Marriages of 1887

  Marriage Licenses
The following marriage licenses were issued in the
county clerk's office since our last report.

Frederick Merker, of Quincy, aged 30 and Clara Winklemann, of Quincy, aged 27.

Bernard Venvertloh, of Quincy, aged 27, and Fredericka Wolfmeyer, of Quincy, aged 24.

Albert Eckert, of Canton, Lewis county, Mo., aged 21 and Charlotte Reiffert, of Quincy, aged 19.

Isaac S. Goings, of New Canton, Pike county, Ill., 28, and Mary Jane Minton, of New Canton, 22.

Joseph Williams, of Quincy, 54, and Mary Burns, of Quincy, 50.

John H. Klafter, of Quincy, aged 29, and Trephena J. McKenzie, of Tennessee, McDonough county, Ill., aged 22.

Daniel H. Dickson, of Quincy, aged 24, and Rebecca Colter, of Quincy, aged 21.

Samuel G. Ross, of Quincy, aged 33, and Athena Doyle, of Quincy, aged 17.

Albert L. Evans, of Ursa 37, and Mary L. Newbanks, of Ursa, 81.

George H. Rice, of Payson, 28, and Sophia W. Lock, Beverly, 23.

Thomas J. Viar, of Columbus, 41, and Sarah L. Rowsey, of Liberty, 32

David G. Humphrey, of Lewistown, Lewis county, Mo., 27, and Lizzie N____, of Monticello, Lewis county, Mo., 19.

Robert McCann of Fall Creek24, and Fannie Braceanne?, of Hull, Pike county, Ill., 18.

[The Quincy Daily Whig, July 7, 1887,
transcribed by Debbie Gibson]

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