Tacke, Charles H.(T. & Zolle) bds 54 Hampshire
Tacke, R. C., family grocer, 54 Hampshire
Tacke & Zolle (C.H.T. & P.Z.) Boots and Shoes, 66 Main
Taeder, John B., lab., e s 7th b York and Jersey
Tailor, Capt. J., bds Broadway Hotel
Tarfort, Wm., teamster, w s 12th b Spring and Oak
Tarpp, Joseph, tailor, 35 9th
Tausig, Simon, 114 Hampshire
Taylor, I.S., clk., w s 10th b Main and Jersey
Taylor, Robert, machinist, bds 7 N. 5th
Teaben, George, 17 10th
Telford, Henry, 222 Vermont
Tellisender, J. G., 123 Broadway
Templeton, Hugh, moulder, n s Oak b 9th and 10th
Tenck, Henry, 72 5th
Tenck, Henry, Jr., 72 5th
Tenk, Henry, clk., h 72 5th
Tenk, John H., clk., bds 72 5th
Terry, Mrs., n s Hampshire b 12th and 13th
Terviskie, Francis, rear 154 Hampshire
Terwelp, Henry, lab. 89 Ohio
Thala, Henry, s e c Ohio and 11th
Thane, John, s s Vermont b 12th and 13th
Thale, Mary, 6 8th
Thayer Bros' (S. & W. B. T.) Agents Alantic Mill Co. and St. Louis and Keokuck Packet Co., 111 Hampshire
Thayer, Daniel, cooper, bds 21 Ohio
Thayer, Elizabeth C., w s 8th b Broadway and Spring
Thayer, Erwin, teamster, 62 5th
Thayer, Sylvester (T. Bros') n w c Vermont and 8th
Thayer, Wm. B. (T. Bros') s e c Jersey and 4th
Their, Barney, Barber, 130 Hampshire
Thies & Co. (Gustav T. & Henry Grimm) Proprietors Washington Brewery, s e c State and 6th
Thies, Gustav, (T. & Co.) s e c State and 6th
Thies, Hermann, brewer, Washington Brewery
Thies, Wm., clk., Washington Brewery
Tholl, John N., bds S. Bowers'
Thomas, Adam, 121 Hampshire
Thomas, Chris, cooper, 42 State
Thomas, Philip, cooper, n s State e of 14th
Thomas, Philip, stove manufactory, Front n of Elm
Thomas, Bernard, 272 Hampshire
Thomas, William, 52 Kentucky
Thoms, Owen, engineer, 36 Ohio
Thompson, Albert, b.k., 22 State
Thompson, Andrew, 51 Olive
Thomson, James, s e c Oak and 20th
Thompson, John, bds 100 4th
Thompson, Mrs. Julia A., 108 Kentucky
Thompson, S. W., grocer, 173 Hampshire, h 4th b Kentucky and York
Thornton, Hannah, 72 N. 5th
Throop, Geo. B., 88 3d
Thule, Henry, teamster, 38 S. 8th
Thurston, W. H., general freight agt. Quincy & Toledo R. R., bds Barnes' Hotel
Tibbs Andrew, Barber, Broadway Hotel, h w s 10th b Oak and Spring
Tieders, Barney, shoemkr., bds s s Ohio b 6th and 7th
Tieman, John F., lab., 175 Kentucky
Tieman, John W., stone cutter, 55 Monroe
Tiemann, Jno. Fred. teamster, w s 18th b Kentucky and York
Tiemann, Peter, lab., 79 Jefferson
Tiemann, Philip, lab., 81 Jefferson
Tinken, Henry, clk., 80 Broadway
Tinken, Henry, n s Vine b 5th and 6th
Tinley, Matthew, servt., s e c Main and 18th
Timmars, John G., lab., 310 Main
Timmer, Joseph, 165 Broadway
Timmerman, D. H., cabinet mkr., 184 Vermont
Timmerman, J.H. & W.F., cabinet furniture and chairs, 184 Vermont
Timpe, Joseph, n w c Vine and 10th
Tillson, R., s w c Jersey and 5th
Tillson, John, Books and Stationery, 113 Main, h n s Main e of 13th
Tillson, John, n s Main e of 13th
Tillson, Robert, 72 Jersey
Tilton, R. W., clk., Farmers' House
Tilton, Miss O., millinery, 162 Main
Tison, James, teamster, 164 Broadway
Tison, John, 125 Broadway
Titus, Mrs. L. M., n s York b 6th and 7th
Tjaden, Menke, basket mkr., 66 Hampshire, 2d story
Tlinn, Jas., n e c Front and Washington
Tluttman, Catharine, n s Monroe b 8th and 9th
Tobin, Benjamin F. (T. & Smith) bds Quincy House
Tobin, Edward B., watch mkr., bds Cather House
Tobin, Frank B., Watches, Jewelry, and Musical Instruments, 112 Main, bds Quincy House
Tobin, Joseph L., watch mkr., bds Mrs. Reed's
Tofall, Anton, lab., e s 12th b Vermont and Hampshire
Tole, Bernard, blksmith, 55 7th
Tomlinson, Geo., 199 Main, 2d story
Tompkins, I.G., Photographic Artist, 38 4th, bds Quincy House
Tompkins, Washington, carpenter, e s 4th b Kentucky and York
Tool, Alexander, lab., al b Spring and Oak and 5th and 6th
Toote, Rev. Horatio, n e c York and 3d
Totten, Morrel, teamster, 63 3d
Touzalin, Anthony, Jr., n s Vine e of 20th
Touzalin, Anthony, Sen., 199 Broadway
Touzalin, Margaret, 209 Vermont
Tovell, John, pro. Quincy Commercial College, 96 Hampshire, 3d story, h n s Chestnut b 5th and 6th
Towne, Horace, machinist, bds 7 N. 5th
Towne, Louis, bds 7 N. 5th
Trager, Wm., painter, bds 51 7th
Travilla, Jonathan, carp., n s Chestnut b 5th and 6th
Travilla, Marshall, (Orr & T.) 16 N. 5th
Travis, Absalom, blksmith, s s Kentucky b 7th and 8th
Treat, Adna, carp., 136 Spring
Tretow, Frederick, al b Jersey and York and 6th and 7th
Tribbe, G. H. & H.W., dry goods and groceries, 122 Main
Tribbe, G.H. (G.H. & H.W.T.) s s Main b 6th and 7th
Tribbe, Mrs. Louisa, 168 Main upstairs
Trowbridge & Krummel (W.T. & R.K.) teamsters, 38 Front
Trowbridge, Watson (T. & Krummel) s w c 3d and Hampshire
Troy, E., bds 77 Main
Tubbesing, Francis H., bakery, 45 9th
Tucker, Harrison, w s 12th b Main and Jersey
Tufts, Elmira, b.h., 37 3d
Tunsman, Henry, 134 State
Tuohy, D., asst. engineer, Quincy & Palmyra R.R., h 81 Kentucky
Turner,______, w s 12th b Main and Jersey
Turner, Edward L., 53 York
Tushans, J.H. (J.E. Smith & Co.) w s 12th b Main and Jersey
Twiehaus, Anthony, lab., 95 Ohio
Twiehaus, Henry, lab., 95 Ohio
Twolehan, Edward, e s 8th b Jersey and York
Tyler, S.G., saloon, 67 Hampshire, h w s 3d b Kentucky and Maiden Lane
Tyler, Stephen G., 111 3d
Tygh, Patrick, s s Vine e of 20th


Uehlein, Thos., shoemkr., 105 Vermont
Uhlenbrock, Henry, lab., 146 Ohio
Ullrich, John, s s State b 7th and 8th
Union Machine Works, Gardner & Robertson, Proprietors, 63, 65, & 67 5th
Union Spring, e s 13th s of Jefferson
United States Express Company, H. Kip, General Superintendent, Buffalo, I.A. Lewis, Agent, Quincy, 107 Main
Urbach, Frederick, 58 7th
Urich, Fred., al b Linn and Chestnut and 9th and 10th
Utgenannt, Gustav, books, stationery, music, & c., e s 5th b Main and Jersey, h s w c 5th and State
Utgenannt, Gustavus, 62 State


Vachlen, Danl., lab., 99 Kentucky
Vallbracht, Henry, tailor, bds H. Meyer's
Vance, Miss Louisa E., teacher, Quincy College
Voth, Frederick, stone cutter, 99 Kentucky
Vaughn, Saml. L., bk. mason, 54 State
Vaughn, Thomas, bds 37 3d
Van Amburgh, Edward D., pattern mkr. bds Broadway Hotel
Van Buren, J.S., Hardware, 94 n s Public Square, h 1 6th
Vandenbomm, August, bedstead manuf., n s Broadway b 10th and 11th, h e s 10th b Broadway and Spring
Vandenburgh, Susannah, 186 Vermont
Vanderwater, Rev. A. C., 69 5th
Van Doorn, James A. (J.K. Van Doorn & Co.) 11 State
Van Doorn, Joseph R., teller and notary, Fragg & Savage's, bds 212 Main
Van Doorn, J.K. & Co. (J.K. Van D., Jas. A. Van D. & Uri S. Penfield) saw mill & lumber yard, w s Front b Delaware and Ohio
Van Doorn, John K.(J.K. Van D.& Co) s s State b 3d and 4th
Van Fleet, Abram, blksmith, 10 6th, h 11 6th
Van Fleet, Abram, 96 Vermont
Van Holdt, Geo., plasterer, e s 10th b Hampshire and Vermont
Van, Jacob, n s Hampshire b 12th and 13th
Van Steenbergh, V., 34 Broadway
Vetchter, Gottlieb, lab., 260 Hampshire
Venghaus, Adolph, 3 Monroe
Venk, Bernard, carp., 76 7th
Venvertlo, B., n s Oak b 9th and 10th
Venvertlo, Gerard, s s Oak b 9th and 10th
Venvertlo, Henry, carp., s w c Adams and 7th
Vermhr, Fritz., tailor, 95 Kentucky
Vermont House, J.C. Barber, pro. , s s Vermont b 4th and 5th
Verner, Geo., 18 Madison
Viberts, John, (Letton & V) e s 9th b Spring and Oak
Viberts, John, s s Oak b 8th and 9th
Viebbel, Clemens, lab., bds n e c Hampshire and 11th
Vibra, Edmund, phys., 197 Main
Vickmann, Andrew, lab., 131 Jersey
Viehl, Geo., 99 Ohio
Viemann, Anton, stone cutter, 54 Maiden Lane
Viling, Joanna, n s Broadway b 11th and 12th
Viling, Mary, n s Broadway b 11th and 12th
Vinke, Chas., 36 Monroe
Virginia House, F. B. Walker, proprietor, n w c Hampshire and 3d
Visenberger, David, shoemkr., bds J. W. Kennedy's
Vocker, George, carp., w s 12th b Broadway and Spring
Vogel, Louis, saloon, 22 N. Front
Vogelpohl, John, dry goods and groceries, s e c Kentucky and 7th
Voger, John, 113 5th
Voller, Jacob, 1 Monroe
Volk, C. G. sculptor, 32 State, bds 23 State
Volke, Henry, teamster, 21 S. 6th
Volker, Bernard, lab., 112 Kentucky
Volkere, Henry, cooper, 41 Ohio
Volmer, George, lab., 36 Ohio
Voots, Joseph, cooper, 39 9th
Vordam, Henry, stone mason, 14 Madison
Vosmer, Wm., carp., al b Washington and Jefferson and 5th and 6th
Vosteen, John, s s Monroe b 8th and 9th

©2006 Transcribed for Genealogy Trails by Donna Walton