All From the "Newton Press", Jasper County, 28 Jan 1870:


Abingdon: Some thoughtless boys in Abingdon, masked and disguised, called at the residence of Mrs. Geo. H. Marshall, scared an infant into convulsions, and so shocked Mrs. Marshall, that she has become insane.
The Quincy Herald of the 6th, publishes some startling revelations in regard to a gang that has been for some time blackmailing citizens there. One ex-official, two notorious prostitutes and the mistress of a prominent merchant are the principals in the gang, and have in the past few months, victimized a number of known citizens out of sums ranging from $300 to $1,000. Considerable excitement has been created by the expose in the Herald.
Mr. Z. Williamson of Elmwood, took a load of hogs to Peoria on the 7th, and received $800 for them. Getting drunk he fell on a stool, cutting the back part of his head open and making a gash. It is feared his skull is fractured. At the time he insisted he had been knocked down by thieves and robbed, but being drunk did not know what the matter was.

A young man named John Smith, living about 3 miles from Carbondale, while carelessly handling a pistol on the 8th, was accidently shot through the bowels, the ball ranging upward. He died in about 20 minutes. He leaves a blind father who was dependent on him for support.


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