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First Baptist Church-East side 4th between Vermont and Hampshire.
Rev. James V. Schofield, Pastor

Second Baptist Church -North/West corner Vermont and 7th
Rev. Joseph Manton

Baptist Church (German)-South side Jersey between 7th and 8th
Rev. Gladfild, Pastor

1st Congregational Church -North/West corner Jersey and 5th.
Rev. Samuel H. Emery, Pastor

Center Congregational Church-North/West corner Jersey and 4th.
Rev. Horatio Foote, Pastor

Christian Church -East side 4th between Jersey and York.
Rev. (?) , Pastor.

Methodist Protestant Church--South side Broadway between 6th and 7th.
Rev. George Redding, Pastor.

Fifth Street Methodist Church -North/West corner York and 5th.
Rev. Emmor Elliott, Pastor.

Vermont Street M. E. Church-South side Vermont between 5th and 6th.
Rev. Vincent Ridgley, Pastor

M. E. Church, (German) -South side Jersey between 5th and 6th.
Rev. John Schmidt, Pastor

First Presbyterian Church, (N. S)-South side Maine between 6th end 7th.
Rev. George 1. King, Pastor

Westminster Presbyterian Church, (O.S.) -South side Hampshire 9th and 10th.
Rev. Joseph Warren, D. D. Pastor

Salem Lutheran Church -North/East corner State and 9th.
Rev. Simon Liese, Pastor

St. Johns Lutheran Church -East side 7th between Kentucky and York.
Rev. Christian Popp, Pastor

St. Peter's Lutheran Church, (German) -South/East corner Vermont and 10th.
Rev. Conrad Kull, Pastor

English Catholic Church -South/West corner Maine and 8th.
Rev. James Dempsey, Priest
German Catholic Church -North/West corner Maine and 7th.
Rev. Hermann Schaefermeyer, Priest

John's Protestant Episcopal Church -North/East corner Hampshire and 7th.
Ben. Alexander Cap(?), Rector

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