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The following dispatch was sent out from Alton, Ill., Friday, and will interest our readers:

Hilborn, Edna and Wagner, J. Arlington

Mr. J. Arlington Wagner and Miss Edna Hilborn, both of Quincy, Ill., were quietly married here last night. This wedding was in the nature of an elopement, paternal consent to the nuptials being withheld on account of the youth of both bride and groom, he being 19 and she 18 years of age. Miss Hillborn has been here for some time and was followed by Wagner. Last evening they took a walk and were married. They then started at once for St. Louis. It is thought the young lady's parents will now receive them.

Lilly Cupp and Perry W. Sapp

Invitations have been issued for the marriage of Miss Lilly Cupp, only daughter of Mr. And Mrs. Henry C. Cupp, of Fall Creek, to Mr. Perry W. Sapp. The marriage will take place at the beautiful home of the bride's parents next Wednesday evening.
[Transcribed by Debbie Lee, Source: The Quincy Morning Whig, July 23, 1893]

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