St. Aloysius Orphanage
1852 - 1945
"Whosoever Shall Receive One of Such Children in My Name Receiveth Me. Mark 9-36"

May 2, 1927
Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Dear Rev. Mother,
     I am writing you concerning my little baby, which is yet to be born in a few weeks. Will you take it? I have no home for it, no parents and no husband now. If you take it; let me no if I must pay anything and if I should furnish all its clothes. I wouldn’t want it in for adoption as I hope to be able to take it out some day for myself.
     Now another thing, would you take my little boy, who is five years old; just for days, he will have to go to school this fall. I would take him home every evening but he would have to stay with you on Saturdays too. I would buy his clothes of course.
     How much would you charge for him per weeks? Now please answer me as soon as possible, so I’ll know what to do, as I am getting so worried over it all, as the time is drawing near. If you won’t take the little boy, then perhaps you will take the baby.

Yours Respectfully,
Mrs. Agnes Fitzpatrick
225-N-4th St.-W

[Letters rescued from St. Aloysius Orphanage by Janet Peters - Submitted by Tammy Peters Bruns - Transcribed by Cinda Head]


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