COLUMN KEY         Date of Paper           Groom Name Age Place of Res. Bride Name Age Place of Res.

o/18 means over 18
o/21 means over 21
(men under 18 need parent consent)

b/f both from
* see consent information below

1910 Marriage Register

June 2, 1910          
Watson Vanderplorg o/21   Miss Eva Van Howeling o/18 b/f Pella, IA
June 3, 1910          
Carl H. Brosi 21   Miss. Lillian N. Meyer 19 b/f Quincy
Joseph Frese 23   Miss. Lillian McNeil 22 b/f Quincy
Carl Peuster 26   Bertha Pfirman 24 b/f Quincy
June 4, 1910          
William E. Knopfmeier 24   Miss. Amelia L. Hornecker 22 b/f Quincy
Charles D. Ward 26 Kinderhook Miss. Mamie Ryan 26 Scranton, PA
June 6, 1910          
Jesse Brown 24 Quincy Miss. Ella Parker 20 Chillicothe, MO.
Richard Leary 64   Mrs. Wreinda Wenneker 49 b/f Quincy
William Spohr o/21   Miss. ??? Donhart o/18 b/f Quincy
June 7, 1910          
Oscar P. Kurrle 21   Miss. Myrtle Rippel 19 b/f Quincy
Albert Carl Fischer 25   Miss. May Elizabeth King 23 b/f Quincy
Chester S. Nutt 25 Milwaukee, Wis. Miss. Lottie Mae Pickens 23 Mendon
Lawrence August Dickhut 27   Miss. Emma Witland 25 b/f Quincy
Bernard J. Flotkoetter 25   Miss. Mary C. Horbelt 32 b/f Quincy
William B. Hesse o/21   Miss. Jenette Mary Siepker o/18 b/f Quincy
June 9, 1910          
August Haller o/21   Mrs. Susan Florence Huseman o/18 b/f Quincy
Edgar Perry 22   Miss. Ella Holtman 18 b/f Quincy
Henry Sieleman o/21   Miss. Amanda Holtman o/18 b/f Quincy
June 17, 1910          
Robert A. Giles 24 Watage,IL Mrs. Margaret E. Childs 24 Point Camp
John Affre 32   Miss. Verna Mes 21 b/f Quincy
Elbert Cooley o/21   Miss. Frances Katherine ???? o/18 b/f Durham, Mo.

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