St. Aloysius Orphanage
1852 - 1945
"Whosoever Shall Receive One of Such Children in My Name Receiveth Me. Mark 9-36"

St. Aloysius Home Celebrates Golden Jubilee Tomorrow
     The St. Aloysius Orphans' Home closes the first chapter of its history tomorrow and begins a second one – one which the officers hope will be even more successful than the first era, if such a thing be possible.
    Erected at a cost of $4266.12, the present home was turned over to the Franciscans on February 10, 1861, to be used for parochial purposes until 1865, when the home was formally dedicated. The Golden Jubilee celebration tomorrow commemorates this event.
    At 9 o'clock in the morning to orphans will leave the orphanage in autos and will be met at the St. Boniface school hall by the members of the St. Aloysius Orphan' and were Society, and then escorted to St. Boniface church where the solemn high jubilee mass will be read 10 o'clock, and a sermon preached. Just 50 years ago tomorrow similar services were held at the same altar and in the same house of worship by the founders of the institution for the parentless.
    Following the mass, the sisters and officers of the society, together with the orphans, will go back to St. Boniface school, were short addresses will be made by several of the members of the society, and where, at noon, dinner will be served to all by the wives of the officers of the St. Aloysius Orphans' Society.
    Then the children will be taken for an auto ride, after which they will return to the church for vesper services at 3 o'clock. And 4 o'clock a picture show will be given them at the school hall, and then they will march to the St. Mary's Academy for supper. At the conclusion of the happy day for the children, they will be taken for a short auto ride and then returned to the orphanage.
    Like the opening, 50 years ago on Sunday, April 18, the Jubilee services will be simple and void of display. The one important fact which convinces the officers the home and the work of the good sisters is appreciated, is the record of the institution during its lifetime. Since the home was founded, 314 boys and 245 girls have been cared for, the total expense of the institution being $148,216,05, or an annual expense of a little less than $3,000.
    The work of the Notre Dame Sisters in charge can not be overestimated. They have sacrificed everything for the children and the bulk of the success of the institution can be traced directly back to them. In the home's history but four superiors have been in charge, as follows: M. Hippolyta, 1865-1873; M. Eusebia. 1873-1891; M. Benitia, 1891-1912: M. Constantia, 1912 to date.
    With the celebration of the Golden Jubilee of the founding of the home comes, also, the celebration of the organization of the St. Aloysius Orphans Home Society, which maintains the institution. The Orphans Society was organized in 1852 by the Rev. Father Weninger, a St. Louis missionarist. Chiefly for the purpose of finding homes for the children mad orphans by the cholera.
Following are the officers of the society:
Spiritual Director—Rev. Henry B. Degenhardt.
President—George Fischer.
Vice President—Henry Wiskirchen.
Financial Secretary –Herman Heintz.
Recording Secretary—Henry Freiburg
Treasurer—August c. Stroot
Trustees –Fred Wolf, William, Weisenhorn. Fred Rupp. Joseph Lubbe, John Sohm, August Dierkes.

[Publication: the Quincy Daily Journal; Date: Apr 17, 1915; Section: None; Page: 12 - Transcribed by Jordyn Baldwin]


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