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The Fairest Month of All the Year.
     His honor , Mayor Steinbach , is establishing quite a reputation as a wedding guest. Invitations have been coming to him very frequently of late and his Sunday suit is seeing considerable service. On Wednesday evening he was a guest at the wedding of his niece , Miss Ida Weisenburger , and Mr. John H. Grieman (Greeman), which took place at the home of the bride's parents , Mr. and; Mrs. Bernard Weisenburger , on South Sixth avenue , in the presence of a large company, the Rev. Zahn performing the ceremony. The bride is also a niece of Supervisor Weisenburger , of Honey Creek.
     After the ceremony and congratulations a most bountiful wedding supper was served. It was then that the good mother of the bride perpetrated a quiet little joke on the mayor. She is an exceptional housewife and by reason of her reputation has been many times called on to superintend the wedding feast. As a boy, the mayor had a well-developed sweet tooth and was very fond of molasses. At her wedding suppers Mrs. Weisenburger, knowing that this sweet tooth has never been extracted, has always made it a practice to place a dainty pitcher of molasses in front of His Honor 's seat at the table. On Wednesday evening the pitcher was in its accustomed place. The mayor nibbled a little at the fine dishes passed his way and had gotten well along with the repast , but finally the temptation was too strong and he reached over for the pitcher. Many of the guests knew of the quiet Joke the hostess had arranged , and when his hand closed on the handle of the molasses pitcher the laugh was general.

[Source: The Quincy Morning Whig, Sept 17, 1897, P.3 - Submitted by Charla Weisenburger]

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