St. Aloysius Orphanage
1852 - 1945
"Whosoever Shall Receive One of Such Children in My Name Receiveth Me. Mark 9-36"

April 16, 1927
Mr. Edward F. Esteep
St. Louis, Mo.

Dear Sir:
     In answer to yours of the 9th inst. will say that we have the name of John Esteep on our records. Should have answered a few days earlier but your inquiry came during a busy time when we were preparing for Easter.
     In the early days of our society which was organized on Jan. 11, 1852, and our first opened on April 16, 1865 our records were kept very briefly, consequently cannot give much of family history of children admitted in these days.
     One of our registers shows the name of Johnny Esteep, aged 3 years, orphan, his home is listed as Alton, Ill, was admitted on July 12, 1867 and released March10, 1876, when he was sent to Rev. H. Reinecke, near St. Louis.
     Another record book corresponds with the other but gives the additional information that he was a diocesan child and sent to Rev. H. Reinecke at Breese, Ill., which at that time was part of the Belleville Diocese on Jan. 7, 1887 when the diocese was created. The orders came from the Rev. J. Janssen, then Vicar General of the Alton Diocese, later bishop.
     This is all I can give regarding this inmate who you claims as being your father.
     Would add that you might get additional information by writing to the Pastors of St. Augustine or St. Dominic churches of Breese, Ill., who could probably refer you to someone with whom your father made his home.
     Would be glad if you could get additional information, if so let me know as I am working on statistics for our 75 Anniversary.

Respectfully Yours
Chris Freiburg, Secy

Wishing you a joyous Easter time.

[Letters rescued from St. Aloysius Orphanage by Janet Peters - Submitted by Tammy Peters Bruns - Transcribed by Cinda Head]


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