Thomas V. Goodwyn, Chief Engine

Quincy, No. 1 -West side 5th between Vermont and Hampshire
Jan. Whitbread, Foreman
Water Witch, No. 2 -South side: Maine between 6th and 7th
E. E. Stone, Foreman
Liberty No. 3 -North side Maine between 8th and 9th
Henry F. Creme, Foreman
Neptune No. 4-West side 4th between Jersey and York
S. E. Sager, Foreman.
Marion, No. 5 -South side Vermont between Front and 2nd
J. Williams, Foreman


Court House--East side Public Square (Jail in rear)
Quincy City Hall --South/West corner Maine and 5th
Concert Hall --South/East corner Maine and 5th
Lomelino's Hall -110 Maine
Quincy Pat Off (?)-South/West corner Maine and 6th
Kerr's (?) Hall -South side Hampshire between 8th and 7th
Danake's Hall --South side Maine between 4th and 5th

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