Marriages of 1915


Quincy Historic Newspaper Archives
August 6, 1915
Jacob  Cawley, Veteran  at Soldiers' Home, Finally Succumbs to Cupid's Wiles—Marries Mrs. Mary Ricker-Her Third Venture. Jacob Cawley, a veteran of the Soldiers' Home, and Mrs. Mary Ricker of 135 Locust street, were married in Palmyra, July 28, and are at home at the residence of the bride. This is Mr. Cawley's first venture on the sea of matrimony, he having waited until he was 75 years old to find the one woman he wanted for his wife. The bride, however, is a more experienced sailor, this being her third trip. Both her former husbands were also soldiers. Mr. Cawley is a member of Cottage 12, but at present is out on furlough. He is well known in the Home, having been on the police force at various times. The bride is a member of the W. R C. and is also well known. The newlyweds have the best wishes of their friends. For the present they  will be at home on Locust street, but later expect to enter the Home. Her second husband was Timothy P. Ricker, with whom she lived out on Locust street. One day, some three or four years ago, he went out to the house and while there had some kind of a family argument and she attempted to shoot him. It was nothing serious, however, but shortly after that he sued for a divorce and obtained it. Later he went on furlough out West to visit his children and took his discharge on furlough.


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