Wagoner, Mrs. Caroline, 66 State
Wahmhunar, John, lab., w s 5th b Maiden Lane and State
Walbey, Benjamin, al b Jersey and York and 6th and 7th
Waldin, Charles, watchmkr., 52 Kentucky
Waldin, Reinhold, watchmkr., 108 Main
Walkenhorst, Jno. H., n s Kentucky b 9th and 10th
Walker, Francis B., Virginia House, n w c Hampshire and 3d
Walker, Harmon, carp., 8 6th
Walker, John, painter, 43 3d
Walker, Mrs. Mary, 43 3d
Walker, Wm. G., 17 6th
Wall, Mary, 19 10th
Waller, Daniel J., 261 Main 2d story
Waller, Daniel J., blksmith, w s 7th b Hampshire and Main, h s w c Spring and 7th
Walley, George, 121 York
Walter, Barney, cooper, 98 Spring
Walter, Hermann, chair mkr., bds w s 9th b Main and Hampshire
Walter, John, e s 4th b Spring and Broadway
Walthaus, Frederick, cooper, 97 3d
Walthaus, John, eng. 104 Kentucky
Walther, Jacob, tailor, s s Vermont b 5th and 6th
Walthouse, Jacob, 89 Broadway
Walton, Anna, servt., 80 Broadway
Walzer, Joseph, cabinet mkr., 89 Vermont
Wansing, George, lab., 46 9th
Wansing, Jerad, lab., e s 11th b Broadway and Spring
Ward, George W., wood dealer, bds Broadway Hotel
Ward, Jno., 107 7th
Ward, Lewis L., 77 N. 5th
Ward, Mary E., 62 Broadway
Warmker, Chas. H., stone mason, n e c Washington and 4th
Warmker, Frank H., bds n e c Washington and 4th
Warning, Henry, n w c 10th and Oak
Warren, Calvin A. (W. & Wheat) s e c Vermont and 8th
Warren, Rev. Joseph, 72 6th
Warren & Wheat (Calvin A. W. & Alexander E. W.) attorneys, 107 Main upstairs
Waring, Charles, cooper, bds W. H. Marsh's
Waring, K. R., cooper, bds W. H. Marsh's
Warrington, Samuel, wagon mkr., 5th, Moore's addition
Warrington, Samuel S., e s 5th n of Cherry
Warrington, Uriah, e s 5th n of Cherry
Warrington, Uriah, h n e c Spruce and 5th
Washington Brewery, Theis & Co. Proprietors, s e c State and 6th
Waters, Andrew, bds s w c Oliver and Spring
Watson, George D., clk., 20 5th, h w s 9th b Broadway and Spring
Waters, Terrence, lab., 63 Kentucky
Watson, Benjamin G., teamster, w s 8th b Jersey and York
Watson, Emily S., teacher, bds w s 9th b Broadway and Spring
Watson, George, clk., w s 9th b Broadway and Spring
Watson, Louis, M.D. Office n w c Main and 4th upstairs, bds Barnes Hotel
Wayne, A. M., tinner, s s Vine b 20th and 21st
Wayne, Jacob, carriage mkr., s s Vine b 21st and 22d
Weakley, Joseph A., b.k., Flachs, Jansen & Co., h 236 Hampshire
Weaver, Mrs. Elizabeth, 70 3d
Weaver, Erastus, Auction and Commission Merchant, 128 Hampshire
Weaver Frederick, brick yard, s w c Payson Av and 5th, h w s 5th b Payson Av and Washington
Weaver, Joseph, n e c Spring and Oliver
Weaver, Theodore, lab., 128 York
Weber, Charles, shoemkr., s s Spring b 3d and 4th
Weber, Christopher, clk., bds Barnes Hotel
Weber, Jacob, clk., n e c Jersey and 8th
Weber, Theodore, (Worden & W.) 90 Main
Weber, Wendelen, Stone Mason and Contractor, 217 Main
Webster School, s e c Main and 12th
Wehmhener, Frederick, lab., 101 5th
Wehmeier, Peter, carp., 122 Ohio
Weihering, Bernard, 63 Jersey
Weidenhammer, Nancy, 5 9th
Weier, John, 11 Jackson
Weierman, Anton, lab., e s Maiden Lane b 5th and 6th
Weigle, Wm. Edward, carriage mkr., al b Hampshire and Main and 5th and 6th
Weimhuner, Frederick, lab., 85 Payson Av
Weingart, John, bds 76 5th
Weirich, Samuel E., bk.mason, 168 Vermont
Weis, Jno., 76 5th
Weis, Martin A., 151 Kentucky
Weisenbaum, John, s w c 11th and Broadway
Weisenberger, Bernard, wagon mkr., 11 S. 6th
Weisenberg, Ed., 67 Hampshire
Weisenberger, Geo., s s Adams b 6th and 7th
Weisenborn, John, s w c Broadway and 11th
Weisenhorn, S., saloon, 152 Hampshire
Welch, James, e s 5th b York and Jersey
Welch, Joseph, carp., 118 Vermont
Welch, Mary, 230 Hampshire
Welch, Michael, lab., b York and Jersey and 5th and 6th
Welch, Patrick, n s York b 7th and 8th
Welch, Patrick, 129 York
Welch, Patrick, 54 7th
Welch, Philip, boarding 48 7th
Welleng, Frank, prop. Quincy House, 188 Hampshire
Wellenkemp, John, 190 Hampshire
Weallenriter, Louis, wagon mkr., s s York b 6th and 7th
Welling, Joseph M., s w c State and 3d
Wellman, Fred. ( W. & Mehling) n w c Hampshire and 10th
Wellman & Mehling ( Fred. W. & Mich. M.) family grocery, n w c Hampshire and 10th
Wells, Edward, pork packer, w s Front b Main and Jersey, h 64 Front
Welles, Wm. D., ticket agent, Quincy & Chicago Railroad, office 102 Main, bds s w c York and 3d
Welreider, Wendel, 120 York
Welsh, Edward, b.h., 10 Front
Welten, Theodore, saddler, 231 Main
Weltin, Catharine, 77 Jersey
Weltin, Charles, 77 Jersey
Wendorff, Henry, cabinet mkr., 99 Jersey
Wenger, Christ, porter, s s State b 6th and 7th
Wenneker, Frederick, (W. & Merten) 162 Ohio
Wenneker & Merten, (Frederick W. & Herman M.) lumber merchants, s e c Ohio and 9th
Wenner, Adolph, e s 20th b Linn and Chestnut
Wentworth Benning B. (W. & Marcy) bds Quincy House
Wentworth & Marcy ( B.B.W. & F.V.M.) Attorneys, n e c Main and 5th, 2d story
Wenzel, John P., 51 6th
Werner, Francis, dry goods and groceries, 124 Main
Werner, John, harness mkr., 77 Jersey
Wesker, Henry, n w c Jackson and 7th
Wesson, Thomas, brk. layer, bds n s Washington b 3d 4th
West, Joel, machinist, bds Farmers House
Westerbeck, Wm., lab., s s Ohio b 9th and 10th
Westerman, Joseph, 88 York
Westerman, Wm., lab., 22 Monroe
Western Brewery, Ferdinand Kampman Proprietor, s e c York and 7th
Wevering, Elizabeth M., bds 296 Hampshire
Wevering, John, rope mkr., 294 Hampshire
Wevers, Andrew, 121 Broadway
Wetzel, Wm., clk., bds 125 & 127 Hampshire
Wewer, Konrad, carp., s w c Washington and 6th
Wewers, Bernard H., lab., 83 Kentucky
Wewers, Joseph, turner, s s Jersey b 11th and 12th
Wewers, Wm., lab., h s s Jersey b 11th and 12th
Weyer, Henry, lab., n s Broadway b 11th and 12th
Weynhemer, Rickey, 63 Vermont
Whalen, Johanna, 132 York
Whalen, Johanna, 132 York
Wheelan, Alice, 214 Main
Wheelan, Richard, machinist, bds 132 York
Wheeler, John F., clk., 75 Vermont
Wheeler, John (W., Osborn & Co.) h n s Vermont b 4th and 5th
Wheeler, John M., blksmith, 5 N. 11th
Wheeler, L. P., dry goods, 40 4th h 75 Vermont
Wheeler, Loring P., clk., 75 Vermont
Wheeler Osborn & Co., (John W., H.S.O. & Elijah Gove) proprs. Eagle Mills, n w c Front and Broadway
Wheeler, Richard P., plasterer, s s Oak b 8th and 9th
Wheat, Almeron, (W. & Grover) 4 8th
Wheat, Alex. E. (Warren & W.) bds Quincy House
Wheat & Grover (Almeron W. & Isaac M. G.) Attorneys, s w c Main and 5th, upstairs
Whitaker, Lucinda, seamstress, 81 5th
Whitaker, Nancy J., seamstress, 81 5th
Whitbread, Jas., clk., 125 & 127 Hampshire
Whitbread, John, provisions and groceries, 131 Hampshire, h s s Spring b 3d and 4th
White, Alex. (Gardner & W) s s Oak b 5th and 6th
White, Thos., moulder, 133 Washington
Whitland, Hermann, printer, bds H. H. Whitland's Whitney, J.I., 69 Vermont
Whiton, Miss Lucy E., teacher, Quincy High School, bds 120 Vermont
Whitwell, Wm. I., printer, bds 104 Vermont
Whyers, Joseph, 15 State
Wibel, Jno., cooper, h e s 2d b Vine and Elm
Wiebrock, _______, e s 12th n of Chestnut
Wiechman, Hermann, painter, 133 Payson Av
Wiedland, Caspar, lab., al b Washington and Jefferson and 5th and 6th
Wienboker, Saml., lab., n s Payson Av. b 5th and 6th
Wiermer, Bernard, s s Vine b 10th and 11th
Wietfeldt, John, s s Chestnut b 7th and 8th
Wikel, Edward, carriage mkr., 183 State
Wilbers, G. Hermann, cooper, al b Oak and Spring and 5th and 6th
Wilcox, Mrs. G. W., millinery and dress making, n w c Broadway and 7th
Wilcox, Geo. W., cooper, n w c Broadway and 7th
Wild, Edward (Moser & W.) 68 6th
Wilde, Jno., lab., 48 9th
Willard, Jno., cooper, 128 N. 11th
Willard, Jos., cooper, bds Wm. H. Marsh's
Willey, Rev. Geo. F. W., A.M. Prof. Quincy College
Willey, Mrs. Hannah S., teacher, Quincy College
Wilfmeyer, Hy., w s 9th b Main and Hampshire
Wilhelm, A.B., harness mkr., 212 Vermont
Williams, A. H., painter, w s 2d b Broadway and Vermont
Williams, Adam, 126 5th
Williams, Alvah P., painter, h n s Oak b 10th and 11th
Williams, Archibald, (W., Grimshaw & Williams) 20 6th
Williams, D. G., clk., n e c Ohio and 4th
Williams, Eliza, 126 Broadway
Williams, Frank, miller, e s 5th b Maiden Lane and State
Williams, Grimshaw, & Williams, (Archibald W., Jackson G., & Jno.H. Williams) Attorneys, s w c Hampshire and 6th
Williams, Isaac, painter, bds A.P. Williams'
Williams, Jacob, 124 5th
Williams, John H.(Williams, Grimshaw & W.) 18 6th
Williams, Jno., bar k., 65 Hampshire, bds Franklin House
Williams, Jno., carp., 240 Main, h 242 Main
Williams, Jos., painter, bds H.P. Williams
Williams, J., coppersmith and Sheet Iron Worker, 11 Broadway, s s opp Oliver, nr Front, bds 7 5th
Williams, N., 126 Broadway
Williams, N. P., 5 4th
Williams, Rachel Ann, servt., 57 York
Williams, Thos. H. bds 21 Ohio
Williamson, Alex., teamster, 215 Vermont
Williamson, Geo., clk., 138 York
Williamson, Washington A., carp., 98 Vermont
Wilke, Fred. W., carp., 99 Kentucky
Wilkinson, Jno., lab., s s State b 10th and 11th
Wilmer, Anton, teamster, n e c 11th and Hampshire
Wilms, Hy., cab.mkr., 180 State
Wilms, Hy., n s State b 9th and 10th
Willing, John H., teamster, n s Main b 11th and 12th
Willing, John, al b Oak and Spring and 6th and 7th
Wills, J. R., engraver, 137 Hampshire, h 139 Hampshire, 2d story
Willis, Wm., blksmith, bds n e c Broadway and 7th
Wilson, G.L., teacher, Franklin School, h c Vermont and 3d
Wilson, H. H., 105 Kentucky
Wilson, I. T., phys., n w c Main and 4th, 2d story, bds Barnes' Hotel
Wilson, Jas., teamster, al b Hampshire and Vermont and 6th and 7th
Wilson, John W., blksmith, bds 114 4th
Wilson, Jas., Quincy House Saloon, 103 Main, h 32 Maiden Lane
Wilson, W. E., bk. mason, s s Hampshire b 8th and 9th
Winans, Geo.W., books and stationery, 113 Main, bds Barnes' Hotel
Wincomp, Jos., 168 Vermont
Winkelmann, Wm., carpenter, n e c 9th and Kentucky
Winmeyer, Jos., carp., 39 Maiden Lane
Winnagar, Louisa, 2 8th
Winsing, Wm., lab., w s 12th b Broadway and Spring
Winter, Edward C., 106 Jersey
Winter, Edward C.(W. & Schierenberg) s s Jersey b 6th and 7th
Winters, Mrs. Martha, 84 3d
Winter & Schierenberg (E.C.W. & E.S.) Proprs. Quincy Tribune, 180 Main, 3d story
Winter, Thos., carp., 84 3d
Winton, David, s e c 3d and York
Winwirtlo, Bernard H., s e c Adams and 7th
Wippla, Wm., e s Front s of Jefferson
Wisemann, Christ, tailor, n s Kentucky b 9th and 10th
Wisemann, Rheinhold, blksmith, 300 Hampshire
Wisenborn, August, bds S. Wisenhorn's
Wisenberg, Daniel, lab., 27 Main
Wisman, Reynold, blksmith, 300 Hampshire
Wissing, Anton, cooper, n w c Elm and 6th
Wissing, Theodore, cooper, al b Spring and Oak and 6th and 7th
Wissing, Wm., cooper, 42 9th
Wistenfeldt, Frederick, 125 Kentucky
Withmar, Arnold, tinner, bds 271 Main
Witler, Frederick, lab., 162 State
Wittland, Fred W., e s 8th s of Adams
Wittland, John, lab., 79 Jefferson
Wittlaufer, John, bds s w c Main and 10th
Wittmann, George, boots and shoes, 48 5th
Wittner, Louis, gardener, e s 12th s of Jefferson
Woell, Bernard, scissors grinder, n s Madison b 8th and 9th
Wolbrenck, Henry, n s Broadway e of 20th
Wolf, Ernest, n s Hampshire b 6th and 7th
Wolf, Joseph, 86 3d
Wolf, Mrs.______, rear 163 Hampshire
Wolff, A., family grocery, 68 Hampshire
Wolff, Joseph, vinegar factory, 9 Front, h s s 3d b Jersey and York
Wolfmeier, Henry, lab., 179 State
Wolgermoth, Abram, 26 8th
Wollbrenk, Fred. A., 29 Monroe
Wollet, Frederick, lab., w s 6th b York and Jersey
Wollet, Frederick, 85 6th
Wolm, Andrew, cabinet mkr., 272 Main
Wolm, Frank, bds 272 Main
Wolm, Philip, cabinet mkr., 31 10th
Woltermann, Henry, boots and shoes, 246 Hampshire
Wommelsdorf, Chris., cooper, 123 State
Wommelsdorf, Louis, miller, n s Maiden Lane b 4th and 5th
Wonneng, Ernst, carp., 135 Payson Av
Wood, Andrew, 96 York
Wood, Daniel C., n w c State and 12th
Wood, John, farmer, b State and Kentucky and 11th and 12th
Wood, John W.(Bagby, Burns & W.) 86 Broadway b 6th and 7th
Wood, Joshua, n e c York and 12th
Wood, Rodman R., 229 Vermont
Woods, C.M., Attorney, n e c Main and 5th, h 25 Kentucky
Woodruff, Henry D. (Battell W. & Boyd) bds 122 Broadway
Woodruff, Isaac O.(Flagg & Savage) insurance agt. h s w c Vermont and 8th
Woodruff, James (Hays & W.) 122 Broadway
Woodruff, Thomas T., b.k. Flagg & Savage, h s w c Vermont and 8th
Woodruff, T. Dewey, 13 8th
Wooters, E. R. (Houghton & W.) 171 Vermont
Worden, Horace (W. & Weber) 35 Kentucky
Worden & Weber (Horace W. & Theodore W.) dyeing and scouring, 90 Main
Worrell & Caldwell (Milton E. W. & Wm. C.) engine and machine works, 17 Front
Worrell, Milton E. (W. & Caldwell) n s Pine b 2d and 3d
Worth, George, tailor, 44 5th, h 125 3d
Wort, Henry, 236 Vermont
Wort, Henry, s s Vermont b 12th and 13th
Wortmann, H., n s Chestnut e of 20th
Wulfmeier, Henry, tailor, 208 Hampshire, h w s 9th b Main and Hampshire
Wygan, Jacob, n s Vermont b 13th and 14th
Wynk, Bernard, e s 7th b York and Kentucky


Yanner, Michael, stone mason, bds Adam Eisenhauer's
Yannink, Joseph, lab., s s Kentucky b 8th and 9th
Young, Alfred, carp., s s Oak b 6th and 7th
Young, F. Ripley, clk., s s York b 3d and 4th
Young, Jas. R.(Y & Swift) 50 York
Young, John B., painter, 43 Vermont
Young, Mrs. Mary, 43 Vermont
Young & Swift (Jas. R.Y. & Ira T.S.) lime dealers, Levee foot of State
Young, Samuel, Delaware b 3d and 4th


Zah, Julius, wagon mkr., h 24 Monroe
Zah, Louis, 24 Monroe
Zeiger, Louis, clk., bds 192 Main
Zeph, G. H., coppersmith, bds e s 7th b York and Jersey
Ziegler, Ludwig, s s State b 5th and 6th
Zimmermann, Charles A. W., physician, 123 Main, h 141 State
Zimmermann, Charles, clk., 141 State
Zimmermann, John, shoemkr., 126 York
Zimmermann, Joseph, 81 5th
Zimmermann, Max. A., 149 State
Zimmermann, Mich., 72 Kentucky
Zimmermann, Wm., grist mill, s e c Oliver and Spring
Zimmermann, Wm., c Elm and Front
Zimmermann, Wm., 141 State
Zinck, John, 58 7th
Zipf, Mathias, n w c State and 10th
Zolle Peter (Tacke & Z) bds 54 Main
Zoller, Elizabeth, 1 Monroe
Zopf, Wm., teamster, s e c Kentucky and 5th
Zurheide, John H., n e c Linn and 20th
Zweig, John, 56 7th
Zweig, John E., chair mkr., e s 7th b Jersey and York

©2006 Transcribed for Genealogy Trails by Donna Walton