Hillcrest Tuberculosis







This asylum was opened in the 1920's for patients who
had contracted TB and needed medical attention, but also required confinement. The 20 acres that Hillcrest sat on was purchased from a man named August Klarner and located near what is now known as 30th & State Street. Hillcrest had a maximum capacity of 50 people with a constant waiting list of people needing to be admitted. Hillcrest supplied cottages to the people who were responsible for the care of the TB patients. The cottages were located to the rear of the main building. Hillcrest was closed August 1, 1968 since the demand for TB care had been pretty much eradicated. I would like to personally thank Frances Shulte and Shirley Landrum for all their information regarding Hillcrest.


The Adams County Health Department has the records from Hillcrest TB Asylum.
For further information, you can reach them at this address:

333 North 6th St.

Quincy, IL 62301



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