St. Aloysius Orphanage
1852 - 1945
"Whosoever Shall Receive One of Such Children in My Name Receiveth Me. Mark 9-36"

Quincy, Ill.,
April 1, 1925
Mr. J.B. Trimpe
Chicago, Ill.

My Dear old friend Ben:
     This may surprise you some to get a letter from me, and itís no April fools joke either, but a real heart to heart one.
     Yesterday and the day before I had a man with me who came from Chicago to learn something about his early family history, in which I helped him all I could for the present, but will try further.
     You may be able to assist me in my efforts, so for this reason I gave him a letter of introduction to you, which is written on a scrap of paper which I had in my pocket at the time, so excuse its appearance, it was the best I had at the time, donít consider its looks, but its purpose.
     This man I think will call on you about Friday noon, and anything you can do for him will be appreciated by me.
     He came to Quincy under the impression that he had been an inmate in our St. Aloysius Orphans Home as a child, and that he had been sent to Chicago by us for adoption by some people there. In this however I think he is mistaken because his name does not appear on our records, and besides he tells that he was one of a car lot, and you know we never had that many to send out at one time. He also tells of having a tag attached to his clothes and from this I surmise that he was one of the same crowd that was sent out from New York to which your adopted son belonged.
     I made quite a search for him here, called on Fred VonderHaar, John Duan, George Kroeger, Mrs. Marie Bowman and Mrs. Marie Hildenbrand, she married August Bickhaus. Others who came with those mentioned was Sister Emerntia Benz, Mrs. Rose Schneider (Tepe), William Lammers, Agnes Gerweler, Jos. Koetter, Mary Bockenfeld, Andrew Arnold, Edith Warmker, Joseph Schmits, Grace Oenning and another whose name I could not learn, but who was taken by a Mrs. Hinders at St. Johns Church.
     Help him if you can, his name is Rennie Thomas, resides at 3012 West Madison, telephone Kedzie #5159 and is a conductor on a car line.
Regards from your brother, Theodore, who we met yesterday. B_?___ Alphons, works at the Angel Guardian Orphanage and lives at 2408 Burling St.

Your Friend,
Chris Freiburg
1026 n. 20th St.

[Letters rescued from St. Aloysius Orphanage by Janet Peters - Submitted by Tammy Peters Bruns - Transcribed by Cinda Head]


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