Prairie Pioneers
Adams Illinois

Major Jeremiah & Margaret Rose

Baby of Pioneers, Lost on Prairie Found by Indians:
    Atlas pioneers were wont to relate a story of a baby daughter of Major Jeremiah and Margaret Rose, early settlers at Atlas who in 1822 moved to John Wood's bachelor cabin on the site of modern Quincy. The story related to an incident that occurred in 1821
    It seemed that the child strayed one day from the log home in the settlement and became lost in the tall prairie grass that waved head high over the bottoms; the child was found by a Sauk Indian and taken to the Indian encampment on the Sny. There the little girl was recognized by a squaw who had been nursed through a fever by a family in the settlement, whether the family of Rose or Rufus Brown is not clear. The baby was at once returned by the Indians to her distracted family. This child grew up to young womanhood in Quincy and there became the wife of George Brown of the early Quincy business firm of Brown & Dimock.
     Mrs. Margaret Rose, mother of the child of the Indian story, was a sister of Rufus Brown, of the early settlements at Atlas and Quincy.
     Margaret was the first white woman at Quincy, as her daughter was the first white child.
     Mrs. Rose was an aunt (by marriage) of Mrs. Mabel Kingsbury Moreland, wife of D. E. Moreland of the Moreland drug store in Pittsfield, Mrs. Moreland remembers in her early girlhood haying seen her pioneer aunt in the latter's old age at Quincy. The famous pioneer woman, she says, looked like a bit of Dresden china.


[Source: Harman House Newsletter Aug 2015 - (The Pike County Republican, June 10, 1942)]

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