 Ohio
Sohn, Jos., grocer, n e c Front and Jefferson
Sonderman, John, bk. yard, n e c Ohio and 6th
Sontag, Fritz, teamster, w s 3d b Broadway and Spring
Spaulding, Merritt C., miller, 60 State
Spaulding, Willard B., atty, s w c Main and 4th, up stairs, bds 25 Kentucky
Spencer, Mary, s s Elm e of 20th
Spencer, Wm. R., bds 64 4th
Spiers, Mrs. -----, 98 Broadway
Spies, Jno., saloon, 100 State
Spielbuhler, Godfrey, stone cutter, s s Kentucky b 7th and 8th
Spindler Michael, shoemkr., 112 Hampshire, h s s Hampshire b 6th and 7th
Sprague, Jas. C. (Mellen, S. & Co.) res East Quincy
Sprein, Fred., miller, e s Oliver b Oak and Vine
Sprick, Gotlieb, s e c Jefferson and 8th
Spuler, Gertrude, n e c Oak and 7th
Squires, Josiah J., lab., 41 Jersey
Stackelbeck, Fred., lab., w s 9th b Madison and Monroe
Stadt, Dresden, Hy. Barth. propr. 173 Jersey
Stahl, Daniel, (Flachs, Jansen & Co.) bds Quincy House
Stahl, Danl., phys. (S. & Gunther) bds Quincy House
Stahl & Gunther, (Danl. S. & Julius G.) phys. 103 Jersey
Stahruth, Christian, 177 State
Stamiller, ______, 2 4th
Stanley, F. G., Physician, Oculist and Aurist, s e c 5th and Main, upstairs, h e s 4th b York and Kentucky
Stanley, F., 70 3d
Stark, B., lab., 70 Jersey
Star, Jno., cooper, e s 11th b Vermont and Hampshire
Star, Mills, Brown & Penfield, proprs. s w c Spring and Front
Starment, Wm., lab., 13 Madison
Stearn, Clemens, e s 9th b Main and Hampshire
Starkloff, H. M., phys., 48 6th
Stebbins, S. P., clk., bds 1 6th
Steckle, Jno., lab., 121 State
Steckley, Margaret, servt., 5 4th
Steeg, Jacob, music teacher, n w c Main and 11th
Steffel, Louis, lab., 78 York
Steffen, Fred., lab., 78 York
Stegeman, Adam, cooper, al b Oak and Spring and 6th and 7th
Stegeman, Jno., cooper, al b Oak and Spring and 6th and 7th
Stegman, Hy., gardener, s s Vermont b 13th and 14th
Stegmann, Jno., al b Oak and Spring and 6th and 7th
Stegmiller, Valentine, boiler manuf., e s Front b Broadway and Spring, h 2 4th
Steinbach, Philip, bk. layer, 96 State
Steinkamp, Heinrich, 117 Kentucky
Steinkamp, Jos., lab., 169 Kentucky
Steinkamp, Mary C., n s Broadway b 11th and 12th
Steinmitz, Jacob, lab., e s 6th b York and Kentucky
Steinpas, Jno., 74 N. 5th
Steinwedell, Wm. (Bertschinger & S.) s e c Hampshire and 8th
Stemman, Adolph, al b Spring and Oak and 6th and 7th
Stengel, Caroline, millinery, 241 Main
Stengel, Theophilus, Carpenter and House Mover, 241 Main
Stenger, Peter, 114 S. 8th
Stephen, Andrew, engineer, s s Washington b 6th and 7th
Stephens, Louis, lab., 97 Jefferson
Steren, Hy., painter, 37 9th
Stetter, Geo., n s State b 4th and 5th
Steuterman, Jno., 124 Washington
Stevenner, Fred., lab., n s State b 9th and 10th
Stevens, Chas., n s Broadway b 18th and 19th
Stewart, Mrs. Ann, n s Broadway b 7th and 8th
Stewart, Horace, 31 N. 5th
Stewart, James S., s w c Hampshire and 12th
Stewart, Jno. (J. & J. H. S.) 170 Broadway
Stewart J. & J. H. Groceries and Provisions, and Proprietors Stewart's Nursery, 120 Hampshire
Stewart, Jno., n s Broadway b 4th and 5th
Stewart, Jno., contractor, 116 Broadway
Stewart, Jos. H. (J. & J. H. S.) w s 6th b Main and Hampshire
Stewarts Nursery, J. & J. H. Stewart, Proprietors, office 120 Hampshire
Stewart, Robt., Family Grocery, s w c 9th and Hampshire, h w s 9th b Main and Hampshire
Stickly, Alex., blksmith, bds 99 State
Stiffen, Caspar, lab., 71 S. 7th
Stille, Christian, cooper, 92 Washington
Stiles, John M., tailor, n e c 10th and Broadway
Stobie, Alex., b.k., bds w s 3d b Ohio and State
Stobie & Bimson (Wm. S. & John B.) Sash, Door, and Blind Factory, n w Hampshire and 9th, Office 191 Hampshire
Stobie, Jas., 94 York
Stobie, Wm. (S. & Bimson) 31 Kentucky
Stock, Hy., s s Payson Av. b 6th and 7th
Stockwell, John W. H., billiard saloon, s w c Main and 4th, h 45 State
Stockwell, Wm. W., 45 State
Stoermer, Hy., lab., n e c Monroe and 8th
Stohrbaum, Heinrich, bds al b Oak and Spring and 5th and 6th
Stolber, Chas., cooper, bds s e c Kentucky and 8th
Stolhans, Jno., w s 5th b Chestnut and Cherry
Stone, Elbridge K. (E.K.S. & Co.) 90 S 3d
Stone E. K. & Co. (E.K.S. & A.B. Kingsbury) Boots and Shoes, 104 Main
Stone, Theodore, printer, n s State b 2d and 3d
Stonegal, Jno., n s Main b 11th and 12th
Stoppe, Jos. (Pellewessel & S.) 159 Broadway
Storck, Catharine, weaver, 123 Vermont
Stork, Louis, teamster, s w c Madison and 8th
Stormer, Hy., 33 Monroe
Story & Bittleston, (C.S. & Geo. B.) carps. and builders, 63 Broadway
Story, Caleb, (S. & Bittleston) State b 2d and 3d
Story, Caleb, 19 State
Stott, Jas. II., s s Linn b 8th and 9th
Stout, John L., A.M. Prof. Quincy College
Storzle, Hy., blksmith, 230 Hampshire
Strakeliahn, Herman, 110 S. 8th
Straly, Mary A., 59 Kentucky
Stratman, Chas., carp., 160 Payson Av.
Strenger, Hy., lab., 97 Jefferson
Stroad, Napoleon, s e c Spring and 5th
Strothman, Hy., lab., 136 Kentucky
Strotman, Bernard, 167 Kentucky
Sturgiss, Dr. S. M., Dentist, n e c 5th and Hampshire, up stairs, h 75 Jersey
Strup, Jos., stone mason, 121 Jersey
Struthmann, Wm., Brewer, bds s e c York and 7th
Stubenback, Hy., n s Vermont b 10th and 11th
Stucke, Hermann, n w c Washington and 6th
Stuckenberg, Hy., 165 Vermont
Stuckle, Christopher, boots and shoes, 188 Main
Stuckman, Hy., carp., 144 Ohio
Stumpf, Geo., carp., w s 6th b Elm and Linn
Strunk, Peter, w s 10th b Main and Hampshire
Sturhan, Frederick, 41 9th
Sturhn, Philip, lab., s s Washington b 6th and 7th
Sturren, Clement, e s 11th b Vermont and Hampshire
Stutle, Andrew, druggist, 100 Hampshire, h 267 Main
Stutle, Peter, 34 7th
Stutzel, George, tailor, 37 9th
Suckkel, Bernard, turner, h s s Vermont b 10th and 11th
Suher, Charles, al b Washington and Jefferson and 5th and 6th
Suhr, Charles, carp., n e c Kentucky and 9th
Sullivan & Co. (H.V.S., Henry Allen & T.S. Owens) Proprietor City Mills, n w c Delaware and Front
Sullivan, Florence, 44 7th
Sullivan, Henry V.(S. & Co.) 91 Vermont
Sullivan, John, lab., e s 8th b Vine and Elm
Sullivan, Mat., lab., n w c Maiden Lane and 5th
Sullivan, Timothy, clk., 88 6th
Summaer, Henry, teamster, 155 Broadway
Summer, Franklin, baker, 12 Maiden Lane
Summers, Esther, n e c Vermont and 9th
Sumeyer, John H., e s 8th b Main and Hampshire
Sunday, Andrew, harness mkr., 54 9th
Super, S., bds Quincy House
Supgar, Joseph, lab., h 175 Vermont
Surmeier, Hermann (Kloeckner & S.) w s 8th b Main and Hampshire
Swartwout, A. Montgomery, 142 Vermont
Swartwout, Cornelius J., 142 Vermont
Swarthout, Wm. M., carriage mkr., res. E. Quincy
Sweet, Alanson L., express messenger, 53 State
Sweeney, James, machinist, bds Broadway Hotel
Swinney, Elijah, carp., 152 Broadway
Swindeler, Bernard, turner, s s Hampshire b 8th and 9th
Swinderman, Margaret, 8 8th
Swift, Ira T. (Young & S.) s w c Kentucky and 4th
Swigert, George, miller, e s Olive b Broadway and Spring
Switter, Wm., n w c 8th and Kentucky
Switering, Jno., moulder, h n s Hampshire b 6th and 7th
Swivel, Wm., s s Jersey b 5th and 6th
Swygert, George, miller, e s Olive b Spring and Broadway
Syberg, Frank, butcher, n s Hampshire b 12th and 13th
Sylvester, John, blacksmith, 129 Main, h n s Chestnut b 5th and 6th
Sylvester, Omar, carp., 2 N. 5th

©2006 Transcribed for Genealogy Trails by Donna Walton